• Ashurbanipal 007


  • Q003706
  • Ashurbanipal 007



  • prism
  • Neo-Assyrian
  • Written ca. 668-ca. 631
  • Nimrud (Kalhu)
  • Royal Inscription
  • Ashurbanipal

Ashurbanipal 007

Column i
i 1i 1

a-na-ku mAN.ŠÁR--A LUGAL GAL LUGAL [dan-nu] 1

(i 1) I, Ashurbanipal, great king, [strong] ki[ng], king of the world, king of Assyria, king of the [four] quarters (of the world), offspring of Esarhaddon, kin[g of Assyria], governor of Babylon, king of the land of Sum[er and Akkad], descendant of Sennacherib, ki[ng of the world, king of Assyria]

i 22


i 33

ṣi-it lìb-bi mAN.ŠÁR-PAP- LUGAL [KUR -šur.KI]

i 44


i 55


i 66

[DINGIR.MEŠ] GAL?⸣.[MEŠ] ina [UKKIN-šú-nu si-mat SIG₅-tim i-šim-mu šim-ti] 2

(i 6) [The gr]e[at gods] in [their assembly determined a favorable destiny as my lot]



i 1'1'

[at-ru]-⸢uṣ-ma [ú-kin ta-ra-an-šú] 3

(i 1') [I stretch]ed out [its covering over the god Marduk, the great lord], and (thus) [secured its roof].

i 2'2'

[GIŠ.GIGIR] ṣir-tu [ru]-⸢kub? d?⸣[AMAR.UTU]

(i 2') [(As for) the] exalted [chariot, the veh]icle of the god [Marduk], the pre-eminent one among the gods, the lord of lords, I completed its feature(s) with gold, silver, (and) precious stones. I gave (it) as a gift to the god Marduk, the king of the totality of heaven and netherworld, the one who overwhelms my enemies.

i 3'3'

e-tel⸣-li DINGIR.⸢MEŠ EN EN.EN

i 4'4'

ina .GI .BABBAR NA₄.MEŠ ni-⸢siq-ti ag-mu⸣-ra nab-nit-sa

i 5'5'

a-na dAMAR.UTU LUGAL kiš-šat AN-e u KI-tim

i 6'6'

sa-pi-in .KÚR.MEŠ-ia ana ši-⸢rik-ti áš-ruk

i 7'7'

GIŠ. GIŠ.MES..KAN.NA iṣ-ṣi [da]-re-⸢e

(i 7') I skillfully mad[e] a bed of musukkannu-wood, a [dur]able wood, that is clad with pašallu-gold (and) [studded with] precio[us] stones, as a pleasure bed for the god Bēl (Marduk) and the god[dess Bēltīya (Zarpanītu)] to carry out the wedding (and) to make lo[ve]. I pla[ced (it)] in Kaḫilisu, the bed chamber of the goddess Zarpanī[tu], which is laden with sexual charm.

i 8'8'

ša pa-šal-lu lit-bu-šat NA₄.MEŠ ni-siq-⸢ti [za--nat]

i 9'9'

a-na ma-a-a-al tak--e dEN u d⸣[GAŠAN-MU]

i 10'10'

šá-kan ḫa-šá-di e-peš ru-⸢ʾa⸣-[a-me]

i 11'11'

nak-liš e-pu-[]

i 12'12'

ina -ḫi-li- maš-tak dzar-pa-⸢ni⸣-[tum]

i 13'13'

ša ku-uz-bu sa-al-ḫu ad-[di]

i 14'14'

4 AM.MEŠ .BABBAR ek-du-ú-[ti]

(i 14') I stationed four fier[ce] wild bulls of silver, protectors of my royal path, in the Gate of the Rising Sun and (in) the Gate of Lamma-RA.BI, in gateway(s) of Ezida, which is inside Borsippa.

i 15'15'

na-ṣi-ru ki-bi⸣-is LUGAL-ti-⸢ia

i 16'16'

ina ṣi-⸢it dšam⸣-ši u dLAMMA-RA.BI

i 17'17'

ina é-⸢zi⸣-da šá -reb bár-sipa.KI ul-ziz

i 18'18'

é-maš-maš é-gašan*-kalam-ma

(i 18') I decorated Emašmaš (and) Egašankalama with silver (and) gold, (and) filled (them) with splendor.

i 19'19'

.BABBAR .GI ú-za-ʾi-in

i 20'20'

lu-⸢le⸣-e ú-ma-al-li

i 21'21'

dšar-rat-⸢kid-mu-ri ša ina ug-gat lìb-bi-šá

(i 21') The goddess Šarrat-Kidmuri, who in her anger had abandone[d] her inner sanctum (and) had [ta]ken up residence in a place not befitting her, [rele]nted during the favorable reign (lit. “my favorable reign”) that (the god) Aššur had granted m[e]. (i 25´) To complete (the emblem of) [her] exalted divinity (and) to glorify [her] precious cultic rites, she constantly kept sending me (instructions) through dream(s and) message(s) from ecstatics.

i 22'22'

at-man-šá e-zi-⸢bu [ú]-ši-bu a-šar la si-ma-⸢ti-šá

i 23'23'

ina BALA-ia dam⸣-

i 24'24'

ša AN.ŠÁR -ru-⸢ka [tar]-⸢šá-a sa-li-mu

i 25'25'

a-na šuk-lul DINGIR-ti-[šá] ṣir-ti

i 26'26'

šur-ru-ḫi mi-se-e-[šá] šu-qu⸣-ru-ti

i 27'27'

ina MÁŠ.GI₆ ši-pir maḫ-ḫe-e

i 28'28'

-ta-nap-pa-ra ka⸣-a-a-na

i 29'29'

dUTU dIŠKUR áš-al⸣-ma

(i 29') I asked the gods Šamaš (and) Adad and they answered me with a [fir]m “yes.” I [refurbish]e[d] the emblem of her great divinity (and) made her sit upon a throne-dais as (her) [ete]rnal abo[de]. I firmly (re)-established her precious cultic ordinances and properly carried out her cultic rites.

i 30'30'

e-pu-lu-in-ni an-⸢nu [ke-e]-⸢nu

i 31'31'

si-mat DINGIR-ti-šá GAL-ti ú-[šar-ri]-⸢iḫ?

i 32'32'

ú-še-šib-ši ina BÁRA.MAḪ šu-⸢bat [da]-⸢ra⸣-a-⸢ti

i 33'33'

par-ṣe-e-šá šu-qu-ru-⸢ti ú⸣-kin-ma

i 34'34'

ú-šal-li-ma mi-se-e-šá

i 35'35'

dIM.DUGUD.MUŠEN.MEŠ [GIŠ].⸢šu⸣-ri-in-ni

(i 35') For the pre[servation of] my [li]fe, I set up lion-headed eagles (and) [div]ine emblems in the gateway(s) of E[gallammes, the t]emple of the god Nergal of the city Tarbiṣu.

i 36'36'

a-na TI⸣.[LA] ZI⸣.MEŠ-ia

i 37'37'

ina é-[galam-mes] É dU.GUR

i 38'38'

ša URU.tar-⸢bi-ṣi az⸣-qu-up

i 39'39'

a-di a-di-ni a-[bi la] im-⸢ma-al⸣-la-du

(i 39') Before [my] fa[ther] was born (and) my [bir]th-mother was [created] in her mother’s w[omb], the god Sîn, who created [me] to be ki[ng], named m[e] to (re)bu[ild] Eḫul[ḫul], saying: “Ashurbanip[al] will (re)bu[ild] that [temple and make m]e [dwell] therein upon an et[ernal] dais.” (i 45´) The word of the god Sîn, which [he had spoken] in [di]stant [days], he now reve[aled to the peopl]e of a lat[er generation]. He allow[ed] the temple of the god Sîn which Shal[maneser (III), son of Ashur]nasirp[al (II)], a king of the past (who had come) befo[re me, had built] to become old [and he entrusted (its renovation) to me].

i 40'40'

um- [a]-⸢lit⸣-ti la [ba-na]-a-ta ina lìb⸣-[bi] AMA?-šá?

i 41'41'

a-na e-⸢peš é-ḫúl-[ḫúl] iz⸣-kur ni-⸢bit [MU-ia]

i 42'42'

d30 šá ib-na-an-[ni] a⸣-na LUGAL⸣-[u-ti]

i 43'43'

um-ma mAN.ŠÁR--⸢IBILA [É.KUR] šú-a- ip-⸢pu⸣-[-ma]

i 44'44'

-reb-šú ú-[šar-man]-⸢ni pa-rak da⸣-[ra-a-ti]

i 45'45'

a-mat d30 šá ul-tu [UD.MEŠ] ru⸣-qu-ti [iq-bu-u]

i 46'46'

e-nen-na ú-kal-[lim UN].MEŠ ar⸣-[ku-u-ti]

i 47'47'

É d30 šá mdsál-[ma-nu-MAŠ A m-šur]-PAP-⸢IBILA

i 48'48'

LUGAL pa-ni maḫ-⸢ri⸣-[ia e-pu-šu]

i 49'49'

la-ba-riš ú-šá-⸢lik⸣-[ma ú-šad-gi-la pa-nu-u-a]

i 50'50'

É.KUR šú-a-tu šá la-ba-[riš il-li-ku]

(i 50') (As for) that temple, which [had become] ol[d, I removed its] dil[apidated section(s)] by the command of the gods Sîn (and) Nusku. [I made its] st[ructure larger] than the one in the days of the past. I bu[ilt (and) completed (it)] from its foundation(s) to its crenellations. (i 55´) [Inside it], I built Emelamana, the temple of the god Nusku, [the exalted vizier], which a king of the past (who had come) before me had built. I roof[ed them] with long beams of cedar. I fastened band(s) of [silver] on doors of white cedar (and) I fixed (them) in their gateways.

i 51'51'

ina a-mat d30 dnusku an⸣-[ḫu-us-su ad-ke]

i 52'52'

e-li ša u₄-me pa-ni šu⸣-[bat-su ú-rap-piš]

i 53'53'

ul-tu UŠ₈-šú a-di GABA.DIB-⸢šú ar-[ṣip ú-šak-lil]

i 54'54'

é-me-lám-an-na É dnusku [SUKKAL MAḪ]

i 55'55'

ša LUGAL pa-ni maḫ-ri-ia e-pu-šú ab-na-⸢a [-reb-šú] 4

i 56'56'

