SAA 04 267. Will Chief Eunuch Recover Fortresses Lost to Manneans? (AGS 150) [military and political]

o 1o 1

[d]UTU EN GAL-ú šá a-šal-lu-ka an-na a-pal-an-ni

(1) Šamaš, great lord, give me a (firm) positive answer to what I am asking you!

o 22


(2) Should Nabû-šarru-uṣur, chief eunuch, and the men, horses, and army [of] Assurbanipal, king of Assyria, which are at [his disposal, go to recover the fort]resses of Assyria which the Manneans conq[uered?

o 33

[šá m]d-šurDUMU. LUGAL KUR-šur mál it-⸢ti⸣-[šú a-na tur-ri šá bi]-⸢ra⸣-a-ti

o 44

[šá KUR]—-šur šá .man-na-a.a -⸢šu⸣-[ú-ni lil-lik GIM it-tal]-⸢ku

o 55

lu-ú i-na KA DÙG.GA si-lim ṭu-⸢ub⸣-[ba-a-ti lu-ú i-na - GIŠ.TUKUL MURUB₄ ù ta-ḫa-zi]

(5) If he go]es, [will he], be it through friendliness and peaceful nego[tiations, or by waging war], or by [whatever tr]icks, [recover] these fortresses? [Does your great divinity know it]?

o 66

lu-ú i-na mim-ma ši-pir [ni-kil-ti šá NAM..U₁₈.LU mál GÁL-ú]

o 77

bi-ra-a-ti šá-a-ši-na [ú-ta-a-ra DINGIR-ut-ka GAL-ti ZU-e]

o 88

i-na SILIM-ti i-na KA [DINGIR-ti-ka GAL-ti dUTU EN GAL-ú]

(8) Is it decreed and confirmed in a favorable case, by the command [of your great divinity, Šamaš, great lord]? Will he who can see, [see it? Will he who can hear, hear it]?

o 99

qa-bi-i ku-un-i IGI-[ru IGI-mar še-mu-ú ŠE.GA-e]

o 1010

e-zib šá di-in UD-me an-[ni-e GIM DÙG.GA GIM ḫa-ṭu-ú]

(10) Disregard the (formulation) of today's case, [be it good or faulty].

o 1111


(11) Disregard that a clean or an unclean person [has touched the sacrificial sheep, or blocked the way of the sacrificial sheep].

o 1212

e-zib šá lu-ʾu-ú [lu-ʾu-ú-tu KI MÁŠ DIB-MEŠ-ma ú-le-ʾu-ú]

(12) Disregard that an unclean man [or woman has come near the place of the extispicy and made it unclean].

o 1313

e-zib šá i-na KI an-[ni-i lu-ʾu-ú MÁŠ MÁŠ-ú]

(13) Disregard that [an unclean person has performed extispicy] in this place.

o 1414

e-zib šá UDU.NÍTA DINGIR-ti-ka GAL-[ti šá a-na MÁŠ MÁŠ-ú LAL-ú ḫa-ṭu-ú]

(14) Disregard that the ram (offered) to your great divinity [for the performance of the extispicy is deficient or faulty].

r 1r 1

e-zib šá TAG-it SAG.KI UDU.NÍTA TÚG gi--šú ár-šá-a-ti lab-šú mim-ma lu-ʾu-ú

(r 1) Disregard that he who touches the forehead of the sheep is dressed in his ordinary soiled garments, (or) has eaten, drunk, anointed himself with, touched, or stepped upon anything unclean.

r 22


r 33

e-zib šá a-na-ku DUMU.ḪAL ARAD-ka TÚG gi--ia ár-šá-a-ti lab-šá-ku

(r 3) Disregard that I, the haruspex your servant, am dressed in my ordinary soiled garments, have seen fear and terror (at night), have changed or altered the proceedings, or jumbled the oracle query in my mouth.

Let them be taken out and put aside!

r 44

mim-ma lu-ʾu-ú NAG-ú ŠÉŠ-šú TAG⸣-MEŠ NÚMUN-MEŠ

r 55

i-na <MI> LUḪ- ŠÀ.MUD IGI-ru ku-un ŠU.2 BAL-ú -pe-lu

r 66

úlu ta-mit i-na pi-ia up-tar-ri-du lu-ú ZI-MEŠ lu-ú BAR-MEŠ

r 77

a-šal-ka dUTU EN GAL-ú ki-i mdAGLUGALŠEŠ .GALSAG a-di .ERIM-MEŠ

(r 7) I ask you, Šamaš, great lord, whether Nabû-šarru-uṣur, chief eunuch, and the men, horses, and army of Assurbanipal, king of Assyria at his disposal, should go to recover the Assyrian fortresses which the Manneans conquered,

r 88

ANŠE.KUR.RA-MEŠ ù e-mu- šá md-šurA LUGAL KUR-šur ma-al it-ti-šú

r 99

a-na tur-ri šá bi-ra-a-ti šá KUR-šur šá .man-na-a.a -šu-ú-ni it-tal-ku-ma

r 1010

lu-ú i-na - GIŠ.TUKUL MURUB₄ ù ta-ḫa-zi lu-ú i-na KA DÙG.GA sa-lim ṭu-ub-ba-a-ti

(r 10) and whether he, be it by waging war, or through friendliness and peaceful negotiations, or by whatever tricks, will recover those fortresses.

r 1111

i-na mim-ma ši-pir ni-kil-ti šá NAM..U₁₈.LU mál GÁL-ú bi-ra-a-ti šá-ši-na ú-GUR-ra

r 1212

i-na ŠÀ UDU.NÍTA an-ni-e GUB-za-am-ma an-na GI.NA GIŠ.ḪUR-MEŠ SILIM-MEŠ

(r 12) Be present in this ram, place (in it) a firm positive answer, favorable designs, favorable, propitious omens by the oracular command of your great divinity, and may I see (them).

r 1313

UZU-MEŠ ta-mit SIG₅-MEŠ SILIM-MEŠ šá SILIM-ti šá KA DINGIR-ti-ka GAL-ti šuk-nam-ma lu-mur

r 1414

UGU DINGIR-ti-ka GAL-ti dUTU EN GAL-ú lil-lik-ma [UR₅].ÚŠ li-tap-pal

(r 14) May (this query) go to your great divinity, O Šamaš, great lord, and may an oracle be given as an answer.

Adapted from Ivan Starr, Queries to the Sungod: Divination and Politics in Sargonid Assyria (State Archives of Assyria, 4), 1990. Lemmatised by Mikko Luukko, 2018, as part of the research programme of the Alexander von Humboldt Chair in the Ancient History of the Near and Middle East at LMU Munich (Karen Radner, Humboldt Professorship 2015). The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as