• Esarhaddon 005


  • Q003234
  • Esarhaddon 005



  • prism
  • Neo-Assyrian
  • Written ca. 671-670
  • Kuyunjik (Nineveh)
  • Royal Inscription
  • Esarhaddon


Esarhaddon 005 [via RINAP/RINAP4]

Column i

(i) Col. i



i 1'1'

ša ŠEŠ.[MEŠ-ia GAL.MEŠ ŠEŠ-šú-nu ṣe-eḫ-ru a-na-ku]

(i 1') [I am my older] bro[thers’ youngest brother] (and) by the command of the gods Aššur, [Sîn, Šamaš, Bēl and Nabû], Ištar of N[ineveh, (and) Ištar of Arbela], (my) father, who engendered me, [elevated me firmly] in the assembly [of my brothers], (i 5′) saying: ‘This is [the son who will succeed me.’ He questioned] the gods Šamaš and Adad by divi[nation, and] they answered him with [a firm ‘yes,’] saying: [‘He is your replacement.’] He he[eded] their important word(s) [and gathered together the people of Assyria, young (and) old], (and) my brothers, the seed of the house of [my] father.

i 2'2'

ina -bit d-šur [d30 dUTU dEN ù dAG]

i 3'3'

d15 šá[nu-a d15 šá URU.LÍMMU-DINGIR]

i 4'4'

AD ba-nu-u-a ina UKKIN [ŠEŠ.MEŠ-ia SAG.MEŠ-ia ke-niš ul-li-ma]

i 5'5'

um-ma an-nu-ú [ma-a-ru ri-du-ti-ia]

i 6'6'

dUTU u dIŠKUR ina bi-[ri i-šal-ma an-nu ke-e-nu]

i 7'7'

e-pu-lu-šú-ma um-ma [šu-ú te-nu-u-ka]

i 8'8'

zi-kir-šú-un kab-tu it-ta-[ʾi-id-ma UN.MEŠ KUR -šur.KI TUR GAL]

i 9'9'

ŠEŠ.MEŠ-ia NUMUN É AD-[ia -te-niš ú-pa-ḫir]

i 10'10'

ma-ḫar d-šur d30 d[UTU dAG dAMAR.UTU DINGIR.MEŠ KUR -šur.KI]

(i 10') Before the gods Aššur, Sîn, [Šamaš, Nabû, (and) Marduk, the gods of Assyria], the gods who live in heaven [and netherworld, he made them swear] their solemn oath(s) [concerning the safe-guarding of my succession]. In a favorable month, on a propitious day, [in accordance with their sublime command, I joyfully entered] the House of Succession, [an awe-inspiring] plac[e within wh]ich [the appointing to kingship (takes place)].

i 11'11'

DINGIR.ME a-ši-bu-te AN-e [u KI-tim áš-šú na-ṣar ri-du-ti-ia]

i 12'12'

zi-kir-šú-un kab-tu [ú-šá-az-ki-ir-šu-nu-ti]

i 13'13'

ina ITI šal-me u₄-mu še-me-e [ki-i -bi-ti-šu-nu ṣir-ti]

i 14'14'

ina É ri-du-ti áš-ri [šug-lud-di ša ši-kìn LUGAL-ti]

i 15'15'

[ina lìb]-bi-šú ba-šu-ú [ḫa-diš e-ru-um-ma]



Cols. ii–vii (not preserved)

Cols. ii–vii (not preserved)

Column viii

(viii) Col. viii

viiiviii Lacuna


viii 1'1'

[...] x x x (x)1

viii 2'2'

[... ši-tam-du-uḫ GIŠ.GIGIR].MEŠ áš-ru šu-a-

(viii 2') [...] ... [...] that place [had become too small for me [to have horses show their mettle (and) to train with chariot]s. [I made the people of the lands plundered by my bow take up] hoe and basket, and [they made bricks. I razed] that small [palace in its entirety, took a large area from the fields] for an addition, [and added (it) to it (the palace). I laid its foundations] with limestone, [strong stone from] the mountains, [and raised the terrace].

viii 3'3'

[i-mi-ṣa-an-ni-ma UN.MEŠ KUR.KUR ḫu-bu-ut GIŠ.PAN-ia] GIŠ.al-lu u tup-šik-ku

viii 4'4'

[ú-šá-áš-ši-šú-nu-ti-ma il-bi-nu SIG₄ É.GAL].TUR.RA šu-a-

viii 5'5'

[a-na si-ḫir-ti-šá aq-qur-ma qaq-qa-ru ma]--du GIM a-tar-tim-ma

viii 6'6'

[ul-tu lìb-bi A.ŠÀ.MEŠ ab-tuq-ma UGU-šú -rad]-di ina pi-i-li NA₄ KUR-i

viii 7'7'

[dan-ni -ši-šú ad-di-ma tam-la-a ú-mal-li ad-ke-e]-ma LUGAL.MEŠ KUR.ḫat-ti

(viii 7b') [I summoned] the kings of Ḫatti [and Across the River (Syria-Palestine): Baʾalu, king of Tyre, Ma]nasseh, king of Judah, [Qaʾuš-gabri, king of Edom, Muṣur]ī, king of Moab, [Ṣil-Bēl, king of Gaza, Mitinti], king of Ashkelon, (vi 10′) [Ikausu, king of Ekron, Milki]-ašapa, king of Byblos, [Mattan-Baʾal, king of] Arvad, [Abī-Baʾal, king of] Samsimurruna, [Būdi-il, king of Bīt-Ammon, Aḫī-Milki], king of Ashdod [twelve kings from the shore of the sea; Ekištūra, king of] Idalion, [Pilagurâ, king of Kitrusi, Kīsu, king of] Salamis,

viii 8'8'

[u e-ber ÍD mba-ʾa-lu LUGAL URU.ṣur-ri mme]-na-si-i MAN KUR.ia-u-di

viii 9'9'

[mqa--gab-ri LUGAL URU.ú-du-me mmu-ṣur]-i MANʾa-ab

viii 10'10'

[mṣil-EN LUGAL URU.ḫa-zi-ti mme-ti-in-ti] MAN

viii 11'11'

[mi-ka-ú-su LUGAL mmil-ki]-a-šá-pa MAN

viii 12'12'

[mma-ta-an-ba-ʾa-al LUGAL URU].a-ru-ad-da

viii 13'13'

[ma-bi-ba-ʾa-li LUGAL URU].sam-si-mur-ru-na

viii 14'14'

[mbu-du-DINGIR LUGAL URU.É-am-ma-na mPAP-mil-ki] MAN

viii 15'15'

[12 LUGAL.MEŠ šá ki-šá-di tam-tim me-ki--tu-ra LUGAL URU].e-di-il

viii 16'16'

[mpi-la-a-gu-ra-a MAN mki-i-su LUGAL URU].si-lu-a



1The 2011 print edition of RINAP 4 overlooked this line and, therefore, the line count of this column now differs by one line; viii 2´–16´ = vi 1´–15´ of the old edition.

2The reading of the name mbu-du-DINGIR follows PNA 1/2 p. 350 sub Būdi-il. See the note to text no. 1 (Nineveh A) v 62 for further details.

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