• Ashurbanipal 072


  • Q003771
  • Ashurbanipal 072



  • Neo-Assyrian
  • Written ca. 668-ca. 631
  • Kuyunjik (Nineveh)
  • Royal Inscription
  • Ashurbanipal

Ashurbanipal 072 [via RINAP/RINAP5]

Column i
o io i Lacuna


o i 1'1'

[... ú-nam-mir? ki]-ma u₄-me

(i 1') [... I made (it) shine li]ke daylight [... in Egašanḫil]ikuga [... (and) I made (Šarrat-Kidmuri) dwell on (her) ete]rnal [dais].

o i 2'2'

[... ina é-gašan-ḫi]-li--ga

o i 3'3'

[... pa-rak da]-ra-a-ti

o i 4'4'


(i 4') [...] his [...]

o i 5'5'


o i 6'6'

[...] x

o i 7'7'

[...] x



Column ii
o iio ii Lacuna


o ii 1'1'ṣur KUR.ku-[ú-su ik-šu-du-ma ina la mi-ni -lu-la šal-la-as-su]

(ii 1') [(wherein) he (Esarhaddon) conquered] Egypt (and) Ku[sh and (then) carried off its booty without number. He ruled over] that land in [its] ent[irety and made (it) part of the territory of Assyria. He changed] the forme[r] names of the cities [and gave them new names. He appointed] his servants [therein] as king(s), go[vernor(s), (and) official(s). He imposed upon them annual] tribute payment (in recognition) of [his] overlordshi[p].

o ii 2'2'

KUR šu-a-tu a-na si-ḫir-[ti-šá i-be-el-ma a-na mi-ṣir KUR -šur.KI ú-ter]

o ii 3'3'

MU.MEŠ URU.MEŠ maḫ-ru-ti [ú-nak-kir-ma a-na -šu-ú-te -ku-na ni-bi-is-su-un]

o ii 4'4'

ARAD.MEŠ-šú a-na LUGAL-ti .NAM-[ú-ti .GAR-nu-ú-te ú-pa--da ina lìb-bi]

o ii 5'5'

GUN man-da-at-tu be-lu-ti-[šú šat-ti-šam-ma ú-kin ṣe-ru--šú-un]

o ii 6'6'

55 ALAM LUGAL-ti-šú-nu x [...]

(ii 6') Fifty-five of their royal statue(s) [...] the victory that he had achieved ... [...] in cult centers (and) temples, which are insi[de ...].

o ii 7'7'

li-i- ki-šit-ti ŠU.II-šú ma-x [...]

o ii 8'8'

ina ma-ḫa-za-a-ni É.KUR.MEŠ? šá -reb [...]

o ii 9'9'

ul-tu AD ba-nu-u-a im-x [...]

(ii 9') After the father who had engendered me ... [...], Taharqa, without (the consent of) the gods, [made a serious attempt to take away Egypt for ...]. He [scorned] the might of (the god) Aššur, my lord, [and trusted in his own strength]. The harsh deeds that the father who had engendered me had p[erformed against him did not cross his mind]. He came and e[ntered] the city Memphis, [and (then) turned that city over to himself]. Against the people of Assyria who were insi[de Egypt, servants who belonged to me], (ii 15´) whom Esarhaddon king of Assyria, the father who had engendered me [had appointed as king(s) there, he dispatched his army] to kill, rob, (and) p[lunder (them)].

o ii 10'10'

mtar-qu-ú ba-lu DINGIR.MEŠ a-na [e-kemṣur -tam-ṣa-a a-na DA ...]

o ii 11'11'

da-na-an? AN?.ŠÁR? EN?-ia? e?-[--ma it-ta-kil a-na e-muq ra-ma-ni-šú]

o ii 12'12'

ep?-šet? ma?-ru-?- šá AD -u-a e-[pu-šú- ul ib-bal-kit ina lìb-bi-šú]

o ii 13'13'

il-li-kám-ma -reb e-[ru-um-ma URU šu-a-tu ú-ter ra-ma-nu-]

o ii 14'14'

e-li UN.MEŠ KUR -šur ša -reb [ṣur ARAD.MEŠ-ni da-gíl pa-ni-ia]

o ii 15'15'

ša m-šur-PAP- MAN KUR -šur AD -u-a [a-na LUGAL-ú-ti ip--du ina lìb-bi]

o ii 16'16'

a-na da-a-ki ḫa-ba-a-ti šá-[la-li ú-ma-ʾe-e-ra um-man-šú]

o ii 17'17'

al-la-a-ku ḫa-an-ṭu ina ?-reb NINA.[KI il-li-kam-ma ú-šá-an-na-a ia-a-ši]

(ii 17') A fast messenger [came] to N[ineveh and reported (this) to me. My heart became enraged] about the[se] deeds [and my temper turned hot]. I summoned (my) field marshal (and) [governors, together with the troops (under) their authority, my elite forces], and (ii 20´) [I] quickly [gave] the ord[er to them] to support (and) a[id the kings (and) governors, servants who belonged to me, (and) I made them take the road to Egypt].

o ii 18'18'

e-li ep-še-e-ti an-na-[a-ti lìb-bi i-gu-ug-ma iṣ-ṣa-ri-iḫ ka-bat-ti]

o ii 19'19'

al-si-ma .tur-tan .[NAM.MEŠ a-di ERIM.MEŠ ŠU.II-šú-nu e-mu--ia MAḪ.MEŠ]

o ii 20'20'

a-na na-ra-ru-ti ḫa-[mat LUGAL.MEŠ .NAM.MEŠ ARAD.MEŠ-ni da-gíl pa-ni-ia]

o ii 21'21'

ur-ru-ḫiš ṭè-e-[mu áš-kun-šú-nu-ti ḫar-ra-anṣur ú-šá-áš-ki-na GÌR.II-šú-un]



rReverse completely missing

Reverse completely missing

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