RIME 1-4 Index of Object Names

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Abī-sarē [...]: E4.2.6.1 ii 31'. See also ruler Abī-sarē.

Amar-Suena Is the Beloved of Ur: E3/ 11. See also ruler Amar-Suena.

As for Me Who Loves His Master, Let My Life Be Long: E3/1.1.7.Statue K ii' 6'-8'.


Bitter One: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder B vii 15.

Both River Banks and Shores Rising From the Water, Rising Out of the Waters, the Huge River, Abounding in Water, Whose Abundance Spreads Everywhere: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder A xiv 19-20.


Called by the God Sîn, Beloved of Ur: E3/ 11-12. See also god Sîn.

Choice Steeds, Famous Team, Team Beloved by Utu: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder A xiv 25. See also god Utu.


Dead Man: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder B vii 14, 24, xiii 23.

Dias, Table of the God An: E2.1.1.16 12. Also see god An(um).

Dragon of the Abzu: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder A xxi 27.

Dragon of the Land: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder A vi 24, vii 24; Cylinder B x 14, xv 21, xviii 22.


Eninnu Is What Heaven's Eyes Know, (and) Ba-Ú Is the Encouragement of Gudea: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder A xxiv 5-6. See also goddess Ba-Ú, ruler Gudea, and temple Eninnu.

En-metena (Is the) Beloved of the God Enlil: E1.9.5.17 ii 11. See also god Enlil and ruler En-metena.


Faithful Dog, a Stand For a Pot of Life-giving Medication: E4.2.7.2001 10-11.

Floodstorm Weapon: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder B vii 14.


Geštinanna Directed Her Meaninful Regard To Him: E3/1.1.7.Statue O iii 2-3. See also goddess Geštinanna.

Geštinanna Gave Life to Him: E3/1.1.7.Statue N iii 4-5. See also goddess Geštinanna.

Gudea Gave (it) to Me: E3/1.1.7.Statue R iv 6. See also ruler Gudea.

Heaper Up of the Foreign (Enemy) Lands of the God Ningirsu on the Road (to) Eridu, the Radiance of Whose Gamgam-bird Reaches into the Heart of the Foreign (Enemy) Land(s): E1.9.5.4 ii 8-9. See also city Eridu and god Ningirsu.

Have Mercy Through (My) Prayers!: E1. ii 1'-2'.

Having Set Sail from the Lofty Quay: E3/1.1.7.Statue D iii 4-6.


I Am the One Beloved By His (Personal) God; Let My Life Be Long: E3/ ii 4-5.

I Built His House for My Lord, (so) Life is My Reward: E3/1.1.7.Statue B vii 14-17.

Išbi-Erra Trusts in the god Enlil: E4.1.1.1 13-14. See also god Enlil and ruler Išbi-Erra.

It Befits the House: E3/1.1.7.Statue Q ii 4.

Its Divine Prince is Light of Heaven and Earth: E4.1.2.2 iv 4'.

It Stands In (Constant) Prayer: E3/1.1.7.Statue M iii 2.

It Subdued the Mountain: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder B xiii 18.


King at Whose Name the Foreign Lands Tremble, Yea the Lord Ningirsu, Established Gudea's Throne: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder A xxiii 26-28. See also god Ningirsu and ruler Gudea.

King, Floodstorm of Enlil, Who Has no One to Oppose Him, Yea the Lord Ningirsu, Looked Favorably Upon Gudea: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder A xxiii 14-17. See also gods Enlil and Ningirsu, and ruler Gudea.

King Linked to the Court, Yea the Lord Ningirsu, Recognized Gudea from the Girnun: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder A xxiii 9-11. See also god Ningirsu and ruler Gudea.

King, the Roaring Storm of Enlil, the Lord Without a Rival, Yea the Lord Ningirsu, Chose Gudea in (His) Pure Heart: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder A xxiii 20-23. See also gods Enlil and Ningirsu, and ruler Gudea.

King Who Makes the Mountain Tremble: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder A xiv 18, xviii 13; Cylinder B vii 22.

King With the Fierce Face: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder B xi 1.


Lady, Beloved Daughter of Shining Heaven, Mother Ba-Ú, Gave Life to Gudea Out of the Etarsirsir: E3/1.1.7.Statue H iii 1-5. See also goddess Ba-Ú, ruler Gudea, and temple (E)tarsirsir.

Lady Is as Famous as An: E3/1.1.7.Statue E iv 12. See also god An(um).

Lady Who Makes Firm Decisions for Heaven and Earth, Nintu, Mother of the Gods, Let Gudea, Who Built the House, Have a Long Life: E3/1.1.7.Statue A iii 4-iv 2. See also goddess Nintu and ruler Gudea.