GIŠ.ÙR.MEŠ GIŠ.EREN MAḪ.MEŠ ú-šat-ri-[ṣa UGU-šú-un]

i 57'57'

GIŠ.IG.MEŠ GIŠ.li-ia-a-ri me-ser [.BABBAR]

i 58'58'

ú-rak-kis ú-rat-ta-a .MEŠ-⸢šú-un

i 59'59'

2 AM.MEŠ .BABBAR mu-nak-ki-pu ga-re-ia

(i 59') In the inner sanctum of the god Sîn, my lord, I stationed two wild bulls of silver, which gore my foes (to death). In a gateway of Eḫulḫul, I (also) stationed two long-haired heroes of ešmarû-metal, which grasp divine emblems, keep safe my royal path, (and) bring in the yield of mountain and sea.

i 60'60'

ina at-man d30 EN-ia ul-ziz

i 61'61'

2 dlàḫ-me -ma-re-e šá ti-iṣ-bu- GIŠ.šu-ri-in-ni

i 62'62'

mu-šal-li-mu kib-si LUGAL-ti-ia

i 63'63'

mu-še-ri-bu ḫi-ṣib šad-de-e u tam-tim

i 64'64'

ina é-ḫúl-ḫúl ul-ziz ŠU.II d30 dnusku aṣ-bat

(i 64'b) I took the gods Sîn (and) Nusku by the hand, made (them) enter into (their respective temples), (and) made (them) sit on (their) eternal dais(es).

i 65'65'

ú-še-rib ú-še-šib ina BÁRA da-ra-a-ti

i 66'66'

-re-e-ti KUR -šur.KI u KUR URI.KI

(i 66') I completed the sanctuaries of Assyria and the land Akkad in their entirety. I made every type of temple appurtenance there is from silver (and) gold, (and) I added (them) to those of the kings, my ancestors. (i 70´) I made the great gods who support me reside in their exalted inner sanctums. I offered sumptuous offerings before them (and) presented (them) with my gifts. I made regular offerings (and) contributions more plentiful than those of distant days.

i 67'67'

a-na si-ḫir-ti-ši-na ú-šak-lil

i 68'68'

mim-ma si-mat É.KUR ma-la ba-šú-u ša .BABBAR .GI e-pu-

i 69'69'

e-li ša LUGAL.MEŠ AD.MEŠ-ia ú-rad-di

i 70'70'

DINGIR.MEŠ GAL.MEŠ ti-ik-le-ia ina at-ma-ni-šú-nu ṣi-i-ri ú-še-šib-šú-nu-ti

i 71'71'

UDU.SISKUR.MEŠ taš-ri-iḫ-ti ma-ḫar-šú-un aq- ú-šam-ḫi-ra kàd-ra-a-a

i 72'72'

sat-tuk-ku gi-nu-u UGU ša u₄-me ul-lu-ti ú-šá-tir-ma ar-ku-us

i 73'73'


(i 73') I had statues of my royal majesty skillfully made from silver, gold, (and) shiny copper through the craft of the deities Ninagal, Kusibanda, (and) Ninkurra, (and), as constant petitioners for my life, I installed (them) in their positions before the gods who support me. From my childhood until I became an adult, I was assiduous towards the sanctuaries of the great gods. They required my priestly services (and) they (now) enjoy my giving (them) food offerings.

i 74'74'

ina ši-pir dnin-á-gal d-si₂₂-bàn-da

i 75'75'

dnin-kur-ra nak-liš ú-še-piš

i 76'76'

a-na mu-ter-ri-ši ba-la-ṭi-ia

i 77'77'

ma-ḫar DINGIR.MEŠ ti-ik-le-ia ú-kin na-an-za-sún

i 78'78'

ul-tu ṣe-ḫe-ri-ia a-di ru--ia

i 79'79'

áš-te-ʾa-a áš-rat DINGIR.MEŠ GAL.MEŠ

i 80'80'

.šá-an-gu-ti iḫ-šu-ḫu i-ram-mu na-dan zi-bi-ia

i 81'81'

dIŠKUR ŠÈG.MEŠ-šú ú-maš-še-ra dé-a ú-paṭ-ṭi-ra IDIM.MEŠ-šú

(i 81') The god Adad released his rains (and) the god Ea opened up his springs. Grain was five cubits high in its furrow (and) ear(s) of corn were five-sixths of a cubits long. Successful harvest(s and) an abundance of grain enabled pasture land to continually flourish, (i 85´) fruit orchards to be very lush with fruit, (and) cattle to successfully give birth to (their) young. During my reign, there was plenitude (and) abundance; during my years, bountiful produce was accumulated.

i 82'82'

5 KÙŠ ŠE.AM -qu ina AB.SÍN-ni-šá

i 83'83'

e-ri-ik šu-bu-ul- 5/6? KÙŠ SI. BURU₁₄ na-pa-áš dnisaba

i 84'84'

ka-a-a-an ú-šaḫ-na-bu gi-pa-ru

i 85'85'

ṣip-pa-a-ti šu-um-mu-ḫa in-bu MÁŠ.ANŠE šu-te-šur ina ta-lit-ti

i 86'86'

ina BALA.MEŠ-ia ḪÉ.NUN ṭuḫ-du ina MU.AN.NA.MEŠ-ia ku-um-mu-ru ḪÉ.GÁL-lum

i 87'87'


(i 87') Throughout my entire land, (on account of) abundant trade, for one shekel of silver one could purchase twelve donkey-loads of grain, three homers of wine, two seahs of oil, (and one) talent of wool. Year after year, I shepherded the subjects of the god Enlil in prosperity and with justice.

i 88'88'

ina nap-ḫar KUR-ia KI.LAM nap-šú i-šam-mu ina 1 GÍN kas-pi

i 89'89'

šat-ti-šam-ma ina ṭuḫ-di u me-šá-ri ar-te-ʾa ba-ʾu-ú-lat dEN.LÍL

i 90'90'

DINGIR.MEŠ GAL.MEŠ šá ap-tal-la-ḫu DINGIR-us-su-un

(i 90') The great gods, whose divinity I constantly revered, generously granted me power, virility, (and) outstanding strength. They placed lands that had not bowed down to me into my hands (and) allowed me to achieve my heart’s desire. (i 95´) I marched from the Upper Sea to the Lower Sea, where the kings, my ancestors, had regularly traveled. At a distance of one month (and) twenty days (journey) into the midst of the sea and on dry land, I added [terr]itory to that of the kings, my ancestors, and ruled (it). I made [the people] living in those lands bow down to my yoke (and) imposed annual [tribute pay]ment upon them. (i 100´) [By the command of (the god) A]ššur (and) the goddess Ištar, the kings who sit upon (royal) daises kiss my feet (and) [great rulers from (both)] east and west are anxious for me to be their ally.

i 91'91'

du-un-nu zik-ru-u?-tu? e-mu-qi ṣi-ra-a-te ú-šat-li-mu-in-ni

i 92'92'

KUR.KUR la ma-gi-re-ia ina ŠU.II-ia im-nu-ú

i 93'93'

ú-šam-ṣu-in-ni ma-la lìb-bi-ia

i 94'94'

ul-tu tam-tim e-liti a-di tam-tim šap-liti

i 95'95'

ša LUGAL.MEŠ AD.MEŠ-ia ir-te-ed-du-u a-na-ku lu-u ar-de

i 96'96'

ma⸣-lak ITI UD.20.KÁM ina MURUB₄ tam-tim u na-ba-li

i 97'97'

[mi]-⸢iṣ⸣-ru e-li ša LUGAL.MEŠ AD.MEŠ-ia ú-rad-di-ma a-bel

i 98'98'

[UN.MEŠ] a-ši-bu-ti KUR.KUR šá-a-ti-na ú-šak-ni-šá ana GIŠ.ŠUDUN-ia

i 99'99'

[GUN] man⸣-da-at- šat-ti-šam-<ma> ú-kin EDIN--šú-un

i 100'100'

[ina -bit] AN⸣.ŠÁR d15 LUGAL.MEŠ a-šib pa-rak-ki ú-na-áš-šá-qu GÌR.II-ia

i 101'101'

[mal-ki GAL.MEŠ šá] ṣi-taš u ši-la-an ana kit-ri-šu-nu ú-pa-qu-u-ni 5

Column ii
iiii Lacuna


ii 1'1'

m[GISSU-EN LUGAL KUR.ḫa-zi-ti] 6

(ii 1') [Ṣil-Bēl, king of the land Gaza], M[itinti, king of the land Ashkelon], I[kausu, king of the land Ekron], Mi[lki-ašapa, king of the land Byblos], (ii ) Y[akīn-Lû, king of the land Arwad], A[bī-Baʾal, king of the land Samsimurruna], A[mmi-nadbi, king of the land Bīt-Ammon, Aḫī-Milki, king of the land Ashdod, Ekištūra, king of the land Idalion, (ii 10´) Pilagurâ, king of the land Kitrusi, Kīsu, king of the land Salamis, Itūandar, king of the land Paphos, Erēsu, king of the land Soloi, Damāsu, king of the land Curium], (ii 15´) Ad[mēsu, king of the land Tamassos], Da[mysos, king of the land Qartiḫadasti], U[nasagusu, king of the land Lidir], Bu[ṣusu, king of the land Nūria] in total, twenty-[two kings of the seacoast], (ii 20´) the midst of the sea, [and dry land, servants who belonged to me], carr[ied their substantial] audience gi[ft(s)] before me [and kissed my feet].

ii 2'2'

mmi⸣-[ti-in-ti LUGAL]

ii 3'3'

mi⸣-[ka-ú-su LUGAL]

ii 4'4'

mmil⸣-[ki-a-šá-pa LUGAL]

ii 5'5'

mia⸣-[ki-in-lu-ú LUGALú-a-da]

ii 6'6'

ma-[bi-ba--al LUGAL]

ii 7'7'

mam⸣-[mi-na-ad-bi LUGAL KUR.É-am-ma-na]

ii 8'8'

m[PAP-mil-ki LUGAL]

ii 9'9'

[me-ki--tu-ra LUGAL KUR.e-di--li]

ii 10'10'

[mpi-la-a-gu-ra-a LUGAL]

ii 11'11'

[mki-i-su LUGAL]

ii 12'12'

