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  • Neo-Assyrian
  • Kuyunjik (Nineveh)
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LAS 031; SAA 10, 001

SAA 10 359. The Cult of the Lady of Akkad (ABL 0746) [miscellaneous] [via SAAO/SAA10]

o 1o 1

[a-na LUGAL] EN-ía ARAD-ka mDUMUd15 lu-u DI-mu

(1) [To the king], my lord: your servant Mar-Issar. Good health [to the king], my [lord]! May Nabû and Marduk [bless] the king, my lord! May [the great god]s bestow long days, well-being and joy upon the king, my lord!

o 22

[a-na MAN EN]-ía dPA u dAMAR.UTU a-na MAN EN-ía

o 33

[lik-ru-bu] UD-me ár-ku-te ṭu-ub UZU u ḫu-ud ŠÀ-bi

o 44

[DINGIR-MEŠ GAL]-MEŠ a-na MAN EN-ía liš-ru-ku ki-i dGAŠAN

(4) When the Lady [o]f Akkad went away to Elam, her assets [we]re taken over, the fields and personnel of the temple passing under the [...]s. When the king, my lord, [res]ettled the city of Akkad, he sent a sealed order to the deputy major-domo [of] Lahiru: "Deliver the [reg]ular offerings [of the god]! They should be adv[anced] to Akkad!"

o 55

ša* URU.ak-kad a-na KUR.NIM.MA.KI tal-lik-u-ni NÍG.ŠID-šá

o 66

it⸣-ta-ṣu A.ŠÀ-MEŠ UN-MEŠ ša ÉDINGIR-MEŠ šá-pal

o 77

[x x]-MEŠ e-tar-bu ki-i MAN be- URU.ak-kad

o 88

[ú-še]-ši-bu-u-ni un-qu ina UGU v.02-i v.GALÉ

o 99

[ša]ḫi-ri MAN be- i-sap-ra [ma-a gi]-nu-u

o 1010

[ša DINGIR] di-i-na ina URU.ak-kad li-iq-⸢ri⸣-[ba]

o 1111

[x x] MU.AN.NA-MEŠ it-tan-nu ù ú-⸢bat⸣-[tu]-⸢qu

(11) For [x] years they delivered them, but (now) they are cu[tti]ng them off; [so f]ar they have not delivered them since [the king, my lord], posted me to the city of Akkad.

o 1212

[a-du-na]-kan-ni la id-di-nu TAv -et [MAN]

o 1313

[be- a]-na URU.ak-kad ú-še-ri-ban-ni-[ni]

rest (about 15 lines) broken away


rbeginning broken away

r 1'1'

[x x x x x x x x x] ÉDINGIR-[MEŠ x x]

(r 1) [......] the temple [...]

r 2'2'

[x x x x x x x x]+⸢x⸣-ti lu-bil-u-ni bat-⸢ta*⸣-[ta-a.a]

(r 2) [......]. Let them bring [...] and syste[matically ins]tall [......]. If it plea[ses the king, my lord], let them appoint in Akkad either a eunuch [or a ...]. At the time of this service, let them provide [... for the offerings] and the rites, [and when the god ...] and lets off [...].

r 3'3'

[x x x x x x lu-šá]-aṣ-bi-tu šúm-ma pa-an

r 4'4'

[MAN EN-ía ma-ḫir ina URU].ak-kad lip-qi-du šúm-ma v.SAG

r 5'5'

[x x x x x x x]-du si--in dul-lu an-ni-i

r 6'6'

[x x x x x x x] ù -pe-še lid-di-nu

r 7'7'

[x x x x x x x x]-⸢ni ù i-ta-bu-u-ni

r 8'8'

[x x x x x x x x]-me ú-la-a ki-i

(r 8) Otherwise, when [......], I would be informing without being heard.

r 9'9'

[x x x x x x x ša] la šá--i ú-šá-áš-ma

r 10'10'

[MAN be- ú-da ki-i] kal-bu ša MAN EN-ía

(r 10) [The king, my lord, knows that I am] but a dog of the king, my lord, and that I am loyal [to the king], my lord. I have [now] written [to] the king, my lord; let [the king, my lord], do as it pleases him until the assets of the temple have been collected (again).

r 11'11'

[a-na-ku-u-ni TAv MAN] EN-ía ke-na-ku-u-ni

r 12'12'

[ú-ma-a an-nu-rig a]-⸢na MAN EN-ía a-sap-ra

r 13'13'

[MAN be- ki-i] ša ina pa-ni-šú ma-ḫir-u-ni

r 14'14'

le⸣-pu- a-du NÍG.ŠID ša ÉDINGIR-MEŠ

r 15'15'


Adapted from Simo Parpola, Letters from Assyrian and Babylonian Scholars (State Archives of Assyria, 10), 1993. Lemmatised by Mikko Luukko, 2016, as part of the research programme of the Alexander von Humboldt Chair in the Ancient History of the Near and Middle East at LMU Munich (Karen Radner, Humboldt Professorship 2015). The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as