Source Catalogues

For the 881 official Assyrian inscriptions presently included on RIAo, there are 3,325 objects inscribed with these royally commissioned texts. To aid users, two catalogues of sources are included here. The Museum Numbers Page lists the Assyrian artefacts by museum or registration number. The Excavation Numbers Page lists the objects by excavation number. To view these provisional indices, click on this Museum Numbers link or this Excavation Numbers link or one of the links on the left.

At present, the data in the catalogues do not contain hyperlinks to the individual objects or to the inscriptions. In due course, as we expand our online content, links will be added for all composite texts and for all object for which a transliteration is available. In addition, we also plan to include here downloadable PDF, Excel, and File Maker Pro versions of our catalogues.

Jamie Novotny

Jamie Novotny, 'Source Catalogues', The Royal Inscriptions of Assyria online (RIAo) Project, The RIAo Project, a sub-project of MOCCI, 2016 []

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