[mi-tu-u-an-da-ar LUGAL]

ii 13'13'

m[e-re-su LUGAL]

ii 14'14'

m[da-ma-su LUGAL KUR.ku-ri-i]

ii 15'15'

mád-[me-su LUGAL KUR.ta-me-su]

ii 16'16'

mda-[mu-u-su LUGAL KUR.qar-ti-ḫa-da-as-ti]

ii 17'17'

mú⸣-[na-sa-gu-su LUGAL]

ii 18'18'

mbu-[ṣu-su LUGAL]

ii 19'19'

ŠU.NIGIN ⸢22⸣ [LUGAL.MEŠ ša a-ḫi tam-tim]

ii 20'20'

MURUB₄ tam-tim [u na-ba-li ARAD.MEŠ da-gíl pa-ni-ia]

ii 21'21'

ta-mar-⸢ta⸣-[šú-nu ka-bit-tu]

ii 22'22'

ina IGI-ia -⸢šu⸣-[nim-ma ú-na-ši-qu GÌR.II-ia]

ii 23'23'

LUGAL.MEŠ šá-⸢a⸣-[tu-nu a-di e-mu-qi-šú-nu]

(ii 23') I made tho[se] kings, [together with their forces] (and) the[ir] boats, t[ake the road (and) path] with [my] troops [by sea and dry land].

ii 24'24'

GIŠ..MEŠ-⸢šú?⸣-[nu ina tam-tim u na-ba-li]

ii 25'25'

it-ti ERIM.ḪI.⸢A⸣-[ia ur-ḫu pa-da-nu]

ii 26'26'

ú-šá-⸢aṣ⸣-[bit-su-nu-ti a-na na-ra-ru-ti]

(ii 26'b) [I] qui[ckly advanced to support (and) aid the kings (and) officials] who [were in Egypt, servants who belonged to me, and] (ii 30´) I marched [as far as the city Kār-Bānīti]. Taharq[a, the king of Egypt and Kush, heard about the advance of my expeditionary force] (while he was) inside the city Me[mphis, and] m[ustered his battle troops] before me to wage [armed battle (and) war]. (ii 35´) With the support of the gods A[ššur, Bēl (Marduk), and Nabû], the great gods, [my] lo[rds who march at my side, I brought about the defeat of his troops in a] widesp[read] pitched [battle].

ii 27'27'

[ḫa-mat šá LUGAL.MEŠ .-pa-a-ni]

ii 28'28'

ša [-rebṣur ARAD.MEŠ da-gíl pa-ni-ia]

ii 29'29'

ur-⸢ru⸣-[ḫi- ar-de-e-ma]

ii 30'30'

al-lik [a-di URU.kar-d-ti]

ii 31'31'

mtar-⸢qu⸣-[u MANṣur u KUR.ku-u-si]

ii 32'32'

-reb⸢em⸣-[pi a-lak ger-ri-ia -me-ma]

ii 33'33'

a-na e-peš [MURUB₄ GIŠ.TUKUL.MEŠ u ]

ii 34'34'

a-na maḫ-ri-ia id⸣-[ka-a ERIM.MEŠ -šú]

ii 35'35'

i-na tu-kul-ti AN⸣.[ŠÁR dEN ù dAG]

ii 36'36'

DINGIR⸣.MEŠ GAL.MEŠ EN⸣.[MEŠ-ia a-li-kut i-di-ia ina ]

ii 37'37'

EDIN? rap?⸣-[ši áš-ku-na BAD₅.BAD₅ ERIM.ḪI.A-šú] 7



ii 1''1''

[mni]-⸢ku-ú [LUGAL ù]

(ii 1'') [(As for) Ne]cho, [king of the cities Memphis and Sais, Šarru-l]ū-dāri, [king of the city Pelusium, Pi-ša]n-Ḫuru, [king of the city Natho, Pa]-qruru, king of [the city (Pi)šaptu, (ii 5´´) In]aros ([Ni]ḫerau), king of the city [Athribis, (and) N]aḫkê, king of the city He[racleopolis], those [kings], governors, (and) [officials whom the father who had engendered me] had appointed [in] Egypt, (ii 10´´) [who] had abandoned [their post(s) in the face of Taharqa’s] tactical adva[nce, (and) had gone to (lit. “filled”) the countryside], where [their post(s) were, I permitted them to serve in their (former) positions again. I reorganized Egypt and Kush, which the father who had engendered me] had c[onquered. (ii 15´´) I strengthened its] guard [more than previously (and)] conclu[ded (new) agreements with it].

ii 2''2''

[mLUGAL]-⸢lu⸣--ri [LUGAL URU.ṣi--nu]

ii 3''3''

[mpi-šá]-⸢an⸣-ḫu-ru [LUGALḫu-ú]

ii 4''4''

[mpa]-⸢aq⸣-ru-ru LUGAL [URU.šap-] 8

ii 5''5''

[mni?]-ḫer?-a-u LUGAL URU⸣.[ḫa-at-ḫi-ri-bi] 9

ii 6''6''

[mna]-⸢aḫ-ke⸣-e LUGAL URU.ḫi-[ni-in-ši]

ii 7''7''

[LUGAL.MEŠ] an-nu-ti .NAM.MEŠ [.qe-pa-ni]

ii 8''8''

[ša -reb KUR].⸢mu-ṣur ú-pa-⸢-du [AD -u-a]

ii 9''9''

[ša la-pa-an] ti-bu-⸢ut [mtar-qu-u]

ii 10''10''

[pi-qit-ta-šú-un] ú⸣-maš-še-⸢ru [im-lu-ú EDIN]

ii 11''11''

[ú-ter-ma] a?-šar? [pi-qit-ti-šú-un]

ii 12''12''

[ina maš-kán-i-šú-un ul-zi-is-su-nu-ti]

ii 13''13''

[ṣur u KUR.ku-u-si šá AD ba-nu-u-a]

ii 14''14''

ik?⸣-[šu-du a-na -šu-ti aṣ-bat]

ii 15''15''

EN.NUN.MEŠ-[šú UGU šá u₄-me pa-ni ú-dan-nin]

ii 16''16''

ú-rak-⸢ki⸣-[sa rik-se-šú]

ii 17''17''

it-ti ḫu-ub-ti ma?-?-[di šal-la-ti ka-bit-ti pa-an GIŠ.ŠUDUN-ia ú-ter-ra-am-ma]

(ii 17'') With mu[ch] plunder (and) [substantial booty, I turned around (lit. “I turned the front of my yoke”) and] returned safely to [Assyria].

ii 18''18''

šal-meš a-tu-ra a-na [KUR -šur.KI]

ii 19''19''

EGIR-nu mni-ku-ú mLUGAL-lu--ri mpa-⸢aq⸣-[ru-ru]

(ii 19'') Afterwards, Necho, Šarru-lū-dāri, (and) Pa-[qruru] sinned against my treaty (and) did not honor the oath(s sworn) by [the great gods]. They forgot my kindness and their heart(s) plotted e[vil (deeds)]. They spoke word(s) of treachery and decided (among) themselves on a profitless decision, saying: (ii 25´´) “If they remove Taharqa from Egypt, how then can we (ourselves) stay?” To establish treaties and peace, they dispatched their mounted messenger(s) to Taharqa, the king of Kush, saying: “Let peace be established between us so that (ii 30´´) we can come to a mutual agreement. (Let) us divide the land among ourselves so that no other lord comes between us.” With regard to troops of Assyria, the might of my lordly majesty, they constantly sought out evil plan(s) to cut (their) throat(s).

ii 20''20''

ina a-de-ia iḫ-ṭu-u la iṣ-ṣu-ru ma-mit [DINGIR.MEŠ GAL.MEŠ]

ii 21''21''

ṭa-ab-ti im-šu-ma? lìb-ba-šú-nu ik-pu-ud le⸣-[mut-]

ii 22''22''

da-bab sur-ra-a-ti id-bu-bu-⸢ma

ii 23''23''

-lik la ku-širi₄ im-li-ku ra-man-šú-un

ii 24''24''

um-ma mtar-qu-u ul-tu -rebṣur

ii 25''25''

i-na-saḫ-ú-ma at-tu-ni a-šá-ba-ni -i-nu

ii 26''26''

e-li mtar-qu-u MAN KUR.ku-u-si

ii 27''27''

a-na šá-kan a-de-e u sa-li-me

ii 28''28''

ú-ma-ʾe-e-ru .rak--šú-un

ii 29''29''

um-ma su-lum-mu-u ina bi-ri-ni liš-šá-kin-ma

ii 30''30''

ni-in-dag-ga-ru a-ḫa-meš

ii 31''31''

KUR a-ḫe-en-na-a ni-zu-uz-ma

ii 32''32''

a-a ib-ba-ši ina bi-ri-ni šá-nu-um-ma be-lum

ii 33''33''

a-na ERIM.ḪI.A KUR -šur.KI e-muq EN-ti-ia šá na-kas ZI-tim

ii 34''34''

-te--ʾu-ú a-mat ḪUL-tim

ii 35''35''

.šu-ut SAG.MEŠ-ia a-ma-a-ti an-na-a-ti -mu-u-ma

(ii 35'') Eunuchs of mine heard these words; they seized their mounted messenger(s) along with their messages and (then) they saw their deceitful acts. They seized Necho (and) Šarru-lū-dāri and clamped (their) hands and feet in iron fetters and iron handcuffs. (ii 40´´) The oath (sworn) by (the god) Aššur, the king of the gods, defeated them and my kindness, which I had done for them as a favor, called to account those who had sinned against the treaty (sworn) by the great gods.

ii 36''36''

.rak--šú-un a-di šip-ra-ti-šú-un

ii 37''37''

iṣ-ba-tu-nim-ma e-mu-ru ep-šet sur-ra-a-ti-šú-un

ii 38''38''

mni-ku-u mLUGAL-lu--ri iṣ-ba-tu-ma 10

ii 39''39''

ina bi-re-ti AN.BAR u -qa-ti AN.BAR ú-tam-me-ḫu ŠU.II u GÌR.II

ii 40''40''

ma-mit AN.ŠÁR LUGAL DINGIR.MEŠ ik-šu-us-su-nu-ti-ma

ii 41''41''

ša iḫ-ṭu-ú ina a-de-e DINGIR.MEŠ GAL.MEŠ

ii 42''42''

ṭa-ab-ti qa-tuš-šú-un ú-ba-ʾi-i-ma

ii 43''43''

