The "SDAS List"

The "Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary" List, together with the Khorsabad [/riao/kinglists/assyriankinglist/khorsabadlist/index.html] List, is one of the two best-surviving versions of the Assyrian King List. J. Gelb first published it in 1954 in tandem with the Khorsabad List; the joint publication enabled modern scholars to reconstruct many broken passages of the latter text.

The original provenance of the tablet is unknown and the curious story of its publication was summarized by Gelb (1954:209-10) as follows:

The present owner of this tablet inherited it from natives in Mosul before the first World War. Toward the end of 1953 the owner of the tablet brought it to Dr. Siegfried H. Horn, professor at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C., and generously left it with the seminary on a permanent loan basis. As far as can be ascertained, the tablet had not been shown before to any competent scholar, nor had the value of its contents been recognized until Dr. Horn was given the opportunity to inspect the tablet. During the Christmas vacations of 1953 Dr. Horn brought the tablet to Chicago and entrusted it to the writer for publication, under the condition that it be published within the limits of one calendar year from the date of January 1, 1954.

Because the list on this tablet ends with the reign of Shalmaneser V (726-722 BC), the SDAS List was most probably composed during the reign of his successor Sargon II (722-705), which makes it the latest known version of the AKL.


Gelb, JNES 4 (1954) pl. 16-17.

This version of the AKL, which is almost identical to the Khorsabad List in both size and shape, contains a few notable variants.
ii 7: This list assigns fifty years to Išme-Dagān I (no. 40), whereas the Khorsabad List [] gives him a reign of only forty years. Išme-Dagān I's reign is not preserved on the Nassouhi List.
ii 29: The SDAS List states that Puzur-Aššur III (no. 61) reigned twenty-four years. The Khorsabad List [/riao/kinglists/assyriankinglist/khorsabadlist/index.html#Puzurashur3-years] is damaged at this point and the Nassouhi List [/riao/kinglists/assyriankinglist/nassouhilist/index.html#Puzurashur3-years] states that this ruler exercised kingship for only fourteen years.

LineRuler No.Translation Ruler No.Translation
i 1(1)Ṭūdīya(2)Adāmu
i 2(3)Yangi(4)Saḫlāmu
i 3(5)Ḫarḫaru (6)Mandaru
i 4(7)Imṣu (8) Ḫarṣu (9)Didānu
i 5(10)Ḫanû (11)Zū-abi
i 6(12)Nuʾabu (13)Abāzu
i 7(14)Belû (15)Azaraḫ
i 8(16)Ušpiya (17)Apiašal
i 9 Total of 17 kings, who dwelt in tents.

i 10(26)Aminu [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/aminu/index.html], son of Ilā-kabkabī.
i 11(25)[Il]ā-kabkabī,son of Yaškur-ilu.
i 12(24)[Yaš]kur-ilu, son of Yakmenu.
i 13(23)[Yakm]enu,son of Yakmisu.
i 14(22)[Yakmis]u,son of Ilī-Wēr.
i 15(21)[Ilī-Wēr],son of Ḫayānu.
i 16(20)[Ḫayā]nu,son of Samānu.
i 17(19)Samānu,son of Ḫal[lî].
i 18(18)Ḫallî, son of Api[ašal].
i 19(17)Apiašal, son of Ušpiy[a].

i 20 Total of 10 kings, who were forefathers.

i 21(27)Sulilu [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/sulilu/index.html], son of Aminu [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/aminu/index.html].
i 22(28)[K]ikkiya(29)Akiya
i 23(30)[Puz]ur-Aššur (I)(31)Šalim-aḫum [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/shalimahum/index.html]
i 24(32)[Ilu-šū]ma [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/ilushumma/index.html] Total of 6 kings,
i 25 [who occur? on?] brick, whose eponymies are unknown(?).

i 26(33)[Eriš]um [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/erishumi/index.html] (I), son of Ilu-šūma [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/ilushumma/index.html],
i 27 [whose eponymies? (are known?), ruled 4]0 years.

i 28(34)[Ikūnum [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/ikunum/index.html], son of] Erišum [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/erishumi/index.html] (I),
i 29 [x years he rul]ed.

i 30(35)[Sargon [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/sargoni/index.html] (I), son of] Ikūnum [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/ikunum/index.html],
i 31 [x years he rul]ed.

i 32(36)[Puzur-Aššur (II), son of Sarg]on [/riao/fromcolonytocitystate23341809bc/sargoni/index.html] (I),
i 33 [x years he rul]ed.

i 34(37)[Narām-Sîn, son of Puzur-Aššur (II)],
i 35 [x years he ruled].

