Period of Assyrian Domination

The pages included under the "Period of Assyrian Domination" tab are intended to provide general information about the rulers of Babylonia from 728 to 626 BC, including the two Assyrian kings who are not mentioned in the Babylonian king lists [] but had inscriptions written for Babylonian cities and deities. Click on the names of any ruler's name to the left (or below) to view some information about his reign. Note that the links to the left are arranged alphabetically, rather than chronologically (as they are below).

To learn more about the official inscriptions of these rulers, click on the "Inscriptions" link beneath the king's name. Note that this option is available only when you are viewing a king's bio page.

Rulers (in chronological order):
Tiglath-pileser III [] (728-727 BC)
Shalmaneser V [] (726-722 BC; Baltil Dynasty)
Marduk-apla-iddina II [] (721-710 BC and 703 BC; Sealand Dynasty)
Sargon II [] (709-705 BC)
Sennacherib [] (704-703 BC and 688-681 BC; Ḫanigalbat Dynasty)
Marduk-zākir-šumi II [] (703 BC)
Bēl-ibni [] (702-700 BC; E Dynasty)
Aššur-nādin-šumi [] (699-694 BC; Ḫanigalbat Dynasty)
Nergal-ušēzib [] (693 BC)
Mušēzib-Marduk [] (692-689 BC; E Dynasty)
Esarhaddon [] (680-669 BC)
Šamaš-šuma-ukīn [] (667-648 BC)
Kandalānu [] (647-627 BC)
Sîn-šumu-līšir [] (626 BC)
Sîn-šarra-iškun [] (626 BC)

Click here [] to view the Period of Uncertain Dynasties within the chronological framework of the rulers of Babylonia from 1157 BC to 64 BC.

Jamie Novotny

Jamie Novotny, 'Period of Assyrian Domination', RIBo, Babylon 6: The Inscriptions of the Period of the Uncertain Dynasties, The RIBo Project, a sub-project of MOCCI, 2016 []

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