ša e-pu-us-su-nu-ti du-un-qu

ii 44''44''

ù UN.MEŠṭi-ṭi 11

(ii 44'') Moreover, (as for) the people of the cities Sais, Mendes, (and) Pelusium, as many as had sided with them and plotted evil (deeds), young and old, they (my troops) cut (them) do[wn] with the sword. They did not spare a single person amo[ng (them)]. They hung their corpses on po[les], flayed them, (and) draped the [city] w[all(s with their skins)].

ii 45''45''

URU.ṣi--nu ma-la it-ti-šú-nu -šak-nu 12

ii 46''46''

ik-pu-du le-mut- TUR u GAL ina GIŠ.TUKUL.MEŠ ú-šam-[-tu]

ii 47''47''

e-du a-me-lu la e-zi-bu ina lìb-[bi]

ii 48''48''

ADDA.MEŠ-šú-nu e-lu-lu ina GIŠ.ga-[ši-ši]

ii 49''49''

KUŠ.MEŠ-šú-nu -ḫu-ṭu ú-ḫal-li-pu BÀD [URU]

ii 50''50''

mni-ku-u mLUGAL-lu--ri bal-ṭu-⸢us⸣-[su-un] 13

(ii 50'') They bro[ught] Necho (and) Šarru-lū-dāri ali[ve] to Nineveh, before me. (As for) Šarru-lū-dāri, who had not honored my kindness (and) sinn[ed against ...], he was thro[wn] into confinement, a place of eternal detainment, [...].

ii 51''51''

a-na URU.NINA a-di maḫ-ri-ia ub-[lu-u-ni]

ii 52''52''

mLUGAL-lu--ri ša? MUN? la iṣ-ṣu-ru iḫ-⸢ṭu⸣-[u ...] 14

ii 53''53''

ina ki-li a-šar ṣi-bit-ti da?-ri?-i? na?-[di ...]

ii 54''54''

a-na mni-ku-u re-e-mu ar-ši-ma ú-⸢bal⸣-[liṭ nap-šat-su]

(ii 54'') I had mercy on Necho and I l[et him live]. I made (his) treaty more stringent than the previous one and [I established (it)] with him. I cloth[ed him] in garment(s) with multi-colored trim, plac[ed on him] a golden hoe, an insignia of his kingship, (and) fastened gold bracelets around [his] wri[sts]. On a belt-dagger with g[old] mountings, I wrote out my name and [I gave (it) to him].

ii 55''55''

a-de-e UGU šá maḫ-ri ut-tir-ma it-ti-šú [áš-kun]

ii 56''56''

lu-bul-tu bir-me ú-lab-bi-⸢is⸣-[su]

ii 57''57''

al-lu .GI si-mat LUGAL-ti-šú áš-⸢kun⸣-[šú]

ii 58''58''

ḪAR.MEŠ .GI ú-rak-ki-sa rit-[ti-šú]

ii 59''59''

GÍR šib-bi šá iḫ-zu-šú ⸣.[GI]

ii 60''60''

ni-bit MU-ia ina muḫ-ḫi áš-ṭur-ma [a-din-šú]

Column iii
iiiiii Lacuna


iii 1'1'

[ina tukul-ti AN.ŠÁR u d15 ik-šu-da ŠU.II]-⸢a-a 15

(iii 1') [With the support of (the god) Aššur and the goddess Ištar], I [conquered that city (Thebes) in its entirety].

iii 2'2'

[.BABBAR .GI ni-siq-ti] NA₄⸣.MEŠ

(iii 2') [Silver, gold, precious st]ones, [as much property of his palace as th]ere was, [garment(s) with multi-colored trim, linen garments], large [horse]s, (iii ) [people male] and female [two tall obelisks cast with] shiny [zaḫal]û-[metal, who]se [weight was 2,500 talents (and which) stood at a temple gate], I rip[ped (them) from where the]y [were erected and took (them) t]o Assy[ria]. (iii 10´) I carr[ied off substantial booty, (which was) with]out number, [fro]m inside the city Thebes. [I made my weapons preva]il [over Egypt] and Kush and (thus) achieved victory. [With fu]ll [hand(s)], I returned safely [to Nineveh], my capital city.

iii 3'3'

[NÍG.ŠU É.GAL-šú ma-la] ba⸣-šu-ú

iii 4'4'

[lu-bul-ti bir-me GADA.MEŠ ANŠE.KUR.RA].MEŠ GAL.MEŠ

iii 5'5'

[UN.MEŠ zík-ru] ù sin-niš

iii 6'6'

[2 tim-me MAḪ.MEŠ pi-ti-iq za-ḫa-le]-⸢e eb-bi

iii 7'7'

[ša 2 LIM 5 ME GUN KI.-šú]-⸢nu

iii 8'8'

[man-za-az É.KUR ul-tu man-zal-ti-šú]-⸢nu as-⸢suḫ⸣-[ma]

iii 9'9'

[al-qa-a a]-⸢na KUR -⸢šur⸣.[KI]

iii 10'10'

[šal-la-tu ka-bit-tu] ina la ⸣-ni áš-⸢lu⸣-[la]

iii 11'11'

[ul-tu ]-⸢reb

iii 12'12'

[e-liṣur] ù KUR.ku-u-si

iii 13'13'

[GIŠ.TUKUL.MEŠ-ia ú-šam-ri]-⸢ir⸣-ma áš-ta-kan li-⸢i-

iii 14'14'

[it-ti ŠU.II ma-li]-ti šal-meš a-tu-ra

iii 15'15'

[a-na NINA.KI] URU be-lu-ti-ia

iii 16'16'

[ina šal-ši] ger-ri-ia UGU mba-ʾa-li LUGAL KUR.ṣur-ri

(iii 16') [On] my [third ca]mpaign, I marched against Baʾalu, the king of the land Tyre [who resides in the mid]dle of the sea. [Because] he did not honor my ro[y]al [com]mand(s and) [did not o]bey [the pron]ouncement(s) from my lip(s), (iii 20´) I set up [outpos]ts [again]st him. [To prevent his] people [from leav]ing, [I rei]nforced (its) garrison. [By sea and] dry la[nd, I] took control of (all of) his [rout]es (and thus) cut off (all) access to him. (iii 25´) I made [water and foo]d for the preservation of their lives scarce [for the]ir [mouths]. I confined them [in a harsh imprisonment from which] there was no escape. I constricted (and) cut short [thei]r [lives]. I made them (the people of Tyre) bow down [to] my [yoke].

iii 17'17'

[a-šib] MURUB₄ tam-(erasure)-tim lu-u al-lik

iii 18'18'

[áš-šú a]-⸢mat LUGAL⸣-[u]-⸢ti⸣-ia la iṣ-ṣu-ru

iii 19'19'

[la ]-mu-ú zi⸣-kir NUNDUM-ia

iii 20'20'

[URU.ḪAL].⸢ṢU⸣.MEŠ [e]-⸢li⸣-šú ú-rak-kis

iii 21'21'

[a-na la a]-⸢ṣe⸣-e UN.[MEŠ-šú ú]-⸢dan⸣-nin ma-ṣar-tuš

iii 22'22'

[ina tam-tim u] na-ba-⸢li [ger-re]-⸢e⸣-ti-šú

iii 23'23'

[ú]-ṣab-bit a-lak-ta-šú ap-ru⸣-us

iii 24'24'

[A.MEŠ ù te-ʾu-ú]-⸢tu ba-laṭ ZI-⸢⸣-šú-nu

iii 25'25'

[a-na pi-i-šú]-⸢nu ú-šá--ir

iii 26'26'

[ina me-se-ri dan-ni šá] la na-par-šu-di e-si-ir-šú-nu-ti

iii 27'27'

[nap-šat-su]-⸢nu ú-si-iq ú-⸢kar⸣-ri

iii 28'28'

[a-na GIŠ.ŠUDUN]-ia ú-šak-ni-is-su-⸢nu-ti

iii 29'29'

[DUMU.MUNUS ṣi]-⸢it lìb-bi-šú ù DUMU.MUNUS ŠEŠ.[MEŠ-šú]

(iii 29') [He brought] before me [(his) daughter], his [own off]spring, and the daughter(s) of [his] brother[s to serv]e as housekeep[ers. He brought his son, who had never] cross[ed the s]ea, to do obeisance to me. (iii 35´) I received from him [his daughter and] the daughter(s) of his brothers, [together with a lar]ge [marriage gift. I ha]d [mercy] on him an[d] (then) I gave [(his) son, his offspring, back to him].

iii 30'30'

[a-na e]-⸢peš MUNUS.AGRIG-⸢ú⸣-[ti]

iii 31'31'

[ú-bi-la] a-di maḫ-⸢ri-ia

iii 32'32'

[DUMU-šú šá ma-ti-ma] ti⸣-amtu la e-bi-⸢ra

iii 33'33'

[-šá-a a-na] e⸣-peš ARAD-ti-ia

iii 34'34'


iii 35'35'

[it-ti ter-ḫa-ti ma-]-⸢as⸣-si am-ḫur-⸢šú

iii 36'36'

[re-e-mu ar]-⸢ši⸣-šu-⸢ma

iii 37'37'

[DUMU ṣi-it lìb-bi-šú ú-ter]-⸢ma? a?-din?⸣-[šú]

iii 38'38'

[URU.ḪAL.ṢU.MEŠ šá UGU mba-ʾa-li LUGAL KUR.ṣur-ri]

(iii 38') [I dismantled the outposts that I had constructed against Baʾalu, the king of the land Tyre. By sea and dry land, I] opened (all of) his [ro]utes, [as many as I had seized. I] received from him [his substantial payment. I turned around (lit. “I turned the front of my yoke”) and returned safely to Nineveh], my [capit]al [city].

iii 39'39'

[ú-rak-ki-su ap-ṭur]

iii 40'40'

[ina tam-tim u na-ba-li ger]-⸢re-ti-šú

iii 41'41'

[ma-la ú-ṣab-bi-tu] ap⸣-ti

iii 42'42'

[ma-da-at-ta-šú ka-bit-] am⸣-ḫur-šú

iii 43'43'

[pa-an GIŠ.ŠUDUN-ia ú-ter-ram-ma šal-meš a-tu-ra a-na NINA.KI URU be]-⸢lu⸣-ti-ia

iii 44'44'

