• SAA 10 241




  • Neo-Assyrian
  • Kuyunjik (Nineveh)
  • Scholarly Letter
  • from exorcists


LAS 031; SAA 10, 001

SAA 10 241. Gripped by Agues (ABL 0019) [from exorcists] [via SAAO/SAA10]

o 1o 1

a-na LUGAL be--ia

(1) To the king, my lord: your servant Marduk-šakin-šumi. Good health to the king, my lord! May Nabû and Marduk bless the king, my lord!

o 22


o 33

lu-u DI-mu a-na LUGAL EN-ía

o 44

dPA u dAMAR.UTU a-na LUGAL EN-ía

o 55

lik-ru-bu ina UGU ka-ra-ri

(5) Concerning the application of the ṣillibānu-treatment about which the king, my lord, said: "It is very hot"

o 66

ša ṣil-li-ba-a-ni ša LUGAL

o 77

be- iq-bu-u-ni ma-a ṣa-ri-iḫ

o 88

adan-niš lu ṣa-ri-iḫ

(8) it must be hot; why (else) are we doing this? Did he not (intend) heat, (when) he said "It should make him sweat?" But why is he seized by ague, through it is early summer? This does not make any sense. It is work of the gods.

o 99

a-ni-in-nu-ma ba-si -i-ni

o 1010

-ep-pa-áš la-a šu-

o 1111

ṣu-ur-ḫe-e ma-a zu-ú-

o 1212

ina ŠÀ-bi li-ik-ru-ra

o 1313

ku-ṣu-um-ma a-ta-a

o 1414

i-ṣa-bat-su la ḫar-pi-i

o 1515


r 1r 1

an-ni-i la mit-ḫur šu-u

r 22

šu-ú DINGIR-MEŠ-ni e-pu-šú

r 33

ù ina UGU ṭur-ri

(r 3) And concerning the string of (amulet) stones what the king, my lord, said is quite correct. Did I not tell the king, my lord, (already) in the enemy country that they are unsuited to Assyria? Now we shall stick to the methods transmitted to the king, my lord, by the gods (themselves).

r 44

ša LUGAL be- iq-bu-ni

r 55

de-ʾi-iq adan-niš

r 66

la-a ina KURna-ki-re-e

r 77

a-na LUGAL EN-ia aq-bi

r 88

mu-uk la si-ma-a-ti

r 99

ša KUR-šur.KI ši-na

r 1010

ú-ma-a ina pu-ut GIŠ.ḪUR-MEŠ

r 1111


r 1212

id-di-nu-ni ki-i ḫa-an-ni-i

r 1313


r 1414

[x x]+⸢x e-ta-ka-a-ni

(r 14) [...]...

r 1515

[a-na] LUGAL EN-ia

(r 15) I am now writing to the king, my lord.

r 1616


Adapted from Simo Parpola, Letters from Assyrian and Babylonian Scholars (State Archives of Assyria, 10), 1993. Lemmatised by Mikko Luukko, 2016, as part of the research programme of the Alexander von Humboldt Chair in the Ancient History of the Near and Middle East at LMU Munich (Karen Radner, Humboldt Professorship 2015). The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as