• SAA 10 160


  • CDLI P237220
  • BM —
  • K 03034 + K 07655 (+) K 05440a + 1882-05-22, 0123
  • CT 54 057+



  • Neo-Assyrian
  • Kuyunjik (Nineveh)
  • Scholarly Letter
  • from astrologers


LAS 031; SAA 10, 001

SAA 10 160. Twenty Able Scholars, Fit for Royal Service (CT 54 057+) [from astrologers] [via SAAO/SAA10]

o 1o 1

[a-na] LUGAL KUR.KUR LUGAL dan-nu LUGAL kiš-šat be--šú

(1) [To the ki]ng of the lands, the strong king, the king of the world, his lord: your servant Marduk-šapik-zeri, the dead body, the leprous skull, the constricted breath whom the king, my lord, raised up and appointed from among corpses. May I die as the substitute of the king, my lord! May Nabû and Marduk bless the lord of kings, my lord!

o 22

ARAD-ka mdAMAR.UTUDUBNUMUN .pa-ag-ru mi-i-ti gul-gul-lu

o 33

gur-ru-ṣu ZI-tim si-iq-ti šá ul-tu bi-rit .ÚŠ-MEŠ LUGAL EN-a

o 44

iz-qu-⸢pan⸣-ni-ma ip--dan-nu a-na di-na-an LUGAL EN-ía lul-lik

o 55

dAG u dAMAR.UTU a-na EN LUGAL-MEŠ EN-ía lik-ru-bu

o 66

a-du-ú 02 MU.AN.NA-MEŠ ṣab-ta-ku-ma ina pu-luḫ-ti LUGAL EN-ía

(6) I have now been kept in confinement for two years and, for fear of the king, my lord, though there have been good and bad portents for me to observe in the sky, I have not dared to report them to the king, my lord.

o 77

ki-i GISKIM-MEŠ SIG₅-MEŠ u la SIG₅-MEŠ i-ba-áš-šú-ú

o 88

ina AN-e am-ma-ru pal-ḫa-ak-ma a-na LUGAL EN-ía ul a-šap-par

o 99

en-na a-du-ú ki-i ap-la-ḫu um-ma a-na ḫi-ṭi-ia

(9) Now, however, afraid that it might turn into my fault, I have decided to write to the king, my lord.

o 1010

la i-ta-ri a-du-ú ana LUGAL EN-ía al-tap-ra

o 1111

1 MUL.SAG.ME.GAR ina še-er-ti ik-tu-un LUGAL-MEŠ KÚR-MEŠ SILIM-MEŠ

(11) If Jupiter becomes steady in the morning: enemy kings will make peace; one king will send peaceful messages to another.

o 1212

    LUGAL ana LUGAL         SILIM-ma     KIN-⸢ár

o 1313


(13) If Auriga carries radiance: the foundation of the king's throne will be everlasting.

o 1414


(14) If Jupiter stands in Pisces: the Tigris and the Euphrates will be filled with silt. Idim (means) "silt," idim (means) "spring," diri (means) "to be full: there will be prosperity and abundance in the land.

o 1515

  sa-ki-ki DIRI-MEŠ : IDIM : sa-ki-ki : IDIM : nag-⸢bi : DIRI [ma-lu]-⸢ú

o 1616

  ḪÉ.⸢NUN u ḪÉ.GÁL.⸢LA ina KUR [o] GÁL-ši

o 1717

[x x x x x x x x x x SILIM]-⸢ma KIN-ár

(17) [If ...... ......] will send [peacef]ul messages [to ...].

o 1818

[x x x x x x x x x x x x] GÁL-ši

(18) [If ...... ......] there will be [...].

o 1919

[x x x x x x x x x x x] me-le-ṣa IGI-mar

(19) [If ...... ......] will experience joy

o 2020

[x x x x x x x x x x x] DÙG-ab

(20) [...... ......] will be happy.

o 2121

[1 MUL.UR.MAḪ MUL-MEŠ-šú ul-tap]-⸢pu-ú 3.20 KI DU-ku NÍG.È

(21) [If the stars of Leo ...]: the king will be victorious wherever he goes.

o 2222

[x x x x x x x x]+⸢x ? GÁL-ši : : ta-ḫa-zi

(22) [......]: there will be battle. Me (means) battle.

o 2323

[x x x x x x x x]+⸢x⸣-ri : UR.MAḪ : -e-šú MUL.LUGAL BU

(23) [......] Urmah (means) "lion"; Regulus is bright.