[ma-al-ki MURUB₄ tam]-tim

(iii 44') [Rulers (who reside in) the middle of the s]ea [and kings who reside in the] high [mountains saw the might of the]se [deeds of mine and]

iii 45'45'

[u LUGAL.MEŠ a-ši-bu-ti šad-de-e] šá-qu-ti

iii 46'46'

[da-na-an ep-še-ti-ia an-na]-⸢a-ti 16



iii 1''1''

[DUMU.MUNUS.MEŠ ṣi-it lìb-bi-šú]-⸢nu

(iii 1'') [They brought (their) daughters, the]ir [own offspring, to Nineveh to serve as housekeep]ers, [together with a substantial dowry and a lar]ge [marriage gift, and they kisse]d my feet. [I imposed] upon [Mugallu] an [annual] payment of large [horse]s.

iii 2''2''

[it-ti nu-dun--e ma--di ù ter-ḫa-ti ma-]-⸢as⸣-si

iii 3''3''

[a-na e-peš MUNUS.AGRIG]-⸢ú⸣-ti

iii 4''4''

[a-na NINA.KI ú-bi-lu-nim-ma ú-na-áš-ši]-⸢qu GÌR.II-ia

iii 5''5''

e-li [mmu-gal-li ANŠE.KUR.RA].⸢MEŠ GAL.MEŠ

iii 6''6''

ma-da-at-⸢ [šat-ti-šam-ma ú-kin] EDIN⸣--šú

iii 7''7''

ul-tu mia-⸢ki⸣-[in-lu-u LUGAL KUR].ar-ú-a-⸢da

(iii 7'') After Yakī[n-Lû, the king of the land] Arwad, had gone [to] (his) fate, Azi-Baʾal, Abī-Baʾa[l], (and) Adūnī-Baʾal, (iii 10´´) the sons of Yakīn-Lû [who res]id[e in] the middle of the sea, [ca]me up from the middle of the sea, [came] with their su[bstantial] audience gift(s), [and kisse]d my feet. [I l]ooked upon Azi-Baʾal with pl[easure] and [installed him] as king of the land Arw[ad]. (iii 15´´) I clothed Abī-Baʾal (and) Adūnī-[Baʾal in gar]ment(s) with multi-colored trim [and] place[d] gold bracelets (around their wrists). I made [them] stan[d be]fore me.

iii 8''8''

il-li-ku [a-na] šim-ti

iii 9''9''

ma-zi-ba--al ma-bi-ba-⸢⸣-[al m]⸢a⸣-du-ni-ba--al

iii 10''10''

DUMU.MEŠ mia-ki-in-lu-[u a]-⸢šib MURUB₄ tam-tim

iii 11''11''

ul-tu MURUB₄ tam-tim [e]-⸢lu⸣-nim-ma

iii 12''12''

it-ti ta-mar-ti-šú-nu ka⸣-[bit-tu il-lik-ú-nim-ma ú-na-áš-ši]-⸢qu GÌR.II-ia

iii 13''13''

ma-zi-ba--al ḫa-[diš ap]-⸢pa-lis-ma

iii 14''14''

a-na LUGAL-ú-ti⸢ú⸣-[a-da áš-kun]

iii 15''15''

ma-bi-ba--al ma-du-ni-[ba--al] lu⸣-bul-tu bir-me ú-lab-biš-[ma]

iii 16''16''

ḪAR.MEŠ .GI áš-⸢kun [ina] maḫ⸣-ri-ia ul-⸢zis⸣-[su-nu-ti]

iii 17''17''

mgu-ug-gu LUGAL lu⸣-[ud-di]

(iii 17'') (As for) Gyges, the king of (the land) L[ydia] a region on the opposite sho[re of the sea], a remote place, the mention of [whose name] none of the kings, my ancestors, had (ever) heard (iii 20´´) (the god) Aššur, the god [who created me], made [him] see in a dream my royal name. On the (very) day [he saw] thi[s] dream, he sent his mounted messenger to inquire about [my well-being].

iii 18''18''

na-gu-ú šá -ber-[ti A.AB.BA] áš-ru ru⸣-ú-qu

iii 19''19''

ša LUGAL.MEŠ AD.MEŠ-⸢ia la -⸢mu⸣-ú zi-kir [MU-šú]

iii 20''20''

ni-bit LUGAL-ti-ia ina MÁŠ.⸢GI₆

iii 21''21''

ú-šab-ri-[šú-ma] AN.ŠÁR DINGIR [ba-nu-u-a]

iii 22''22''

u₄-mu MÁŠ.GI₆ an-ni-⸢tu [e-mu-ru]

iii 23''23''

.rak-bu-šú -pu-ra ana šá-⸢ʾa-al [šul--ia]

iii 24''24''

.gi-mir-a-a .⸢KÚR [ek-ṣu]

(iii 24'') (As for) the Cimmerians, a [dangerous] enemy who had never feared [my ancestors], and, with regard to me, had not grasped the fee[t of my royal majesty], with the support of (the god) Aššur (and) the goddess Ištar, [my] lo[rds], he (Gyges) clamped (them) in manacles, handcuffs, (and) ne[ck-stocks] and sent (them) be[fore me], together with [his substantial] audience gift(s).

iii 25''25''

ša la ip-tal-la-ḫu [AD.MEŠ-ia]

iii 26''26''

ù ia-a-ti la iṣ-ba-⸢ GÌR⸣.[II LUGAL-ti-ia]

iii 27''27''

ina tukul-ti AN.ŠÁR u d15 EN?⸣.[MEŠ-ia]

iii 28''28''

ina GIŠ.ṣi-iṣ-ṣi šat qa-ti GIŠ.⸢ši⸣-[ga-ri]

iii 29''29''

ú-tam-me-eḫ-ma it-ti ta-mar-⸢ti⸣-[šú ka-bit-ti]

iii 30''30''

ú-še-bi-la a-di maḫ⸣-[ri-ia]

iii 31''31''

[ina] ⸢4-e ger-ri-ia a-na URU⸣.[qir-bít]

(iii 31'') [On] my fourth campaign, [I marched] to the city [Qirbit, which is insi]de (Mount) Ḫarēḫast[a (lit. “the city Ḫarēḫast[a]), since Ta]ndāya, [their city] ru[ler, had] never [bowed down to the yoke of the king]s, my ancestors, [and the people] livin[g in the city Qirbit]

iii 32''32''

[šá ]-⸢reb URU.ḫa-re-e-ḫa-as-⸢ta [lu al-lik]

iii 33''33''

[ša mta]-⸢an⸣-da .⸢EN⸣.[URU-šú-nu]

iii 34''34''

[a-na LUGAL].⸢MEŠ AD.MEŠ-ia la [ik-nu-šú a-na GIŠ.ŠUDUN]

iii 35''35''

[ù UN.MEŠ] a⸣-ši-bu-⸢ti [URU.qir-bít] 17



Column iv
iviv Lacuna


iv 1'1'

[...] PAP? x

(iv 1') [...] ... [...] I did not go [... I to]ok the road [... A]ḫšēri, the king of the land Mannea. [... who] had not bowed down [to the kings], my [ancestor]s, (and) (iv ) [who always answered with] disrespect. [...] the city Arbela [...] he commanded me [... I] said [...] and (iv 10´) [...] of [the land] Mannea [...] ... [...] together. [I] was attentive [... and I mustered] my battle [troops. I] made (them) take the direct road [to conquer the land Mannea].

iv 2'2'

[... a-di a-di?]-⸢ni? la al⸣-la-ku

iv 3'3'

[... m]⸢aḫ⸣-še-⸢e⸣-ri MAN

iv 4'4'

[... aṣ]-⸢ba?⸣-ta ḫar-ra-nu

iv 5'5'

[... AD].MEŠ-⸢ia la-⸢a (erasure) kit-nu-šú

iv 6'6'

[...] da-ṣa-a-ti

iv 7'7'


iv 8'8'

[...] x iq-ba-a

iv 9'9'

[...] aq?⸣-bi-ma

iv 10'10'

[...] x ša [KUR].⸢man⸣-na-a-a

iv 11'11'

[...] x ME NI [(x)] x-nu

iv 12'12'

[...] x a-ḫa-meš

iv 13'13'

[...] at⸣-ta-ʾi-⸢id⸣-[ma]

iv 14'14'

[ad-ke ERIM].⸢MEŠ -⸢ia

iv 15'15'

[a-na ka-šá-ad] ⸣-te-še-ra ḫar-ra-nu

iv 16'16'

[al-lik-ma ]-⸢reb URU.BÀD--šur

(iv 16') [I went and (then) set up camp i]n the city Dūr-Aššur [and pitc]hed my camp (there). [Aḫšēri] heard about [the advance of] my [expeditionary] force and [dispatched] his army. (iv 20´) [During the night, in a] crafty [maneuv]er, they [approach]ed [to do battle, to fight with] my [tro]ops. [My battle troops] fought [with them (and) brought about] their [def]eat. [(Over) an area (the distance of) three leagues march, they filled the] wide [steppe with] their [cor]pses.

iv 17'17'

[-man-nu ad-di-ma áš]-⸢kun ka-ra-ši

iv 18'18'

[maḫ-še-e-ri a-lak ger]-⸢ri-ia -me-ma

iv 19'19'

[ú-ma-ʾe-e-ra] um-man-šú

iv 20'20'

[ina šat mu-ši ina ši]-⸢pir ni-kil-ti

iv 21'21'

[a-na e-peš it]-⸢bu⸣-u-ni

iv 22'22'

[a-na mit-ḫu-ṣi] ERIM⸣.ḪI.A-ia

iv 23'23'

[ERIM.MEŠ -ia it-ti-šú-un] im⸣-da-ḫa-ṣu

iv 24'24'

[-ku-nu] BAD₅⸣.BAD₅-šú-un

iv 25'25'

[ma-lak 3 KASKAL.GÍD A.ŠÀ šal]-⸢ma-a⸣-te-šú-nu

iv 26'26'

[ú-mal-li EDIN] rap⸣-šú 18



iv 1''1''

a-⸢na [ URU tukul-ti-šú]

(iv 1'') He (Aḫšēri) f[led] to [the city Atrāna, a city upon which he relied, (and) took refuge (there). I] surrounded the cities Izir[tu, Urmēte, (and) Uz]bia, [his] for[tified] cities. (iv 5´´) I confined the people livi[ng in tho]se [cities] and (thus) [constrict]ed (and) cut short the[ir] lives. I conquered, destroyed, demolished, (and) burned that district with fire. I laid waste to (an area of) fifteen days march and poured out (over it) the silence (of desolation).