i 36(38)[Erišum (II), son of Narām-Sîn]
i 37 [x years he ruled].

i 38(39)[Samsī-Addu [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/shamshiadadi/index.html] (I), son of Ilā-kabkabī],
i 39 [at the time of Narām-Sîn],
i 40 [he went to Karduniaš. In the eponymy of Ibnî-Adad],
i 41 [Samsī-Addu (I)from Karduniaš came up]
ii 1 he sized Ekallāte 3 years in Ekallāte
ii 2 he resided. In the eponymy of Atamar-Ištar,
ii 3 Samsī-Addu (I) came up from Ekallāte.
ii 4 Erišum (II), son of Narām-Sîn,
ii 5 he deposed from the throne, he sized the throne
ii 6 (and) 33 years he ruled.

ii 7(40)Išme-Dagān (I), son of Samsī-Addu [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/shamshiadadi/index.html] (I), ruled 50 years.

ii 8(41)Aššur-dugul, son of a nobody,not an occupant of a throne, ruled 6 years.

ii 9 At the time of Aššur-dugul, son of a nobody,
ii 10(42)Aššur-apla-īdi, (43) Nāṣir-Sîn,(44)Sîn-nammir, (45) Ipqi-Ištar,
ii 11(46)Adad-ṣalūlu, (47) (and) Adāsi, 6 kings, son(s) of a nobody,
ii 12... ruled.

ii 13(48)Bēlu-bāni, son of Adāsi, ruled 10 years.

ii 14(49)Libāya, son of Bēlu-bāni,
ii 15 17 years he rule[d].

ii 16(50)[Šarma-Adad (I), son of Libā]ya, he rul[ed] 12 years.

ii 17(51)[Iptar-Sîn, son of Šarma-Adad (I),12] years [he ruled].

ii 18(52)Bāzā[yu, son of Bēlu-bāni, he ruled 28 years].

ii 19(53)Lullāyu, son of a nobody, ruled 6 years.

ii 20(54)Šū-Nīnua (or Kidin-Nīnua), son of Bāzāyu, ruled 14 years.

ii 21(55)Šarma-Adad (II), son of Šū-Nīnua (or Kidin-Nīnua), ruled 3 years.

ii 22(56)Erišum (III), son of Šū-Nīnua (or Kidin-Nīnua), ruled 13 years.

ii 23(57)Šamšī-Adad (II), son of Erišum (III), ruled 6 years.

ii 24(58)Išme-Dagān (II), son of Šamšī-Adad (II),
ii 25 16 years he ruled.

ii 26(59)Šamšī-Adad [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/shamshiadadiii/index.html] (III), son of Išme-Dagān (II), brother of Šarma-Adad (II),
ii 27 son of Šū-Nīnua (or Kidin-Nīnua), ruled 16 years.

ii 28(60)Aššur-nārārī [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/ashurnararii/index.html] (I), son of Išme-Dagān (II),rul[ed] 26 years.

ii 29(61)Puzur-Aššur [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/puzurashuriii/index.html] (III), son of Aššur-nārārī [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/ashurnararii/index.html] (I), [ruled] 24 years.

ii 30(62)Enlil-nāṣir [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/enlilnasiri/index.html] (I), son of Puzur-Aššur [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/puzurashuriii/index.html] (III), [ruled 13 years].

ii 31(63)[Nū]r-ili, son of Enlil-nāṣir [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/enlilnasiri/index.html] (I),[ruled 12 years].

ii 32(64)[Aššur-š]addûni, son of Nūr-ili,ruled 1 month of days].

ii 33(65)[Aššu]r-rabi [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/ashurrabii/index.html] (I), son of Enlil-nāṣ[ir [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/enlilnasiri/index.html] (I),Aššur-šaddûni from the throne]
ii 34 [he depos]ed, the throne he seiz[ed, he ruled x years].

ii 35(66)[Aššur-nādin-aḫ]ḫē (I), son of Aššur-ra[bi [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/ashurrabii/index.html] (I), ruled x years].

ii 36(67)[Enlil-nāṣir (II), his brother, from the thronedeposed him (and) ruled 6 years].

ii 37(68)[Aššur-nārārī (II),son of Enlil-nāṣir (II), ruled 7 years].

ii 38(69)[Aššur-bēl-nišēšu [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/ashurbelnisheshu/index.html], son of Aššur-nārārī (II),ruled 9 years].

iii 1(70)[Aššur-r]êm-n[išēšu [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/ashurremnisheshu/index.html],son of Aššur-bēl-nišēšu] [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/ashurbelnisheshu/index.html],
iii 2 8 [years he ruled].