o 2424

[x x x x x x x x]+⸢x⸣-šu-ú da-na-nu LUGAL SU.BIR₄.KI

(24) [......] strengthening of the king of Subartu

o 2525

[x x x x x x x] KÚR*-MEŠ-šú [ina] GIŠ⸣.TUKUL* ú-šam-qát

(25) [If ......: the king of ... will become strong] and overthrow his enemies [in all lands] in battle.

o 2626

[x x x x x x x x x x x x x]+⸢x a-mu-ru

(26) [......] I saw

o 2727

[x x x x x]+⸢x [x x x ina pu]-⸢luḫ⸣-ti LUGAL

(27) [...... being afra]id of the king

o 2828

[x x x x]+⸢x⸣-ia x⸣+[x x x x x x x]-⸢e

(28) my [......]

o 2929

[x x x]-MEŠ ana ki-it-[ti x x x x x x x x]+⸢x

(29) [...] in tru[th ......]

o 3030

[x x] al⸣-tap-ra a-du-⸢ú [x x x x]+⸢x x x [x x x]

(30) I wrote [...]. Now then [......]

o 3131

[x] x x šá-ma-al-lu-ta-a x⸣+[x x]+⸢x x x x LUGAL EN-a li-⸢mu⸣-[ur]

(31) [...] my apprenticeship. Let the king, my lord, see [...]; let me die of the sword of the king, my lord, but let me not die in imprisonment and hunger!

o 3232

ina GÍR.AN.BAR šá LUGAL EN-ía lu-[mu]-ut ina ṣib-te-e-ti u bu-bu-

o 3333

la a-ma-a-ti LUGAL EN-a re⸣-[šá]-a liš-ši-ma ki-i šá mi-tu-tu

(33) Let the king, my lord, summon me, and if I am to die, let me die; if I am to live, let me keep watching the stars of the sky, and if there is a portent that I see, let me report it to the lord of kings, my [lord].

o 3434

a-na-ku lu-mu-ut ki-i šá ba⸣-[la]-ṭu a-na-ku ma-aṣ-ṣar-ti

o 3535

MUL-MEŠ AN-e lu-us-⸢ṣur⸣-[ma] ki-i GISKIM i-ba-áš*-šú*-ú*

o 3636

a-ta-mar a-na EN LUGAL-⸢MEŠ [EN]-⸢ía lu--pu-ra dul-la šá AD-ía

(36) I fully master my father's profession, the discipline of lamentation; I have studied and chanted the Series. I am competent in [...], 'mouth-washing,' and purification of the palace [...]. I have examined healthy and sick flesh.

o 3737

ka-lu-ú-tu ug-⸢dam⸣-[mir-ma] ⸣-ka-ru un-der-ri-ir

o 3838

az-za-mur ina ŠÀ-bi [x x x x]+⸢x mi-ispi-i tak-pir-ti

o 3939

É.KUR a-le-⸢ʾe⸣-[e x x x x]+⸢x UZU DI GIG un-der-ri-ir

o 4040

1 UDANdEN.LÍL [x x x x al]-⸢ta⸣-si MUL-MEŠ AN-e uṣ-⸢ṣab*⸣-bi

(40) I have read the (astrological omen series) Enūma Anu Enlil [...] and made astronomical observations. I have read the (anomaly series) Šumma izbu, the (physiognomical works) [Kataduqqû, Alandi]mmû and Nigdimdimmû, [... and the (terrestrial omen series) Šum]ma ālu.

o 4141

BEiz*-bu* [x x x (x) 1 ALAM].⸢DÍM⸣-mu-ú 1 NÍG.DÍM.DÍM-mu-ú

o 4242

x⸣+[x x x x x x x 1—URU]—⸢ina⸣—SUKUDGAR al-ta-si

o 4343

[x x x x x x x x x x x x] al⸣-mad ina GIŠ.MI LUGAL EN-ia

(43) [All this I lear]ned [in my youth]. Under the aegis of the king, my lord, I have perfected my [...], and [......]. I am competent in the profession of my father; [let the lord of kings] do [......].

