Texts as Objects

In the following table, the inscriptions of Ashurnasirpal II are sorted according to their material aspect divided in four categories: Monumental and palatial inscriptions, Clay Tablets, Clay Cones, and Others.

Monumental and palatial inscriptions
Objecttext no.Provenance
slab (sculptured) 1 ("Annals A")Nimrud
slab (sculptured) 3 ("Annals B")Nimrud
slab (sculptured) 5-7Nimrud
slab (sculptured) 23 ("Standard Inscription" of Nimrud)Nimrud
slab (sculptured) 40 ("Standard Inscription" of Nineveh)Nineveh
slab 2 (also Lion Colossus and Bull Colossus)Nimrud
slab8-15 (Annals series)Nimrud
slab30 ("Banquet Stele")Nimrud
slab41-44 (variants of the "Standard Inscription" of Nineveh)Nineveh
stele17 ("Nimrud Monolith")Nimrud
stele19 ("Kurkh Monolith")Kurkh
stele20Babil, SE Turkey
obelisk18 ("White Obelisk")Nineveh
obelisk24 ("Rassam Obelisk") and its epigraphs 71-79Nimrud
animal/mythical statue2 (lion colossus, bull colossus, but also slab), 28 (lion colossus), 32 (lion colossus)Nimrud
animal/mythical statue2007 (human-headed bull colossus)Šadikanni
anthropomorphic statue39 (Statue of Ashurnasirpal II)Nimrud
anthropomorphic statue47 (on tablet, originally on Statue of Ashurnasirpal II)Nimrud
anthropomorphic statue2004 (Statue of Adad-itʾi/Hadad-yisʿi)Tell Fekherye
bronze band 51 (main text) and 80-97 (epigraphs) (Balawat Gates)Imgur-Enlil (Balawat)
stone tablet 26 (fragment from "Annals A")Ashur
stone tablet 38 (Kidmuru temple texts)Nimrud
stone tablet 59 Imgur-Enlil (Balawat)
stone box 54 (contains two tablets, here no. 70, below) Tell Abu Marya
metal tablet 70 (two tablets, one gold and one silver) Tell Abu Marya
stone cylinder 2003Assyria
stone fragment 49 Nineveh
stone fragment 2001 Nimrud
uncertain 25 27 ,29 (squeeze from stone object)Nimrud
uncertain 43 (squeeze from stone object)Nineveh
brick 130-132Nimrud
brick 138Nineveh
brick 133-137 (134, also vessel), 1005Ashur
Clay Tablets
Objecttext no.Provenance
clay tablet 16, 21 (fragments from "Annals A")Ashur
clay tablet 33Nineveh
clay tablet 48Nineveh
Clay Cones
Objecttext no.Provenance
clay cone 55, 109-110, 115 (also brick, hand, sarcophagus)Nimrud
clay cone 56-59, 60-66, 111-113, 1001-1003Nineveh
clay cone 67-69, 116 (also brick), 118, 119 (cone plate), 117 (cone plate, also brick)Ashur
Objecttext no.Provenance
mace head 99-100Nimrud
vessel 101Nimrud
vessel 134 (also brick)Nineveh
vessel 2002Assyria
duck weight 107Nimrud
sarcophagus 115 (also brick, hand, cone)Nimrud
plaque add141Idu
hands 115 (also brick, and sarcophagus), 120-125 (125 also brick)Nimrud
hand 126-128 (127 also brick)Nineveh
hand 129 (also brick)Ashur
seal (not impression) 2005Tarbiṣu
seal (not impression) 2006Babylon

Nathan Morello

Nathan Morello, 'Texts as Objects', The Royal Inscriptions of Assyria online (RIAo) Project, The RIAo Project, a sub-project of MOCCI, 2020 [http://oracc.museum.upenn.edu/riao/theassyrianempire883745bc/ashurnasirpalii/textsasobjects/]

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