iv 2''2''

in-⸢na⸣-[bit e-ḫu-uz mar--tu]

iv 3''3''

URU.i-zir-[tu URU.ur-me-ia-te]-⸢bi-a

iv 4''4''

URU.MEŠ dan-[nu-ti-šú] al⸣-me

iv 5''5''

UN.MEŠ a-ši-bu-[ti URU.MEŠ šá-a]-⸢tu⸣-nu

iv 6''6''

e-si-ir-ma nap-šat-⸢su⸣-[nu ú-si]-⸢iq ú-kar-ri

iv 7''7''

na-gu-u šu-a-tu ak-šu-ud ap-pul aq-qur

iv 8''8''

ina dGIŠ.BAR aq-mu ma-lak 10 u₄-me 5 u₄-me ú-šaḫ-rib-ma

iv 9''9''

šá-qu-um-ma- at-bu-uk

iv 10''10''

ina me-ti-iq ger-ri-ia URU.MEŠ-ni šá li-me-et URU.pad-di-ri

(iv 10'') In the course of my campaign, I conquered, burned with fire, (and) plundered the cities in the environs of the city Paddiri, which the Manneans had taken away (and) appropriated for themselves in the time of the kings, my ancestors. I returned those cities to the territo[ry of] Assyria.

iv 11''11''

ša ina ter-ṣi LUGAL.MEŠ-ni AD.MEŠ-ia

iv 12''12'' e-ki-mu a-na ra-ma-ni-šú-nu ú-ter-ru

iv 13''13''

ak-šu-ud ina dGIŠ.BAR aq-mu áš-⸢lu-la šal-la-sún

iv 14''14''

URU.MEŠ šá-a-tu-nu a-na mi-⸢ṣir [KUR] -šur.KI ú-ter-ra

iv 15''15''

na-gu-u ša⸢ ša bi-rit URU.a-za-qa-na-ni

(iv 15'') I leve[l]ed (and) burned with fire the district of the city Arsiyaniš, which is between the city Azaqanani [an]d (lit. [o]f”) Mount Ḫarsi, which is before the land of the Kumurdeans, who are in the land Mannea. I killed Rayadišadî, their fortress commander, (and) I plundered it (Arsiyaniš).

iv 16''16''

ša KUR.ḫa-ar-si šá-di-i

iv 17''17''

ša SAG KUR⸣.ku-mu-ur-da-a-a ša -reb

iv 18''18''

as-⸢pu⸣-un ina dGIŠ⸣.BAR aq-mu

iv 19''19''

mra-a-a-⸢di⸣-šá-di-i .GAL ḪAL.ṢU-šú-nu

iv 20''20''

a-duk áš⸣-lu-la šal-lat-su

iv 21''21''

na-gu-u ša URU.⸢e⸣-ri-is-[te]-ia-na ak-šu-ud

(iv 21'') I conquered the district of the city Eris[te]yana, flattened its villages, [bur]ned (them) with fire, (and) plundered (them). With the assault of my battle array, I laid waste to his [district] (and) made his [ent]ire land smaller. I returned safely with muc[h] plunder (and) substantial [boo]ty (and) set foo[t in] Assyrian [terr]itory.

iv 22''22''

URU.MEŠ-šú as-pu-un ina dGIŠ.BAR? [aq]-mu áš-lu-la šal-la-su

iv 23''23''

ina ti-ib -ia [na-gu]-šú ú-šaḫ-rib

iv 24''24''

ú-ṣa-aḫ-ḫi-ir nap⸣-ḫar KUR-šú

iv 25''25''

it-ti ḫu-ub-ti ma--⸢di [šal]-⸢la⸣-ti ka-bit-ti

iv 26''26''

šal-meš a-tu-ra ak-bu-⸢sa [mi]-⸢ṣir KUR -šur.KI

iv 27''27'' URU.LUGAL-iq-[bi]-⸢e

(iv 27'') (As for) the cities Birrūa, Šarru-iq[bi, (and) Gusin]ê, cities that were formerly within [the territory of Assyria] which [the Manneans had taken away] in the time of the kings, [my] ancestors, (iv 30´´) [I conquered] those settlements. [I tore] the land Mannea [apart] from wit[hin]. I carried off t[o Assyria] (their) horses, (their) equipment, (and) [their] impl[ements of war. I reorganized] those cities (and) returned (them) t[o the territory of Assyria].

iv 28''28''

URU.MEŠ maḫ-⸢ru⸣-u-ti ša [mi-ṣir KUR -šur.KI]

iv 29''29''

ša ina ter-ṣi LUGAL.MEŠ AD.⸢MEŠ⸣-[ia e-ki-mu]

iv 30''30''

da-ád-me šá-a-tu-nu [ak-šu-ud]

iv 31''31''

KUR⸣.man-na-a-a ul-tu lìb⸣-[bi as-suḫ] 19

iv 32''32''

ANŠE.KUR.RA.MEŠ GIŠ.til-li ú⸣-[nu-ut -šú-nu]

iv 33''33''

áš-lu-la a⸣-[na KUR -šur.KI]

iv 34''34''

URU.MEŠ šá-a-tu-nu a-⸢na [-šu-ti aṣ-bat]

iv 35''35''

ú-ter-ra a⸣-[na mi-ṣir KUR -šur.KI]

iv 36''36''

maḫ-še-e-ri la [pa-liḫ EN-ti-ia]

(iv 36'') (As for) Aḫšēri, [who did] n[ot fear my lordly majesty], (the god) Aššur (and) the goddess Ištar [placed him in the hands of his servants]. The people of hi[s] land [incited a rebellion against him] (and) th[ey cast his corpse] into a str[eet of his city].

iv 37''37''

AN.ŠÁR d15 [im-nu-šú i-na ŠU.II ARAD.MEŠ-šú]

iv 38''38''

UN.MEŠ KUR-⸢šú [si-ḫu UGU-šú ú-šab-šú-u]

iv 39''39''

ina SILA [URU-šú]

iv 40''40''

id⸣-[du-u ADDA-šu]

iv 41''41''

[EGIR-nu mú-al-li-i DUMU-šú]

(iv 41'') [Afterwards, Uallî, his son, sat on his throne]. He saw [the mig]ht of the deities [šur, Sîn, Šamaš, Bēl (Marduk) and Nabû, I]štar of Ninev[eh, Ištar of Arbela], Ninurta, Nus[ku, (and) Nergal, the great gods], my lords, [and bowed down to my yoke]. For the preservation of [his] (own) life, [he opened up his hands to me] (and) made an appeal to [my lordly majesty]. (iv 50´´) He sent Erisinni, [his] h[eir designate, to Nineveh] and [he kissed my feet]. I had mercy on him. I dispatched [my messenger with (a message of) goodwill to him. He sent me] his daughter, [his] own offspri[ng], to serve as [a housekeeper]. (iv 55´´) (As for) his form[er] payment, [which] they had discontinu[ed in the time of the kings], my ancestors, [they carried (it) before me]. I add[ed] thirty horses [to his for]mer [payment and imposed (it) upon him].

iv 42''42''

[ú-šib ina GIŠ.GU.ZA-šú]

iv 43''43''

[da-na]-⸢an AN⸣.[ŠÁR d30 dUTU dEN u dAG]

iv 44''44''

[d]⸢15⸣ šá NINA⸣.[KI d15 šá LÍMMU-DINGIR.KI]

iv 45''45''


iv 46''46''

EN.MEŠ-ia e-mur-[ma ik-nu-šá a-na GIŠ.ŠUDUN-ia]

iv 47''47''

áš-šú ba-laṭ ZI-⸢⸣-[šú up-na-a-šú ip-ta-a]

iv 48''48''

ú-ṣal-la-a [EN-ú-ti]

iv 49''49''

me-ri-si-in-ni DUMU [-ti-šú a-na NINA.KI]

iv 50''50''

-pur-am-ma [ú-na-áš-ši-qa GÌR.II-ia]

iv 51''51''

re-e-mu ar-ši-šú ⸣.[A KIN-ia šá šul-me]

iv 52''52''

ú-ma-ʾe-er [EDIN--šú]

iv 53''53''

DUMU.MUNUS-su ṣi-it lìb-⸢bi⸣-[šú ú-še-bi-la]

iv 54''54''

a-na e-peš [MUNUS.AGRIG-u-ti]

iv 55''55''

ma-da-at-ta-šú maḫ-⸢ri⸣-[ ša ina ter-ṣi LUGAL.MEŠ]

iv 56''56''

AD.MEŠ-ia ú-šab-ṭi-⸢lu [-šu-u-ni a-di maḫ-ri-ia]

iv 57''57''

30 ANŠE.KUR.RA.MEŠ [UGU ma-da-at-ti-šú]

iv 58''58''

maḫ⸣-ri-ti ú-rad-⸢di⸣-[ma e--is-su]

iv 59''59''

[ina u₄]-⸢me-šú mbi⸣-ri-is-ḫa-⸢at-ri .EN.URU ša mad⸣-[a-a]

(iv 59'') [At] that [ti]me, (as for) Birisḫatri, a city ruler of the Med[es, (and) Sarati] (and) Pariḫi, [two sons of Gagî], a city ruler of the land Saḫi, [who had cast off] the yoke of my lordship, [I conqu]ered (and) plundered [seventy-five of their fortified cities]. I captured [them alive (and) brought (them) to Nineveh], my [capita]l [city].

iv 60''60''

[msar-a-ti] mpa-ri-⸢ḫi

iv 61''61''

[2 DUMU.MEŠ mga-a-gi] ⸣.EN.URUḫi 20

iv 62''62''

[ša iṣ-lu-u] GIŠ⸣.ŠUDUN be-lu-ti-ia

iv 63''63''

[75 URU.MEŠ-šú-nu dan-nu-ti ak-šu]-⸢ud áš⸣-lu-la šal-lat-sún

iv 64''64''

[šá-a-šú-nu bal-ṭu-us-su-nu] ina ŠU.II aṣ-bat

iv 65''65''

[ú-bi-la a-na NINA.KI URU be-lu]-⸢ti⸣-ia

iv 66''66''