o 4444

[x x x x x x x x x x x x]-e-a ug-dam-mir ù

o 4545

[x x x x x x x x x x x] dul⸣-lu šá AD-ía a-le-ʾe-e

o 4646

[x x x x x x x x x x x]+⸢x li-pu-

o 4747

[x x x x x x x .ŠÁMAN.-MEŠ] šá it-ti-ía li-gìn-nu [x x x x x x x x x il]-su-ú i⸣-ba-áš-ši ina ŠÀ-bi-šú-nu

(47) Among the [...... apprentices] who studied with me [in ......], there are [......] who [have returned] from Elam, [scribes, chanters], exorcists, haruspices, and physicians; [I shall gather them] and give them [to the king], my lord.

o 4848

[x x x x x x x x x x x]-áš-šú šá ul-tu KUR.NIM.MA.KI

b.e. 49b.e. 49


b.e. 5050

[ú-šá-aṣ-bat-ma a-na LUGAL] EN⸣-ía a-nam-din

r 1r 1

[mx x x šá] ul⸣-tu KUR.NIM.MA.KI i-bi-ra ba-ru-ti

(r 1) [NN] has crossed over from Elam; [he fully masters] extispicy and is an expert in [Enūma A]nu Enlil, ancient and Sumerian hermeneutics [and the secrets of heaven and e]arth; he is useful to the king, my lord.

r 22

[ug-dam-mir? 1 UD]—⸢AN⸣—dEN.LÍL UD.UL..A pa-ni u šu-me-ri

r 33

[pi-riš-ti AN-e u] KI⸣.TIM i-le-ʾe-e a-na LUGAL EN-ía ṭa-a-bu

r 44

[mx x x x x]+⸢x⸣-MEŠ .MAŠ.MAŠ ḫal-qu šá KUR-šur.KI šu-ú

(r 4) [NN], an exorcist, is a refugee from Assyria; he is useful to the king, my lord.

r 55

a-⸢na [LUGAL EN-ía ṭa-a]-bu md30—ŠEŠšub-ši .MAŠ.MAŠ a-na LUGAL

(r 5) Sin-aha-šubši, an exorcist, is us[eful] to the king, my lord.

r 66

EN-ía ṭa⸣-[a-bu md]⸢AMAR⸣.UTUŠEŠ-ir -ka-ru ka-lu-ú-tu ug-dam-mir

(r 6) Marduk-naṣir fully masters the Series and the discipline of lamentation; [he is usef]ul to the king, [my lo]rd.

r 77

a-na LUGAL EN⸣-[ía ṭa-a]-⸢bu mdNIN.GIŠ.ZI.DA—⸢EN?KUR? ka-lu-⸢ú⸣-tu

(r 7) Ningišzida-bel-mati fully masters the discipline of lamentation; he is useful [to the ki]ng, my lord.

r 88

ug-dam-mir [a-na] LUGAL EN-ía ṭa-a-bu mdNIN.GIŠ.ZI.DAiq-bi

(r 8) The apprentice Ningišzida-iqbi fully masters [...] the discipline of lamentation; he is useful to the king, my lord.

r 99

.ŠÁMAN.-ú x⸣+[x x] ka-lu-ú-tu ug-dam-mir a-na LUGAL

r 1010

EN-ía ṭa-a-⸢bu [m]aq-re-e-a ḫal-qu šá KUR-šur.KI

(r 10) Aqrea is a refugee from Assyria; he has brandmarks on his face and wrists but is a very competent exorcist, and is useful to the king, my lord.

r 1111

šu-ú pa-ni-šú u rit⸣-ti-šú šaṭ-ru a-ši-pu-ú-tu ma--diš

r 1212

i-le-ʾe-e a-⸢na LUGAL EN⸣-[ía o] ṭa-a-bu

r 1313

mNÍG.GUB ḫal-qu šá KUR-[šur.KI šu-ú ba-ru-ti] i-le-ʾe-e

(r 13) Kudurru [is] a refugee from Ass[yria]; he is a competent [haruspex] and has read exorcism and scribal lore; he is use[ful to the king], my lord.

r 1414

a-ši-pu-ú-tu ṭup-<šar>-⸢ru⸣-[tu il-ta-si a-na LUGAL] EN-⸢ía ṭa⸣-[a-bu]

r 1515

mdENri-man-ni DUMU-šú [x x x x x x x x x]

(r 15) His son Bel-rimanni [......]; he is useful [to] the king, my lord.

r 1616

[a]-⸢na LUGAL EN-ía ṭa-a-bu [mx x x x x x x x x x]

