Catalogue of Museum Numbers

There is presently only one catalogue of sources on this site and it is arranged by museum number. This catalogue of museum numbers contains only the objects that are publically available on the "Babylon 3" sub-project.

London   London (private)   Tabriz   Urbana

London, UK, British Museum

BM 082953 = Simbar-Šipak 1 ex. 2.     1883-01-21, 0116 = Simbar-Šipak 1 ex. 2.

London, UK, Private Collection: Adam

Adam 225A = Simbar-Šipak 2.

Tabriz, Iran, Archaeological Museum

Tabriz - = Simbar-Šipak 3.

Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA, Spurlock Museum, University of Illinois

SMUI 2499 = Simbar-Šipak 1 ex. 1.     WHM 13.14.1729 = Simbar-Šipak 1 ex. 1.

Jamie Novotny

Jamie Novotny, 'Catalogue of Museum Numbers', RIBo, Babylon 3: The Inscriptions of the Second Dynasty of the Sealand, The RIBo Project, a sub-project of MOCCI, 2016 []

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