Let Gudea, the Builder of the House, Have a Long Life: E3/1.1.7.Statue C iii 18-iv 1. See also ruler Gudea.

Let the Life of Gudea, Who Built the House, Be Long: E3/1.1.7.Statue P v 3-6. See also ruler Gudea.

Lord Ningirsu Made a Positive Firm Promise With Regard to Gudea: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder A xxiv 1-2. See also god Ningirsu and ruler Gudea.

Lugal-Anda-nuḫunga Never Ceases in His Efforts for the Girnun: E1.9.8.2 iii' 3'. See also temple (Bara)girnun.


Mace Unbearable for the Regions: E3/1.1.7.Statue B vi 24.

Mace with a Three-Headed Lion: E3/1.1.7.Statue B vi 31, 36; 56 iii 3.

Mace with Fifty Heads: E4.1.4.7 8; 15 7'.

Master Whose Heavy Hand the Foreign Countries Cannot Bear, Ningirsu, Made a Favorable Promise For Gudea, the Builder of the House: E3/1.1.7.Statue D v 2-7. See also god Ningirsu and ruler Gudea.

May He Catch (the Enemy): E3/ 17.

May He Live ... at Your Command: E4.3.7.1001 i 9'-10'.

May My Lady Behold with Delight Her Beautiful ... (Named) "Let Me Live": E3/ 6'-9'.

May My Lady Stand Up (There): E3/ 13.

May My Lady Take Care of Me: E3/ 7'-8'.

Mow Down a Myriad: E3/1.1.7.Statue B v 37, vi 49; Cylinder A x 24, xv 23, xxii 20; Cylinder B vii 19, viii 2; Fragment 2 iii' 5'; Fragment 12 ii' 2'.

My Compassionate (Personal) Goddess Selected Me (Already Upon Seeing Me) From the Horizon: E3/ 3'-4'.

My King, Let Me Live By His Benevolent Wisdom: E3/ 10-11.

My Lady Addressed Me; (and) On the Appropriate Day I Set to Work: E3/ ii 8-9.

My Lady Is Ninegalla: E3/ base inscription, left 1-2. See also goddess Ninegal(la).

My Lady Selected Me: E3/ 4'.

My Lady, You Selected Me, Give life, on the Appropriate Day I Set to Work: E3/1.1.7.Statue E ix 1-3.

My Master Selected Me: E3/1.12.16 4'.

My Master Selected Me, May He (Always) Stand Up With Me: E3/1.12.7 12-13.

My (Personal) God Requests Life: E3/1.1.1022 6'-7'.

My Words Gather the Blood of the Enemies of Šulgi: E3/ rev. i 8'-11'. See also ruler Šulgi.


Nanna Is My (...) Fortress: E3/ ii 4. See also god Nanna

Ningirsu Is the Lord Eternally Exalted in Nippur: E1.9.8.2 ii' 6'. See also city Nippur and god Ningirsu.

Ningirsu, the Lord, Crown of LUM-ma Is the Life of the Pirig-Edena-Canal!: E1.9.3.1 rev. x (subscript) 26-29. See also canal Pirig-Edena, god Ningirsu, and ruler LUM-ma.

(Ningišzida) Gave Life to Gudea, the Builder of the House: E3/1.1.7.Statue I v 3-6. See also god Ningišzida and ruler Gudea.


Rampant Fierce Bull That Has No One to Oppose It: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder A xiv 14.


Slaughter a Myriad: E3/1.1.7.Statue B v 39.

Snare Streched Out For the Beasts of the Steppe: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder A xiv 24.

Stone of Two Hands: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder A xvi 31.


Šulgi, Who Has Been Given Stregnth by the God Nindara, Is the Breath of Life of His City: E3/ 15-18. See also god Nindara and ruler Šulgi.


White Cedar Passing Along For Its Master: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder A xiv 15.

White Swan: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder A xiv 23.

Who Is Like Nanna ...: E3/2.1.18 ii 5. See also god Nanna.

Broken Names

... Deer of Six Heads: E3/1.1.7.Cylinder A xxv 25.

... His Chosen ...: E3/ rev. ii 13'.

... the Goddess Laṣ: E3/2.1.26 rev. ii 8'-9'. See also goddess Laṣ.

... [...] Antasura: E4.2.13.15 Frgm. 12 2'-3'. See also temple (Egal)antasura.

[...]: E3/ vi 18'.

[...] Life: E3/ rev. ii 4'.

[...] Looked At Me, May He/She Care For Me: E3/ 0-2'.

[...] Selected Me: E3/ 0-1'.

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