Uruk King List (W 20030/105; IM 065066)

A small fragment of a clay tablet (W 20030/105; IM 065066) discovered in the ruins of the Babylonian city of Uruk (and presumably still in the Iraq Museum) preserves a list of rulers of the Uncertain Dynasties [/ribo/babylon6/index.html] (978-626 BC) and the Neo-Babylonian Dynasty [/ribo/babylon7/index.html] (625-539 BC), as well as those of the Persian [/ribo/babylon8/index.html] (538-330 BC), Macedonian (330-307) and Seleucid [/ribo/babylon10/index.html] (305-64) periods. The so-called "Uruk King List" [http://www.livius.org/sources/content/uruk-king-list/] -- together with the "King List of the Hellenistic Period" [http://www.livius.org/k/kinglist/babylonian_hellenistic.html] and the "Ptolemaic Canon" [/ribo/kinglists/ptolemaiccanon/index.html] -- is an extremely important chronographic source for reconstructing Babylonian history from the late fourth century BC to the mid-second century BC. Moreover, it is one of the few extant cuneiform sources that provides evidence for the Assyrian kings Sîn-šumu-līšir (ca. 627/626 BC) and Sîn-šarra-iškun (ca. 627/626–612 BC) exercising some control over (northern) Babylonia during the year 626 BC.

Uruk King List, Obverse
Obv. 1')  21 year(s)  [...]  
Obv. 2')  at the same time  [(...)]  
Obv. 3')  21 year(s)  K[anda]lān(u)  
Obv. 4')  1 year  Sîn-šumu-līšir  
Obv. 5')  and  Sîn-šarra-iškun  
Obv. 6')  21 year(s)  Nabopolassar  
Obv. 7')  43 [ye]ar(s)  Nebuchadnezzar (II)  
Obv. 8')  2 [ye]ar(s)  Amēl-Marduk  
Obv. 9')  3 [years], 8 month(s)  Neriglissar  
Obv. 10')  [(...)] 3 month(s)  Lâbâši-Marduk  
Obv. 11')  17 [year(s)]  Nabonidus  
Obv. 12')  [N year(s)]  [C]yrus (II)  
Obv. 13')  [N year(s)]  [Cambyse]s (II)  
Obv. 14')  [N year(s)]  [Dari]us (I)  
Rev. 1')  (his) other [n]a[m]e (is)  Nidin-B[ēl]  
Rev. 2')  5 [ye]ar(s)  Dariu[s] (III)  
Rev. 3')  7 year(s)  Alexander (II of Macedon)  
Rev. 4')  6 years  Philip (III Arrhidaeus)  
Rev. 5')  6 years  Antigonus [the One-eyed]  
Rev. 6')  31 year(s)  Seleucus (I Nicator)  
Rev. 7')  22 year(s)  Antiochus (I Soter)  
Rev. 8')  15 year(s)  Antiochus (II Theos)  
Rev. 9')  20 [year(s)]  Seleuc[us] (II Callinicus)  
Uruk King List, Reverse

Selected Bibliography

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Jamie Novotny

Jamie Novotny, 'Uruk King List (W 20030/105; IM 065066)', The Royal Inscriptions of Assyria online (RIAo) Project, The RIAo Project, a sub-project of MOCCI, 2020 [http://oracc.museum.upenn.edu/riao/kinglists/urukkinglist/]

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