iii 3(71)Aššur-nādin-aḫḫē [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/ashurnadinahheii/index.html] (II), son of Aššur-rêm-nišē[šu [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/ashurremnisheshu/index.html],ruled 10 years].

iii 4(72)Erība-Adad [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/eribaadadi/index.html] (I), son of Aššur-bēl-nišēšu [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/ashurbelnisheshu/index.html],[ruled 27 years].

iii 5(73)Aššur-uballiṭ [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bc/ashuruballiti/index.html] (I), son of Erība-Adad [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/eribaadadi/index.html] (I), 3[6 years he ruled].

iii 6(74)Enlil-nārārī [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bc/enlilnarari/index.html], son of Aššur-uballiṭ [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bc/ashuruballiti/index.html] (I),[ruled] 36 [years].

iii 7(75)Arik-dīn-ili [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bc/arikdinili/index.html], son of Enlil-nārārī [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bc/enlilnarari/index.html],[ruled] 12 y[ears].

iii 8(76)Adad-nārārī [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bc/adadnararii/index.html] (I), brother,of Arik-dīn-ili [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bc/arikdinili/index.html], [ruled 32 years].

iii 9(77)Shalmaneser [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bc/shalmaneseri/index.html] (I), son of Adad-nārārī [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bc/adadnararii/index.html] (I),[ruled] 30 years.

iii 10(78)Tukultī-Ninurta [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bc/tukultininurtai/index.html] (I), son of Shalmaneser [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bc/shalmaneseri/index.html] (I),[ruled] 37 years.

iii 11 Tukultī-Ninurta [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bc/tukultininurtai/index.html] (I) was alive(?),(79)Aššur-nādin-apli [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bc/ashurnadinapli/index.html], his son,
iii 12 seized the throne (and) ruled 3 years.

iii 13(80)Aššur-nārārī (III), son of Ashurnasirpal [/riao/thekingdomofassyria1114884bc/ashurnasirpali/index.html] (I),ruled 6 years.

iii 14(81)Enlil-kudurrī-uṣur, son of Tukultī-Ninurta [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bc/tukultininurtai/index.html] (I), ruled 5 years.

iii 15(82)Ninurta-apil-Ekur, son of Ilu-iḫadda, [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bc/ninurtaapilekur/index.html],descendant of Erība-Adad [/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/eribaadadi/index.html] (I),
iii 16 he went to Karduniaš, from Karduniaš he went up,
iii 17 he sized the throne, (and) ruled 3 years

iii 18(83)Aššur-dān [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bc/ashurdani/index.html] (I), son of Ninurta-apil-Ekur [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bc/ninurtaapilekur/index.html],ruled 46 years.

iii 19(84)Ninurta-tukultī-Aššur, son of Aššur-dān [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bc/ashurdani/index.html] (I),... he ruled.

iii 20(85)Mutakkil-Nusku,his brother, fought with him,
iii 21 ⸢to Karduniaš⸣ deported [him];
iii 22 ? ? Mutakkil-Nusku [held the throne, then he died].

iii 23(86)Aššur-rēša-iši [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bc/ashurreshaishii/index.html] (I),[son] of Mutakkil-Nus[k]u,
iii 24 18 years he ruled.

iii 25(87)Tiglath-pileser [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/tiglathpileseri/index.html] (I),son of Aššur-rēša-iši [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bc/ashurreshaishii/index.html] (I),
iii 26 39 years he ruled.

iii 27(88)Ašarēd-apil-Ekur [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/asharedapilekur/index.html],son of Tiglath-pileser [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/tiglathpileseri/index.html] (I),
iii 28 2 years he ruled.

iii 29(89)Aššur-bēl-kala [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/ashurbelkala/index.html],son of Tiglath-pileser [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/tiglathpileseri/index.html] (I),
iii 30 18 years he ruled.

iii 31(90)Erība-Adad [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/eribaadadii/index.html] (II),son of Aššur-bēl-kala [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/ashurbelkala/index.html],
iii 32 2 years he ruled.

iii 33(91)Šamšī-Adad [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/shamshiadadiv/index.html] (IV),son of Tiglath-pileser [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/tiglathpileseri/index.html] (I),
iii 34 from Karduniaš he came up;
iii 35 Erība-Adad [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/eribaadadii/index.html] (II), son of Aššur-bēl-kala [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/ashurbelkala/index.html],
iii 36 he deposed from the throne; the throne (and) he seized (and) [ruled] 4 years.

iv 1(92)Ashurnasirpal [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/ashurnasirpali/index.html] (I), son of Šamšī-Adad [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/shamshiadadiv/index.html] (IV),ruled 19 years].