(r 16) [NN ......] is a competent [harusp]ex, [useful to the king, my lord.]

r 1717

[ba-ru?]-ti i-le-⸢ʾe⸣-[e a-na LUGAL EN-ía ṭa-a-bu]

r 1818

[x x x x]+⸢x [x x x x x x] x x ŠEŠ x [x x]

(r 18) [NN ......] ... [......]; he is useful [to the king], my lord.

r 1919

[x x x x x x x x x x a-na LUGAL] EN-ía ṭa-a-bu

r 2020

[mx x x x x x x x a-na LUGAL EN]-⸢ía ṭa-a-bu

(r 20) [NN ......]; he is useful [to the king, m]y [lord].

r 2121

[mx x x x x x x x x x x x] i-le-ʾe-e

(r 21) [NN ...] is a competent [... and has read] the vast lore of [...]; he is useful to the king, my lord].

r 2222

[x x x x x x x x x x x x]-ú-tu DAGAL-tim

r 2323

[il-ta-si a-na LUGAL EN-ía ṭa-a-bu m]dAGMUSUM-na DUMU-šú

(r 23) His son Nabû-šuma-iddin [......]; he is useful [to the ki]ng, my lord.

r 2424

[x x x x x x x x a-na] LUGAL EN-ía ṭa-a-bu

r 2525

[mx x x x x x x x x x] šu⸣-ú NA₄.NA..A-MEŠ

(r 25) [NN] is [a refugee from Assyria; he ......] stelae and is useful [to the king, m]y [lord].

r 2626

[x x x x x x x a-na LUGAL EN]-⸢ía ṭa-a-bu

r 2727

[mx x x x x x x x ug-dam]-mir šu-ú a-di .qin-ni-šú

(r 27) [NN] fully masters [...]; he and his family are ......] useful [to the ki]ng, my lord.

r 2828

[x x x x x x a-na] LUGAL EN-ía DÙG.⸢GA [md]⸢AG*⸣—NÍG.⸢GUB*⸣—PAB

(r 28) His son Nabû-kudurri-uṣur [is a compet]ent chanter, useful to the king, my lord.

r 2929

DUMU-šú ka-lu-tu [i-le-ʾe]-⸢e a-na LUGAL EN-⸢ía DÙG.GA

r 3030

mla-a-ba-ši -ka-⸢ru a-ši-pu-ú⸣-tu i*-le*⸣-[ʾe]-⸢e a-na LUGAL EN-ia             ṭa-a-⸢bu

(r 30) La-baši is proficient in the Series and exorcism, he is useful to the king, my lord.

r 3131

mNÍG.GUB ba-ru-ti i-le-ʾe-e -ka-⸢ru UDANdEN.LÍL

(r 31) Kudurru is proficient in extispicy and has read Enūma Anu Enlil; he is useful to the king, my lord.

r 3232

il-ta⸣-si a-na LUGAL EN-ia ṭa-⸢a-bu

r 3333

mŠEŠ—⸢šub⸣-ši .a-su-u ma--diš i-le-ʾe-e

(r 33) Aha-šubši is a very able physician; he is useful to (the king) my lord.

r 3434

a-na <LUGAL> EN-ia             ṭa-a-bu

r 3535

PAB 20 UM.ME.A-MEŠ le-ʾu-ú-tu ṣi-ḫi-it-ti LUGAL

(r 35) In all twenty able scholars worth royal desire who will be useful to the king, my lord, and are guaranteed to meet the king my lord's desire. I shall gather them and give them to the king, my lord.

r 3636

šá ana LUGAL EN-ía ṭa-a-bi pu-ut ṣi-ḫi-it⸣-ti LUGAL [EN-ía]

r 3737

i-na-áš-šú-ú ú-šá-aṣ-⸢bat-ma ana LUGAL EN-ía a-nam-din

r 3838

pa-ag-ru mi-i-ti a-na-ku IGI-MEŠ? šá LUGAL EN-ía lu-mur

(r 38) I am a dead body. Let me behold the face of the king, my lord, and die.

r 3939

            ù lu-mu-ut [o]

Adapted from Simo Parpola, Letters from Assyrian and Babylonian Scholars (State Archives of Assyria, 10), 1993. Lemmatised by Mikko Luukko, 2016, as part of the research programme of the Alexander von Humboldt Chair in the Ancient History of the Near and Middle East at LMU Munich (Karen Radner, Humboldt Professorship 2015). The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as