RIMA 1-3 Index of Object Names

B   D   L   O   P   S   W


Be Alert!: A.0.33.1 19.

Be Strong!: A.0.33.1 18.


Drinker of the blood of the enemies of Šamšī-Adad by the command of the goddess Ištar: A.0.39.2002 2–6.


Lion who [...], angry demon, unrivalled attack, who overwhelms the insubmissive, who brings success: A.0.104.2010 21–22.


O goddess Ištar, to you my ear (is directed)!: A.0.83.2001 12.


Protective Goddess: A.0.33.1 17.


Sealer of the enemy of Šamšī-Adad by the command of the goddess Ištar: A.0.39.2001 3–7.


Who charges through battle, who flattens the enemy land, who expels criminals and brings in good people: A.0.104.2010 23–24.

Andrew Knapp & Jamie Novotny

Andrew Knapp & Jamie Novotny, 'RIMA 1-3 Index of Object Names', The Royal Inscriptions of the Neo-Assyrian Period, The RINAP Project, 2019 [http://oracc.museum.upenn.edu/rinap/namesindex/rima13indexofobjectnames/]

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