SAA 05 291. Giving Bricks to the Magnates (CT 53 038)

obeginning (about 5 lines) broken away

(Beginning destroyed)

o 1'1'

[x x x x x] x [x x x x x]

o 2'2'

[x x x] ⸢56⸣ tik-pi SIG₄ KIN?-MEŠ

(2) [...] 56 courses of bricks [...]

o 3'3'

[x x x x]- i-ta-sa-ḫa

(3) [...] he extracted [...].

o 4'4'

[i-sa-par ina] UGU-ḫi-šú ma-⸢a [a]-⸢ta-a

(4) [He wrote t]o him: "Why did you extract [...]?"

o 5'5'

[x x x x]- ta-⸢su⸣-uḫ

o 6'6'

[ma-a re-eḫ]-ti dul₆-li-ia ša e-pa-šú-ni

(6) [He said: "The re]st of the work that I am doing [is ...; I have receiv]ed from him [x] bricks, but he is still glazing [the kiln-fired bricks]."

o 7'7'

[x x x] SIG₄⸣-MEŠ i-⸢ba-áš⸣-ši

o 8'8'

[x x x]-⸢di⸣-šú aḫḫu-⸢ur

o 9'9'

[e-bir-] i⸣-šá-ḫa-aṭ

o 10'10'

[x x x x x]+⸢x⸣-ni ša SIG₄-ME ša BÀD-šú

(10) I am [herewith] sending [the ...]s of the br[ickwork o]f his wall (assignment) [to the king], my lord.

o 11'11'

[ina UGU LUGAL] EN-ia ú-se-bi-la

o 12'12'

[isu-ri] LUGAL EN i-qa-bi

(12) [Perhaps the ki]ng, my lord, will say: "[To who]m have [you] given bricks [...]?"

o 13'13'

[ma-a a-na man]-ni SIG₄-ME x x

b.e. 14'b.e. 14'


b.e. 15'15'

[40? lim] a-na⸢da

(15) [40,000] to (the governor of) Arpad, [40,000 t]o (the governor of) Sama[ria, 40,000 to] (the governor of) Megid[do], in all [1]20,000 (bricks taken) from the king's entourage.

b.e. 16'16'

[40? lim a]-⸢na⸢mir⸣-[na]

r 1r 1

[40? lim a-na]⸢du⸣-[u]

r 22

[PAB 01? me] 20 lim TAv IGI li-bitMAN

(r 2) [In all 30,000 f]rom Na'di-ilu.

r 33

[PAB 30 lim] TAv IGI mna--diDINGIR

r 44

[PAB-ma 01? me] 50 lim SIG₄-MEŠ a-ti-din

(r 4) [All told], I have given out [1]50,000 bricks; [but] I have omitted the bricks of the royal village managers [about which the ki]ng, my lord, wrote me.

r 55


r 66

[ša] LUGAL EN -pur-an-ni ur-ta-me

r 77


(r 7) [The ki]ng, my lord, knows that the eunuchs and the royal entourage from [whom] I have been taking the bricks which I have given [to] the magnates are going to petition the king. The king, my [lo]rd, may do as he deems best; [the ki]ng, my [lo]rd, knows that [I have] in the past [days given brick]s to the ki[ng's] entourage.

r 88

[ša] SIG₄-ME TAv pa-ni-šú-nu ÍL-u-ni

r 99

[a-na] v.GAL-MEŠ a-di-nu-ni

r 1010

[a-na LUGAL EN-ia i-ma-ḫu-ru]

r 1111

[LUGAL] EN ki-i ša ZU-u-ni le-pu-šú

r 1212

[LUGAL] EN ú-da iti-ma-⸢li [išá-šu]-⸢me

r 1313

[SIG₄]-ME a-na li-bit—⸢MAN [a-ti-din]

r 1414

[x x] dul⸣-lu ša LUGAL [x x x x]

(r 14) [...] the ki[ng's wo]rk [......]

rest (about 3 lines) broken away

(Rest destroyed)

Adapted from Giovanni B. Lanfranchi and Simo Parpola, The Correspondence of Sargon II, Part II: Letters from the Northern and Northeastern Provinces (State Archives of Assyria, 5), 1990. Lemmatised by Mikko Luukko, 2009-11, as part of the AHRC-funded research project “Mechanisms of Communication in an Ancient Empire: The Correspondence between the King of Assyria and his Magnates in the 8th Century BC” (AH/F016581/1; University College London) directed by Karen Radner. The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as