[man-da-ri-a .tur-ta-an? KUR].⸢ur⸣-ar-ṭi

(iv 66'') [(As for) Andaria, the field marshal of the land U]rarṭu, [who had advanced (and) marched] during the night [to conquer the land (of the city) Upp]umu [and the city Kull]immeri, [the people livi]ng in the city Kullimmeri, (iv 70´´) [servants who b]elonged to me, [inflicted a] heavy [d]efeat on him [during the night]. They did [not s]pare anyone. They cut off [the head of And]aria and they brought (it) [to Nineveh], before me.

iv 67''67''

[ša a-na ka-šá-ad KUR.up]-⸢pu⸣-um-me [ù URU.kul]-⸢li⸣-im-me-ri

iv 68''68''

[ir-da-a il-li-ka] ⸣-reb mu-ši-ti

iv 69''69''

[UN.MEŠ a-ši-bu]-ti URU.kul-li-im-me-ri

iv 70''70''

[ARAD.MEŠ] da⸣-gíl pa-ni-ia

iv 71''71''

[ina šat mu-ši] di⸣-ik-ta-šú ma--as-su

iv 72''72''

[i-du-ku la] iz⸣-zi-bu a-a-um-ma

iv 73''73''

[SAG.DU man]-⸢da⸣-ri-a ik-ki-su-nim-ma

iv 74''74''

[a-na NINA.KI] i⸣-na maḫ-ri-ia ú-bil-u-ni 21

iv 75''75''

[ina 6-ši ger-ri-ia UGU mur-ta-ki MAN KUR.ELAM.MA.KI lu-u al-lik]

(iv 75'') [On my sixth campaign, I marched against Urtaku, the king of the land Elam who did not remember the kindness of the father who had engendered me (nor) did he respect my friendship]. After [famine occurred] in [the land Elam] (and) [hun]g[er] had set in, (iv 80´´) I sent to him grain, (which) sustains the live(s) of pe[ople], and (thus) held [him] by the han[d]. (As for) his people, who had fled on account of the fam[ine] (and) settled in Assy[ria] until it rain[ed] (again) in his land (and) harve[sts] grew (iv 85´´) I sent those people who had stayed alive in m[y] land (back) to him. But (as for) [the Elamite wh]ose aggression I had [n]ot tho[ught] possible (lit. “I did [n]ot speak [with my heart]) (and) a fight with whom I had [not contemplated (iv 90´´) Bēl-iqīša, the Gambul]ian, Nabû-šuma-ēreš, the šandabakku (governor of Nippur), servant[s] who belonged to me, (and) Marduk-[šuma-ibni, a e]unuch of Urtaku who had sided with them, [incit]ed Urtaku, the king of the land Elam, with lies to fight with the land of Sumer and Akkad.

iv 76''76''

[ša MUN AD -ia la ḫa-as-su la iṣ-ṣu-ru ib-ru-ti]

iv 77''77''

ul-tu ina [KUR.ELAM.MA.KI su-un-qu -ku-nu]

iv 78''78''

ib-ba-šú-⸢ú []-⸢eb?-re⸣-[tu]

iv 79''79''

dnisaba ba-laṭ ZI-tim (erasure?) UN⸣.[MEŠ]

iv 80''80''

ú-še-bil-šu-ma aṣ-bat ŠU.⸢II⸣-[su]

iv 81''81''

UN.MEŠ-šú ša la-pa-an su-⸢un⸣-[]

iv 82''82''

in-nab-tu-nim-ma ú-ši-bu -reb KUR -⸢šur⸣.[KI]

iv 83''83''

a⸣-di zu-un-nu ina KUR-šú iz-⸢nu⸣-[nu]

iv 84''84''

ib⸣-ba-šu-ú e-bu-[ru]

iv 85''85''

UN⸣.MEŠ šá-a-tu-nu ša ina KUR-⸢ia

iv 86''86''

ib-lu-ṭu ú-še-bil-šú-ma

iv 87''87''

[.e-la-mu-ú] šá ti-bu-us-su

iv 88''88''

[it-ti lìb-bi-ia] la da-ab-ba-ku

iv 89''89''

[la ḫa-as-sa]-ku ṣe-let-su

iv 90''90''

[mEN-BA-šá KUR.gam-bu-la]-⸢a⸣-a mdAG-MU-URU₄- ..EN.NA

iv 91''91''

ARAD⸣.[MEŠ] da-gíl pa-ni-ia

iv 92''92''

mdAMAR.⸢UTU⸣-[MU- ].⸢šu⸣-ut SAG ša mur-ta-ki

iv 93''93''

ša it-ti-⸢šú-nu -ku-nu pi-i-šú

iv 94''94''

a-na mit-ḫu-ṣi KUR EME.GI₇ u KUR URI.KI

iv 95''95''

ina pi-ir-ṣa-a-ti [id]-⸢ku⸣-u-ni mur-ta-ku MAN KUR.ELAM.MA.⸢KI

iv 96''96''

mur-ta-ku ša la ag-ru-šú qa-bal-šú id-⸢ka⸣-[a]

(iv 96'') Urtaku, whom I had not antagonized, set his attack in mo[tion] (and) has[tily brought war] to Karduniaš (Babylonia). On account of the assault of the E[lamite, a messenger] c[ame t]o Nineveh [and told me (the news). I was not concerned about this news of Urtaku’s assault. (v 1) (Because) he had regularly sent his envoys (with messages) of peac]e before me, [I dispatch]ed [my messenger to see the king of] the land Elam. (v 5) [He went] quickly, [returned, and reported] to me [an ac]curate report, [saying: “The Elamites cover the land Akka]d, all of it, [like a sw]arm of locusts. [Against Babylon, (his) cam]p is pitched and (his) military camp is laid.”

iv 97''97''

a-na KUR.kár-ddun-ía-àš ur-⸢ri⸣-[ḫa ta-ḫa-zu]

iv 98''98''

áš-šú ti-bu-ut .⸢e⸣-[la-me-e]

iv 99''99''

[.A KIN a]-⸢na NINA⸣.KI il⸣-[lik-am-ma]

iv 100''100''

[iq-ba-a ia-a-ti a-ma-ti šá-a-ti-na ša ti-bu-ut]

iv 101''101''

[mur-ta-ki ul áš-du-ud ina lìb-bi-ia]

Column v
v 1v 1

[šu-ut .EDIN.MEŠ-šú šá su-lum-me]-⸢e

v 22

[-ta-nap-pa-ra ina] maḫ-ri⸣-ia

v 33

[a-na a-mar LUGAL] KUR⸣.ELAM.MA.KI

v 44

[.A KIN-ia ú-ma-ʾe]-⸢er ḫa-an-ṭiš

v 55

[il-lik i-tu-ram-ma a-ma-a-ti ka-a]-a-ma-na-a-ti

v 66

[ú-šá-an-na-a] ia-a-ti

v 77

[um-ma .e-la-mu-ú GIM] ti⸣-bu-ut BURU₅.ḪI.A

v 88

[ka-tim KUR] URI⸣.KI ka-li-šá

v 99

[ṣe-er .DINGIR.RA.KI -man]-⸢nu šá-kin-ma na-di ma-dak-

v 1010

[a-na na-ra-ru-ti d]⸢EN u dAG EN.MEŠ-ia

(v 10) [To aid the gods ]l (Marduk) and Nabû, lords of mine [who]se divinity [I constantly revered, I mustered my battle troops and] set out on the road. He heard about [the advance of my expeditionary force] and (then) [fear overwhelmed him and he returned] to his (own) land. (v 15) [I went after him] (and) brought about his [defea]t. [I drove him away as far as the b]order of his land.

v 1111

[ša ap-tal-la-ḫu] DINGIR-us-su-un

v 1212

[ERIM.MEŠ -ia ad-ke-e-ma] aṣ⸣-ba-ta ḫar-ra-nu

v 1313

[a-lak ger-ri-ia] -me-ma

v 1414

[ḫat-tu is-ḫup-šú-ma i-tur] a⸣-na KUR-šú

v 1515

[EGIR-šú aṣ-bat a-bi-ik]-⸢ta⸣-šú áš-kun

v 1616

[aṭ-ru-us-su a-di] mi⸣-ṣir KUR-šú

v 1717

[mur-ta-ku LUGAL KUR.ELAM.MA.KI ša la iṣ]-⸢ṣu⸣-ru ib-ru-ti

(v 17) [(As for) Urtaku, the king of the land Elam who had not respe]cted my friendship, [whom de]ath called [on a day (that was) not his fate, who came to an end] (and) withered away [while wailing] he [n]o (longer) set [foot upon the land of the living. In that year, his life came to an end (and) he passed a]way.

v 1818

[ina u₄-me la šim-ti-šú mu]-⸢ú⸣- ú-gar-ru-u

v 1919

[ina ta--ḫi iq-tu]-⸢ú i-zu-bu

v 2020

[ina qaq-qar ba-la-ṭi GÌR.II-šú] ul -⸢kun

v 2121

[ina MU.AN.NA-šú na-piš-ta-šú iq-ti il-lik] nam⸣-mu-ši-šú

v 2222

[mEN-BA-šá KUR.gam-bu]-⸢la-a-a

(v 22) [(As for) Bēl-iqīša, a Gambu]lian [who had cast off the yoke of] my [lord]ship, [he laid down (his) l]ife [through the bite of] a mouse.

v 2323

[ša iṣ-lu-u GIŠ.ŠUDUN be]-⸢lu⸣-ti-ia

v 2424

[ina ni-šik] PÉŠ [-ta-kan] na⸣-piš-

v 2525

[md]⸢AG⸣-MU-KAM- .⸢⸣.[EN.NA la na]-⸢ṣir a-de-e

(v 25) [(As for) N]abû-šuma-ēreš, the ša[ndabakku (governor of Nippur) who did not hono]r (my) treaty, he suffered from dro[ps]y, (that is) [fu]ll water.”

v 2626

-ši a-ga-⸢nu⸣-[til-la]-⸢a A.MEŠ [ma]-⸢lu⸣-ú-ti

v 2727

mdAMAR.UTU-MU- ⸣.[šu-ut] SAG⸣-šú mu-⸢šad-bi⸣-ib-šú

(v 27) (As for) Marduk-šuma-ibni, his (Urtaku’s) [eunu]ch, the instigator who [had incited] Urtaku to [pl]ot evil (deeds), the god [Marduk, the king of] the gods, imposed his [grievo]us punishment upon him.

v 2828

ša ḪUL- ú⸣-[šak-pi]-⸢du a-na mur-ta⸣-ki

v 2929

e--is-su d⸣[AMAR.UTU LUGAL] DINGIR.MEŠ še-er-⸢ta⸣-[šú GAL]-tu

v 3030

ina 1-et MU.AN.⸢NA [-eḫ-ret] a-ḫa-meš -ku-nu na-⸢piš-

(v 30) Within one yea[r], they (all) laid down (their) live(s) [at the same] time. The [angry] heart of (the god) [šur] had not relented against the[m], nor [had the moo]d of the goddess Ištar, who had encouraged me, [become tranquil towards them]. They overthrew [hi]s [royal dynasty]. They made somebody else assume [dominion over the land Elam].

v 3131

lìb-bi AN⸣.[ŠÁR ag-gu] ul i-nu-uḫ-šú-nu-⸢ti

v 3232

ul [ip-šaḫ-šú-nu-ti ka-bat]-⸢ti d15 šá ú-tak-kil-an-ni

v 3333

[BALA-e LUGAL-ti]-⸢šú -ki-pu

v 3434

[be-lut KUR.ELAM.MA.KI] ú-šal⸣-qu-u šá-nam-ma

v 3535

EGIR m⸣[te-um-man] tam-šil GAL₅.

