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SAA 01, 029; Deller Zagros, 104

SAA 01 029. The King of Urarṭu on the Offensive (ABL 0198+)

o 1o 1

[a-na] LUGAL be--ia

(1) [To] the king, my lord: [your servant] Sin-ahhe-riba. Good health to the king, my lord! [Assyri]a is well, [the temp]les are well, all [the king's forts] are well. The king, my lord, can be glad indeed.

o 22


o 33

lu [DI-mu a]-⸢na* LUGAL be--ia

o 44

DI-mu [a-na KUR-šur].KI

o 55

DI-mu [a-na É.KUR]-⸢MEŠ⸣-te

o 66

DI-mu [a-na ša LUGAL] gab⸣-bu

o 77

ŠÀ-bu [ša LUGAL EN-ia adan-niš] lu⸣-u DÙG.GA

o 88

dul-⸢lu [ša URU.bir-te ina URU.ku-um-me ep]-pu-šu

(8) They are working on [the fort in Kumme; their] work [... is mak]ing [good progress]. A messen[ger of Ariye] has come [into] m[y presence] (with the following message):

o 99

dul-⸢la*⸣-[šú-nu x x ina pa-ni il]-lak

o 1010

v.A—[KIN ša mar-ie-e ina pa-ni]-⸢ia it-tal-ka

o 1111

[ma-a KUR.ú-ka-a.a ina UGU] LUGAL KUR.URI-a.a

(11) "[The (ruler) of Ukku has written to] the Urarṭian king [that the govern]ors of the king of Assyria are building [a fort in Kumme], and the Urarṭian king has [give]n his governors (the following) order: 'Take your troops, go and capture the governors of the king of Assyria alive from the Kummeans, and bring them to me.' I do not have the full details yet; as soon as I have heard more, I shall write by express to the crown prince that they should rush troops to me."

o 1212

[i-sa-ap-ra] ma-a [v.EN.NAM]-⸢MEŠ⸣-te ša LUGAL KUR-šur.KI

o 1313

[URU.bir- ina URU.ku-um-me i]-⸢ra⸣-ṣi-pu

o 1414

[ma-a] LUGAL KUR.⸢URI⸣-[a.a a-na v].EN.NAM-MEŠ-te-e-šú

o 1515

ṭè⸣-e-mu i⸣-[sa-kan ma-a] e⸣-mu-qi-ku-nu

o 1616

ina ŠU.2-ku-nu ṣa-ab-ta ma*-⸢a lik⸣-al-ka v.EN.NAM-MEŠ-te

o 1717

ša LUGAL KUR-šur.KI TA URU.ku-ma-a.a TI.LA-ú-te

o 1818

ina ŠU.2 ṣa-bi-ta ina UGU-ḫi-ia i-ṣa al-ka-a-ni

o 1919

ma-a ú-di-i-ni ba-ti-iq-⸢* la a-ḫa-ra-aṣ-ṣa

o 2020

ma-a ki-ma a-se-me ša ki-il ina UGU DUMULUGAL a-šá-pa-ra

o 2121

ma-a e-mu-qi ár-ḫiš lu-še-bil-ú-ni

o 2222

an-ni-ú ṭè-e-mu ša mar-ie-e

(22) This was the report of Ariye; on the 11th of Elul (VI) I got a letter from Aššur-reṣuwa:

o 2323

UD 11-KÁM ša ITI.KIN e-gír- ša m-šurre-ṣu-u-a

o 2424

ina UGU-ḫi-ia ta-tal*-ka ma-a LUGAL KUR.URI-a.a

(24) "The Urarṭian did not achieve anything on the venture on which the Zikirteans took him, but had to return empty-handed; he went with his troops to Waisi, entered the city and left his forces there. Taking but a few troops with him, he set out and entered into the territory of the Manneans. I have not heard about the invasion yet, but I shall write you as soon as I have heard more.

