SAA 04 088. Will Chief Eunuch Ša-Nabu-šu be Attacked by the Egyptians? (PRT 036+) [military and political]

o 1o 1

dUTU EN GAL-ú šá a-šal-lu-ka an⸣-[na GI.NA a-pal-an-ni]

(1) Šamaš, great lord, [give me a firm positive answ]er to what I am asking you!

o 22

mšádAGšú-ú .GALSAG-⸢MEŠ šá i-ne-an-na md[-šurŠEŠSUM-na LUGAL KUR-šur.KI]

(2) Ša-Nabû-šû, chief eunuch, whom [Esarhaddon, king of Assyria], has now sent and who has gone, (whom) your great divinity kno[ws

o 33

-pur-šú-ú-ma il-li-ku DINGIR⸣-ut-ka GAL-ti ZU⸣-[u GIM KA DINGIR-ut-ka GAL-ti dUTU EN GAL-ú]

(3) in accordance with the command of your great divinity, Šamaš, great lord], and your favorable decisions, should the subject of this query, Ša-Nabû-šû, [chief eunuch, ......]?

o 44

ù .BAR-ka šal-mu ENMU.[MU] NE⸣-i mšádPAšú-⸢ú [.GALSAG-MEŠ x x x x]

o 55

[GIM a]-⸢na URU.x-ni-šur x [x x]-ú ik-tal-du [x x x x x x]

(5) [After he ...] has reached the city [...]-Aššur [..., will N]echo and Šar[ru-lu-dari, Egyptian kings, ......] and the Egypti[ans ......]?

o 66

[x x x x x x x x x m]⸢ni⸣-ku-ú mLUGAL⸣—[lu-ri LUGAL-MEŠṣ-ri]

o 77

[x x x x x x x x x x] ù .mu-uṣ-ra-[a.a x x x x x x]

o 88

[x x x x x] a-di UD-me mál i-na na-[ge-e šáṣ-ri x x x]

(8) As long as [he stays] in the dis[trict of Egypt, will either Necho] or Šarru-lu-dari [......] which Esarhaddon, king of Assyria has s[ent ......]?

o 99

[lu-ú mni-ku]-ú lu-u mLUGALlu-ri [x x x x x x x x]

o 1010

[x x x x x] mál m-šurŠEŠSUM-na LUGAL KUR-šur.KI ⸣-[x x x x x x x x]

o 1111

[x x x x x]-⸢MEŠ⸣-šú-un lu-úṣ-ra-a.a [x x x x x x]

(11) [Will ...] their [...], or the Egyptians [...], or the vassals in Egy[pt ...... strive] and plan, and, either by their (own) deliberations, o[r ......, be it in day]time or [at nig]ht, or in the e[vening, mount a] dangerous [attack ag]ainst Ša-Nabû-šû, ch[ief eunuch, or act with evil intent again]st him, [kill, plunder (or) loot him]?

o 1212

[x x x x] lu-ú sa-al-mu-⸢ti? [šá?] i-na⸢uṣ⸣-[ri x x x x x x]

o 1313

[i-ṣar-ri-mu]-ú i-kap-pi-du-ú [lu]-⸢ú i-na GALGA-šú-un lu?⸣-[ú x x x]

o 1414

[lu-ú i-na] kal⸣—UD-me lu-ú [i-na šat]—⸢MI lu-u i⸣-na ba-[ra-ri-ti]

o 1515

[ZI-bu ši-iḫ]-⸢ṭu šá ḪUL-[tim a-na] UGU mšádPAšú-ú .[GALSAG-MEŠ i-šak-ka-nu-ú]

o 1616

[ŠU-su-un a-na ḪUL-tim i-na ŠÀ]-⸢bi⸣-šú ub-bal-lu-ú x⸣+[x x x x]

o 1717

[x x x x x x x x x] GAZ-ku <<ana>> SAR IR šá mšádPAšú-⸢ú [.GALSAG-MEŠ]

(17) [Is the ki]lling, plundering (or) looting of Ša-Nabû-šû, [chief eunuch of Esarhaddon, king of Assyria, who is o]n a mission [i]n Egypt, [dec]reed and confirmed i[n accordance with the command of your great divinity, Šamaš, great lord]? Will he who can see, see it? Will he who can hear, [hear it]?

o 1818

[x x x x x x x x šá i]-⸢naṣ-ri šap-ru i-⸢na [KA DINGIR-ti-ka]

o 1919

[GAL-ti dUTU EN GAL-ú qa-bi]-i ku-un IGI-ru IGI-ra ŠE-[ú i-šem-me-e]

o 2020

[e-zib šá it-ti ŠÀ-bi-šú]-⸢un i-da-bu-bu-ú-ma [GUR-MEŠ-ni BAR-MEŠ]