(v 35) Afterwards, [Teumman], the (very) image of a gallû-demon, sat [on the throne of Urtaku]. He constantly sought ou[t evil (ways)] to kil[l the children of Urtaku] and the childre[n of Ummanaldašu (Ḫumban-ḫaltaš II)], the brother of Urtaku. (v 40) Ummanigaš, Ummanappa, (and) Tammarī[tu] the sons of Urtaku, the king of the land Elam Kudurru (and) Parrû the sons of Ummanaldašu (Ḫumban-ḫaltaš II), the king who came before Urtaku together with sixty members of the royal (family), countless archers, (and) nobles of the land Elam fled to me before Teumman’s slaughtering and grasped the feet of my royal majesty.

v 3636

ú-šib [ina GIŠ.GU.ZA mur-ta-ki]

v 3737

a-na da-a-⸢ki [DUMU.MEŠ mur-ta-ki]

v 3838

ù DUMU.⸢MEŠ [mum-man-al-da-a-še]

v 3939

ŠEŠ mur-ta-⸢ki -te--ʾa⸣-[a MUNUS.ḪUL]

v 4040

mum-man-i-gaš mum-man-ap-pa mtam-ma-ri⸣-[]

v 4141


v 4242

mku-dúr-ru mpa-ru-ú DUMU.MEŠ mum-man-al-da-a-še

v 4343

LUGAL a-lik pa-ni mur-ta-ki

v 4444


v 4545


v 4646

šá la-pa-an da-a-ki mte-um-man in-nab-tu-nim-ma

v 4747

iṣ-ba-tu GÌR.II.MEŠ LUGAL⸣-ti-ia

v 4848

ina 7-e ger-ri-ia UGU mte-um-man

(v 48) On my seventh campaign, I marched against Teumman, the king of the land Elam who had regularly sent his envoys to me concerning Ummanigaš, Ummanappa, (and) Tammarītu the sons of Urtaku, the king of the land Elam (and) Kudurru (and) Parrû the sons of Ummanaldašu (Ḫumban-ḫaltaš II), the brother of Urtaku, (former) king of the land Elam (asking me) to send (back) (v 55) those people who had fled to me and grasped my feet. I did not grant him their extradition. Concerning the aforementioned, he sent insults monthly by the hands of Umbadarâ and Nabû-damiq. (v 60) Inside the land Elam, he was bragging in the midst of his troops, saying: “I will not stop until I go (and) do battle [w]ith him.” [As fo]r these insolent words [that T]eumman had spoken, (v 65) they [repo]rted (this) news to me. [I trusted in the deities Aššu]r, Sîn, Šamaš, Bēl (Marduk) and Nabû, [Ištar of Ninev]eh, (and) Ištar of Arbela, who had encouraged me. I did not comply with [the utterance(s) of] his provocative [spee]ch (lit. [mou]th”). [I did not give him] those [fug]itives.

v 4949

LUGAL KUR.ELAM.MA.KI lu-u al-lik

v 5050

ša UGU mum-man-i-gaš mum-man-ap-pa

v 5151

mtam-ma-ri- DUMU.MEŠ mur-ta-ki LUGAL KUR.ELAM.MA.KI

v 5252

mku-dúr-ru mpa-ru-u DUMU.MEŠ mum-man-al-da-a-še

v 5353


v 5454

.EDIN⸣.MEŠ-šú -ta-nap-pa-ra a-na še-bu-li

v 5555

UN.MEŠ šá-a-tu-nu šá in-nab-tu-nim-ma

v 5656

iṣ-ba-tu GÌR.⸢II⸣-ia še-bul-šú-nu ul aq-bi-šú

v 5757

ina muḫ-ḫi me-re-eḫ-e-ti

v 5858

ina ŠU.II mum-ba-da-ra-a ù mdAG-SIG₅-iq

v 5959

-⸢ta⸣-nap-pa-ra ar-ḫi-šam

v 6060

-⸢reb KUR.ELAM.MA.KI -tar-ra-aḫ ina UKKIN ERIM.ḪI.A-šú

v 6161

um-⸢ma ul ú-maš-šar a-di al-la-ku 22

v 6262

it⸣-ti-šú ep-pu-šú mit-ḫu-ṣu-

v 6363

UGU a-ma-a-ti an-na-a-ti

v 6464

[ša m]⸢te⸣-um-man iq-bu-ú

v 6565

[ú-šá]-⸢an⸣-nu-u-ni ṭè-e-mu

v 6666

[at-kil a-na AN].⸢ŠÁR d30 dUTU dEN u dAG

v 6767

[d15 šá] NINA⸣.KI d15 šá URU.LÍMMU-DINGIR šá ú-tak-kil-u-in-ni

v 6868

[-bit pi]-⸢i⸣-šú er-ḫu ul am-gúr

v 6969

[ul a-din-šú] mun⸣-nab-ti šá-a-tu-nu

v 7070

[mte-um-man le-mut]-⸢tu -te--ʾi-i

(v 70) [Teumman] constantly sought out [evi]l (deeds), (but) [the god Sîn (also) sought out] inauspicious omens [for hi]m. [In the month Duʾūzu (IV), an eclipse (of the moon)] lasted longer than [the third watch of the nig]ht, until daylight, [the god Šamaš saw it, and] it lasted [like] this the entire day, (thus signifying) [the en]d of the reign of Teumman, the king of the land Elam, (and) [the destruction of] his land.

v 7171

[d30 -te--ʾa]-⸢šú GIŠKIM.MEŠ le-mut-ti

v 7272

[ina ITI.ŠU AN.MI šat ur]-⸢ri EN ZÁLAG -ta-ni-iḫ-ma

v 7373

[dUTU IGI-šú-ma ki-ma] šu-a⸣-tu-ma kal u₄-me -ta-ni-iḫ

v 7474

[a-na ]-⸢it BALA.MEŠ mte-um-man LUGAL KUR.ELAM.MA.KI

v 7575

[ZÁḪ] KUR⸣-šú ú-kal-lim-an-ni

(v 75b) [“The Fruit” (the god Sîn)] revealed to me his decision, which cannot be changed. A[t] that time, a mishap befell him: His l[i]p became paralyzed, his eyes turned back, and a seizure had taken place inside him. He was not ashamed by these measures that the god Sîn and the goddess Ištar had taken against him, (and) he mustered his troops.

v 7676

[GURUN] .BAR-šú šá la in-nen-nu-ú

v 7777

ina u₄-me-šú mi-iḫ-ru im-ḫur-šú-ma

v 7878

NUNDUM⸣-su uk-tam-bil-ma IGI.II-šú is-ḫur-ma

v 7979

ga-ba-ṣu -šá-kin ina lìb-bi-šá

v 8080

it-⸢ti ep-še-e-ti an-na-a-ti

v 8181

ša d30 u d15 e-pu-šu- 23

v 8282

ul i-ba-áš id-ka-a ERIM.ḪI.A-šú

v 8383

ina ITI.NE ITI na-an-mur-ti MUL.PAN

(v 83) During the month Abu (V) the month of the heliacal rising of the Bow Star, the festival of the honored queen, the daughter of the god Enlil (the goddess Ištar) (v 85) to revere her great divinity, I resided in the city Arbela, the city that her heart loves, (when) they reported to me news concerning an Elamite attack, which he (Teumman) had started against me without divine approval, saying: (v 90) “Teumman, who[se] ju[dgement] the goddess Ištar had clouded (lit. “altered”), [spok]e as follo[ws, (the words) th]at he had said, saying: ‘I [will] not [stop until I go] (and) do [battle] with him.’”

v 8484

i-sin-ni šar-ra-ti ka-bit-ti DUMU.MUNUS dEN.LÍL

v 8585

a-na pa-làḫ DINGIR-ti-šá GAL-ti

v 8686

áš-ba-ak ina URU.LÍMMU-DINGIR URU na-ram lìb-bi-šá

v 8787

áš-šú ti-bu-ut .e-la-me-e šá ba-lu DINGIR.MEŠ

v 8888

it-ba-a ú-šá-an-nu-u-ni ṭè-e-mu

v 8989

um-ma mte-um-man ki-a-⸢am [iq]-⸢bi

v 9090

ša d15 ú-šá-an-nu-u mi⸣-[lik ṭè-me-šú]

v 9191

ša iq⸣-bu-u um-ma ul ú⸣-[maš-šar a-di al-la-ku] 24

v 9292

it-ti-šú ep⸣-pu-⸢šú [mit-ḫu-ṣu-]

v 9393

šu-ut me-re-⸢eḫ-ti [an-ni-te]

(v 93) On account of [these] insolent words that Teumman h[ad spoken], I made an appeal to the sublime heroic [goddess Ištar]. I stood before her, knelt do[wn at her feet], (and) made an appeal to her divinity, while [my tears] were flo[wing], saying:

v 9494

ša mte-um-man iq⸣-[bu-u]

v 9595

am-ḫur šá-qu- qa-rit-⸢ [d-tar]

v 9696

az-zi-iz a-na tar-ṣi-šá ak--[is šá-pal-šá]

v 9797

DINGIR-us-sa ú-sap-pa-a il-⸢la⸣-[ka di-ma-a-a]

v 9898