o 2525

ma-a É KUR.zi-kir-ta-a.a ú-bi-lu-šú-u-ni

o 2626

ma-a me-me-e-ni la -ši-a ma-a ra-qu-te-⸢e⸣-šú

o 2727

i-su-uḫ-ra ma-a ina ŠÀ URU.ú-a.a-si

o 2828

a-du e-mu-qe-e-šu it-ta-lak e-tar*-ba*

o 2929

ma-a e-mu-qe-e-šú ina ŠÀ URU.ú-a.a-si ur-ta-am-me

o 3030

ma-a šu-u- e-mu-qi e-ṣa-te-em-ma

o 3131

i-se-e-šú it-ti-ši ma-a ina ŠÀ ta-ḫu-ú-me

o 3232

ša* it-ta-lak e-tar-ba

b.e. 33b.e. 33

ma-a ina UGU ša e-ru-bu-ú-ni

b.e. 3434

ú⸣-di-i-ni la-a áš*-am-me

b.e. 3535

ma-a ki-ma a-se-me a-šá-pa-ra-ka

r 1r 1

ma-a v.EN.NAM ša ina pu--ia

(r 1) "The governor opposite me was (also) in Waisi; I have heard that he left and went off after the king's departure, but nobody has seen him come out of Waisi. They are improving the roads leading to me and constructing bridges; as soon as I have heard what it is all about, whether he his coming with his troops or whether he is 'clean', I shall immediately write to the crown prince."

r 22

ina ŠÀ URU.ú-e-si šu-u- ma-a a-se-me

r 33

ma-a ida---šu it-tu-ṣi it⸣-ta-at-lak

r 44

ma-a ú-ṣa-a-šú TAv ŠÀ URU.ú-a.a-si me-me-e-ni

r 55

la-a e-mur KASKAL-MEŠ-ni ša ina UGU-ḫi-ia-a-ni

r 66

ú-ṭa-a-bu ti-tur-ra-a-te ú-kab-bu-su

r 77

ma-a ki-ma a-se-me mi-i-nu ša ši-te-i-ni

r 88

šúm-mu TA e-mu-qe-e-šu il-la-ka

r 99

šúm-mu za-ku-u šu-u- il*-la*-ka ma-a ar-ḫiš

r 1010

ina UGU DUMULUGAL a-šá-pa-ra

r 1111

an-ni-ú ṭè-e-mu ša m-šurre-ṣu-u-a

(r 11) This was the report of Aššur-reṣuwa; the (ruler) of Arzabia has written to me thus:

r 1212 i-sa-ap-ra ma-a KUR.ú-ka-a.a

(r 12) "The (ruler) of Ukku must be kept away from me; why do you keep silent while he is trying to destroy me?" I have sent my bodyguard to the Ukkean (with this message): "Do[n't ar]gue with the Arzabian! [Until the ki]ng comes, [I will ar]bitrate between you!"

r 1313

su pa-ni-ia lu-pa-ti-ú ma-a a-ta-a

r 1414

i⸣-du-ka-an-ni at-tu-nu qa-la-ku-nu

r 1515

[v].⸢qur⸣-bu-te-ia ina UGU KUR.ú-[ka-a].a a-sa-par

r 1616

[mu-uk] TAv[a la ta]-⸢da*⸣-bu-ub

r 1717

[a-du É] LUGAL* DU-an-ni bir-tu-⸢ku*⸣-[nu lap]-ru-us

r 1818

*.A*šip*-ri* ša* KUR*.man*-na*-a.a ina UGU-ḫi-ia i-tal-ka

(r 18) A messenger of the Mannean (king) has come to me bringing a horse as the audience gift and giving me the regards of the Mannean. I dressed him (in purple) and put a silver bracelet on his arm.

r 1919

ANŠE.KUR.⸢RA na⸣-mur-⸢ ina UGU-ḫi-ia na-ṣa

r 2020

DI-mu ša iq-ṭí-bi-a

r 2121

ú-sa-bi-is-su ḪAR KUG*⸣.UD a-sa-kan-šú

r 2222

ma-da-⸢ ša a-na URU.kal-ḫa

(r 22) The tribute of the Ashdodites was brought to Calah; I have received it, sealed it and deposited it in the ... palace. I am sending this letter to the king, my lord, on the 11th of Elul.

r 2323

na-ṣu-ú-ni a-ta-ḫar ak-ta-na-ak

r 2424

ina É.⸢GAL na?-mur- a-sa-ka-an

r 2525

UD 11-⸢KÁM ša ITI.KIN e-gír-

r 2626

ina UGU LUGAL EN-ia ú⸣-se*-bi-la

rest uninscribed


Copyright Simo Parpola and the Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project, 1987. Lemmatised by Mikko Luukko, 2009-11, as part of the AHRC-funded research project “Mechanisms of Communication in an Ancient Empire: The Correspondence between the King of Assyria and his Magnates in the 8th Century BC” (AH/F016581/1; University College London). The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0.