Asīnum may have been mentioned (name completely restored) in VAT 9812 [], a fragmentary Assyrian king list discovered at Aššur that deviates significantly from the better preserved copies of the Assyrian King List [] (AKL). From that document, assuming that the restoration of his name proves correct, it is presumed that Asīnum was the last member of the dynasty of Samsī-Addu I [] (see below); he is named in this fragmentary text together with two other successors of Išme-Dagān I [] not included in the "standard" version of the AKL, Mut-aškur [], and Rīmu-x [].[1] E. Weidner and B. Landsberger have both noted that there must have been a gap between the reigns of Išme-Dagān I and the man who the AKL records as his immediate successor, Aššur-dugul []. Moreover, Landsberger suggests that those rulers were excluded from later versions of the AKL for political reasons.

Puzur-Sîn [], another ruler who does not appear in the AKL, states in an inscription of his that he ascended the throne in Aššur after he defeated Asīnum, the "offspring of Samsī-Addu I" (text no. 1 []). This infers that Asīnum held authority in Aššur, but this is not certain as no inscriptions of his survive today.


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[1] J. Reade has proposed that Asīnum and Rīmu-x might be one and the same person.

Poppy Tushingham

Poppy Tushingham, 'Asīnum', The Royal Inscriptions of Assyria online (RIAo) Project, The RIAo Project, a sub-project of MOCCI, 2021 []

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