SAA 04 063. Will Chief Eunuch Ša-Nabu-šu Capture Amul? (PRT 009+) [military and political]

o 1o 1

[dUTU EN GAL-ú šá a-šal]-lu-ka an-nam GI.NA a-pal-an-ni

(1) [Šamaš, great lord], give me a firm positive answer [to what I am ask]ing you!

o 22

[md-šurŠEŠSUM-na LUGAL] KUR⸣—-šur.KI liš-pur-ma mšádAGMU GAL*.SAG-MEŠ

(2) [Should Esarhaddon, king of] Assyria, send Ša-Nabû-šû, chief eunuch, [and the army] at his disposal [to take the road, and] to go to capture the city Amul?

o 33

[a-di e-mu-qu mál it]-ti-šú a-na ṣa-ba-a-ta URU.a-mul

o 44

[ur-ḫa ḫar-ra-na li-iṣ-bu-tu-ma] lil⸣-li-ku GIM it-tal-ku-ma i-na UGU URU [UR₅-]

(4) If they go and set up ca[mp be]fore [that ci]ty, [Amul], will they, be it by means of war, [... o]r by force, or through tun[nels and breaches, or by means of ramps, o]r by means of battering rams,

o 55

[URU.a-mul ma-dak]-ta il-ta-kan i-na - GIŠ.TUKUL [MURUB₄ u ]

o 66

[lu-ú i-na x x x lu]-ú i-na da-na-na lu-ú i-na ni-[ik-si pi-il-šú]

o 77

[lu-ú i-na GIŠ.a-ra-am-mu lu]-ú ina GIŠ.šu-bi-i lu-ú i-na KA [DÙG.GA]

(7) or through fri[endliness or peaceful negotiation]s, or through insurrection and rebellion [......], [or through any ruse of] capturing a city,

o 88

[ù sa-lim ṭu-ub-ba-a-ti] lu-ú i-na si-ḫa ḪI.GAR [x x x x x]

o 99

[lu-ú i-na mim-ma ši-pir ni-kil-ti šá] ṣa-bat URU mál [GÁL-MEŠ-ú]

(9) [capture] that city, Amul, enter [that city], Amul, [conquer that city, Amul]?

o 1010

URU UR₅- URU.a-mul i-[ṣab-ba-tu-ú a-na ŠÀ-bi URU UR₅-]

o 1111

URU⸣.a-mul TU-MEŠ-ú [URU UR₅- URU.a-mul ŠU.2-šú-un i-kaš-šá-a-da]

o 1212

[a]-⸢na qa-ti-šú-un im-man-⸢ni⸣-[i DINGIR-ti-ka GAL-ti ZU-e]

(12) Will it be delivered to them? [Does your great divinity know it]?

o 1313

[ṣa-ba]-a- URU UR₅- URU.[a-mul i-na ŠU.2 mšádPAMU GAL.SAG-MEŠ]

(13) [Is the cap]ture of that city, [Amul, by Ša-Nabû-šû, chief eunuch, an]d the army of Esa[rhaddon, king of Assyria], in this expedition of theirs, decreed and confirmed i[n a favorable case, by the command of your great divinity, Šamaš, great lord]?

o 1414

[a]-⸢di e-mu-qu šá md-⸢šur⸣—[ŠEŠSUM-na LUGAL KUR-šur.KI]

o 1515

[i]-na DU-šú-un NE-i i-⸢na [SILIM-tim i-na KA DINGIR-ti-ka GAL-ti dUTU EN GAL-ú]

o 1616

qa⸣-bi-i ku-un IGI-[ru IGI-ra ŠE-ú ŠE-e]

(16) Will he who can see, [see it? Will he who can hear, hear it]?

o 1717

e-zib šá i-na NIGIN-e URU lu-ú [i-na x x x x]

(17) Disregard what (happens) in besieging the city, or [in ...].

o 1818

[e-zib šá] di-in UD NE-i GIM [DÙG.GA GIM ḫa-ṭu-ú]

(18) [Disregard the (formulation) of] (the prayer for) today's case, b[e it good, be it faulty].

b.e.b.e. a few unclear signs

r 1r 1

[e-zib šá] KUG lu-ʾu-ú lu-ʾu-[ú- SISKUR.SISKUR TAG-MEŠ úlu a-na IGI SISKUR.SISKUR GIL-MEŠ-ku]

(r 1) [Disregard that a cl]ean person or an unclean man or [woman has touched the sacrificial sheep, or blocked the way of the sacrificial sheep].

r 22

[e-zib šá] lu⸣-ʾu-ú lu-ʾu-[ú- KI MÁŠ DIB.DIB-ma ú-le-ʾu-ú]

(r 2) [Disregard that an un]clean man or wo[man has come near the place of the extispicy and made it unclean].

r 33

[e-zib šá i]-⸢na KI an-⸢ni⸣-[i lu-ʾu-ú MÁŠ.MÁŠ-ú]

(r 3) [Disregard that an unclean person has performed extispicy i]n this place.

r 44

[e-zib šá UDU.NÍTA] DINGIR-ti-ka [šá a-na MÁŠ MÁŠ-ú LAL-ú ḫa-ṭu-ú]