iv 2(93)[Shalmaneser [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/shalmaneserii/index.html] (II), son of Ashurnasirpal [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/ashurnasirpali/index.html] (I),ruled 12 years].

iv 3(94)[Aššur-nārārī [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/ashurnarariiv/index.html] (IV), son of Shalman]eser [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/shalmaneserii/index.html] (II),
iv 4 [6 years he rul]ed.

iv 5(95)Aššur-rabi [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/ashurrabiii/index.html] (II),son of Ashurnasirpal [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/ashurnasirpali/index.html] (I),
iv 6 [41 years he rul]ed.

iv 7(96)[Aššur-rēša-iši [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/ashurreshaishiii/index.html] (II), son of Aššur-rabi [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/ashurrabiii/index.html] (II),ruled 5 years.

iv 8(97)[Tiglath-piles]er [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/tiglathpileserii/index.html] (II),son of Aššur-rēša-iši [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/ashurreshaishiii/index.html] (II),
iv 9 [32 y]ears he ruled.

iv 10(98)[Aššur-d]ān [/riao/thekingdomofassyria1114884bc/ashurdanii/index.html] (II),son of Tiglath-pileser [/riao/thekingdomofassyria13631115bci/tiglathpileserii/index.html] (II),
iv 11 [23] years he ruled.

iv 12(99)[Adad]-nārārī [/riao/thekingdomofassyria1114884bc/adadnarariii/index.html] (II), son of Aššur-dān [/riao/thekingdomofassyria1114884bc/ashurdanii/index.html] (II),ruled 21 years.

iv 13(100)[Tukult]ī-Ninurta [/riao/thekingdomofassyria1114884bc/tukultininurtaii/index.html] (II), son of Adad-nārārī [/riao/thekingdomofassyria1114884bc/adadnarariii/index.html] (II),ruled 7 years.

iv 14(101)[Ashur]nasirpal [/riao/theassyrianempire883745bc/ashurnasirpalii/index.html] (II),son of Tukultī-Ninurta [/riao/thekingdomofassyria1114884bc/tukultininurtaii/index.html] (II),
iv 15 [52] years he ruled.

iv 16(102)[Shalma]neser [/riao/theassyrianempire883745bc/shalmaneseriii/index.html] (III), son of Ashurnasirpal [/riao/theassyrianempire883745bc/ashurnasirpalii/index.html] (II),ruled 35 years.

iv 17(103)[Šamš]ī-Adad [/riao/theassyrianempire883745bc/shamshiadadv/index.html] (V),son of Shalmaneser [/riao/theassyrianempire883745bc/shalmaneseriii/index.html] (III),
iv 18 [13 ye]ars he ruled.

iv 19(104)[Adad-nārārī [/riao/theassyrianempire883745bc/adadnarariiii/index.html] (III), son of Šamšī-Adad [/riao/theassyrianempire883745bc/shamshiadadv/index.html] (V),ruled 28 years.

iv 20(105)[Shalmaneser [/riao/theassyrianempire883745bc/shalmeneseriv/index.html] (IV), son of Ad]ad-nārārī [/riao/theassyrianempire883745bc/adadnarariiii/index.html] (III),ruled 10 years.

iv 21(106)[Aššur-dā]n [/riao/theassyrianempire883745bc/ashurdaniii/index.html] (III),son of ⸢Shalmaneser⸣ [/riao/theassyrianempire883745bc/shalmeneseriv/index.html] (IV),
iv 22 [18 years] he r[uled].

iv 23(107)[Aššur-nārārī [/riao/theassyrianempire883745bc/ashurnarariv/index.html] (V), son] of ⸢Adad⸣-nārārī [/riao/theassyrianempire883745bc/adadnarariiii/index.html] (III),ruled 10 years.

iv 24(108)[Tig]lath-pileser [/rinap/rinap1/] (III),son of Aššur-nārārī [/riao/theassyrianempire883745bc/ashurnarariv/index.html] (V),
iv 25 18 years he ruled.

iv 26(109)Shalmaneser [/rinap/rinap1/] (V),son of Tiglath-pileser [/rinap/rinap1/] (III),
iv 27 5 years he ruled.

iv 28According to the original written (and) collated.
iv 29Tablet of Bēl-šumu-iddin, the MAŠ.MAŠ-priest of Aššur.
iv 30[Who] removes (the tablet), may Adad remove him.

Selected Bibliography

Gelb, I.J., 'Two Assyrian Kinglists,' JNES 13 (1954), pp. 209-30.

Nathan Morello

Nathan Morello, 'The "SDAS List"', The Royal Inscriptions of Assyria online (RIAo) Project, The RIAo Project, a sub-project of MOCCI, 2021 []

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