(20) [Disregard that they] (may) think about it, [but turn and ......].

r 1r 1

[e-zib šá ik-rib di-nim UD-mu] an-ni-e GIM DÙG⸣.[GA GIM ḫa-ṭu-ú]

(r 1) [Disregard the (formulation) of the prayer for] to[day's case], be it [good, be it faulty].

r 22


(r 2) [Disregard that a clean or an unclean person] has touched the sacrificial [sheep], or [blocked the way of the sacrificial sheep].

r 33

[e-zib šá UDU].⸢NÍTA DINGIR-ti-ka šá a-na MÁŠ MÁŠ-ú LAL-[ú ḫa-ṭu-ú]

(r 3) [Disregard that] the ram (offered) to your divinity for the performance of the extispicy is deficient [or faulty].

r 44

[e-zib šá a-na]-ku DUMU.ḪAL ARAD-ka ta-mit i-⸢na [KA-ia up-tar-ri-du]

(r 4) [Disregard that] I, the haruspex your servant, [have jumbled] the oracle query in [my mouth], (or) changed or altered the [proceed]ings.

Let [them be taken out and put aside]!

r 55

[ku-un ŠU].2 BAL-ú -pe-lu lu-ú ZI-[MEŠ lu-ú BAR-MEŠ]

r 66

[a-šal]-⸢ka dUTU EN GAL-ú ki-i mšádPA⸣—[šú-ú .GALSAG-MEŠ]

(r 6) [I ask y]ou, Šamaš, great lord, whether Ša-Na[bû-šû, chief eunuch, who is no]w on a mission in Egypt, [will be subject] to a dangerous [at]tack by [Šarru-lu-dari and Necho], kings of Egypt, or by any Egy[ptians, (and whether) they will kill, c]apture, plunder, (or) loot (him).

r 77

[šá i-ne]-⸢an⸣-na i-naṣ-ri šap-ru [mLUGALlu-ri]

r 88

[mni-ku-ú] LUGAL-MEŠ šáṣ-ri lu-ú[uṣ-ra-a.a mál ba-šu-u]

r 99

[ZI-bu ši]-iḫ-ṭu šá ḪUL-tim i-na UGU-ḫi-⸢šú [i-šak-ka-nu]

r 1010

[x x x i]-ṣa-bat- SAR- IR-lu i-[na ŠÀ UDU.NÍTA NE-i]

(r 10) [Be present] i[n this ram, place] (in it) a firm positive answer, [favorable designs], favorable, propitious [omens] by [the oracular command of your great divinity], and [may I see (them)].

r 1111

[GUB-za-am]-⸢ma an-na GI.⸢NA GIŠ.[ḪUR-MEŠ SILIM-MEŠ]

r 1212

[UZU-MEŠ ta-mit] SIG₅-MEŠ SILIM-MEŠ šá [KA DINGIR-ti-ka GAL-ti]

one line blank

r 1313

šuk-nam⸣-ma [lu-mur]

(1 line blank)

r 1414

UGU DINGIR-ti-ka GAL⸣-[ti] dUTU EN GAL-ú [lil-lik-ma KIN li-tap-pal]

(r 14) [May (this query) go] to your great divinity, O Šamaš, great lord, [and may an oracle be given as an answer].

r 1515

BE MURUB₄ NA pa-áš-ṭa GÍR KALAG [SILIM] GAR-MEŠ 150 ṣa-⸢mid

(r 15) The middle of the 'station' is effaced. The 'path,' the 'stre[ngth,' and the 'well-being'] are present. The left of the gall bladder is atta[ched].

r 1616

BE KI.TA-tum DU-ik per-⸢niq⸣-[qu] GAR-MEŠ ina MU.SAG MUR [x x x]

(r 16) The lower part is elevated. Perniqqus are present. In the 'head lift' of the lun[g ......].

r 1717

BE a-pi ŠU.SIMUR MURUB₄ DU₈⸣-at ŠÀ.NIGIN ⸢12⸣ [ŠÀ UDU.NÍTA šá-lim]

(r 17) The tip of the middle 'finger' of the lung is [sp]lit. The coils of the colon are 1[2 in number. The heart of the ram is normal].

Adapted from Ivan Starr, Queries to the Sungod: Divination and Politics in Sargonid Assyria (State Archives of Assyria, 4), 1990. Lemmatised by Mikko Luukko, 2018, as part of the research programme of the Alexander von Humboldt Chair in the Ancient History of the Near and Middle East at LMU Munich (Karen Radner, Humboldt Professorship 2015). The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as