(r 4) [Disregard that the ram] (offered) to your great divinity [for the performance of the extispicy is deficient or faulty].

r 55

e-zib šá [TAG]-⸢it SAG.KI UDU.⸢NÍTA [TÚG gi--e-šú ár-šat lab-šú mim-ma lu-ʾu-ú]

(r 5) Disregard that [he who touc]hes the forehead of the she[ep is dressed in his ordinary soiled garments], has eaten, drunk, or anointed himself with [anything unclean, (or) has altered or changed] the pro[ceedings].

r 66

NAG ŠÉŠ-šú ku-un [ŠU.2 BAL-ú -pe-lu x x x x]

r 77

e-zib šá a-na-ku DUMU.ḪAL ARAD-⸢ka [TÚG gi--e-a ár-šat lab-šá-ku ina MI LUḪ-tu]

(r 7) Disregard that I, the haruspex yo[ur] servant, [am dressed in my ordinary soiled garments], have seen [fear] and terror [at night], or (that) [the oracle query has become jumbled and impaired in my mouth].

Let them be taken out [and put aside]!

r 88

-rit-ti IGI-ru úlu [ta-mit i-na KA-ia up-tar-ri-du LAL-MEŠ]

r 99

lu-ú ZI-MEŠ lu-ú [BAR-MEŠ a-šal-ka dUTU EN GAL-ú ki-i mšád]⸢AG⸣—MU [GAL.SAG-MEŠ]

(r 9) [I ask you, Šamaš, great lord, whether, (should) Ša-Na]bû-šû, [chief eunuch, with the army of Esarhaddon, king of Assyria], go [to capture that city, Amul],

r 1010

[a-di e-mu-qu šá md-šurŠEŠSUM-na LUGAL KUR-šur.KI] mál it-[ti-šú]

r 1111

[a-na ṣa-ba-a-ta URU UR₅-tu URU.a-mul] DU⸣-MEŠ-ku

r 1212

[URU UR₅- URU.a-mul DIB-MEŠ a-na ŠÀ] URU UR₅- URU.a-mul [TU-MEŠ]

(r 12) [they will capture that city, Amul, enter th]at city, Amul, and conquer [that city, Amul, (and whether) it will be del]ivered [to them].

r 1313

[URU UR₅- URU.a-mul ŠU.2]-šú?-un i-kaš-⸢šá⸣-du-ú

r 1414

[a-na qa-ti-šú-un im]-⸢man⸣--ú i-na ŠÀ [UDU].⸢NÍTA an⸣-[ni-i]

(r 14) [Be present] in [this r]am, place (in it) a fir[m positive answer], favorable designs, [favorable, propitious] omens [by the oracular command of] your great divinity, and may I se[e (them)].

r 1515

[GUB-za-am-ma an-na] GI⸣.NA GIŠ.ḪUR-MEŠ SILIM-MEŠ UZU-MEŠ ta-⸢mit [SIG₅-MEŠ]

r 1616

[SILIM-MEŠ šá SILIM-tim šá KA] DINGIR⸣-ti-ka GAL-ti šuk-nam-ma lu-[mur]

blank space of one line

r 1717

[UGU DINGIR-ti-ka GAL-ti dUTU] EN GAL⸣-ú lil-lik-ma KIN li-tap-pal

(r 17) May (this query) go [to your great divinity, O Šamaš], great lord, and may an oracle be given as an answer.

r 1818

[x x x x x x x x]+⸢x 150 ŠU.SI 02 DU₈ GIŠ.TUKUL MÁŠ 150 te-bi

(r 18) [......]. The left of the 'finger' is split in 2 places. The 'weapon'-mark of the 'increment' rises on the left.

r 1919

[x x x x x x x] GAR ŠÀ.NIGIN 16 KIŠIB 150 LAL-is

(r 19) [......] is present. The coils of the colon are 16 in number. The vertebrae are recessed on the left.

r 2020

[x x x x x x x] GAR-in BE NÍG.TAB 15 u 150 ana AN.<TA>-nu kap-ṣa-at-ma

(r 20) [......] is present. The 'crucible' is curled upward left and right.

r 2121

[x x x x x x ana] GIŠ.TUKUL -te-lim KALAG ŠUB—<>.TE GAR-MEŠ

(r 21) [......] and equals in height a 'weapon'-mark. The 'strength' and 'base of the throne' are present.

r 2222

[x x x x x BE] SAG EDIN 150 U DU₈

(r 22) [...... the to]p of left surface of the 'finger' is split.

e. 1e. 1

[x x x e]-li-tum DU MURUB₄ [x x x x]

(e. 1) [......]. The upper part is elevated. The [base of the] middle part [......].

e. 22

[x x x x]+⸢x MUR 150 [x x x x]

e. 33

[x x x x x] x x [x x x x]

Adapted from Ivan Starr, Queries to the Sungod: Divination and Politics in Sargonid Assyria (State Archives of Assyria, 4), 1990. Lemmatised by Mikko Luukko, 2018, as part of the research programme of the Alexander von Humboldt Chair in the Ancient History of the Near and Middle East at LMU Munich (Karen Radner, Humboldt Professorship 2015). The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as