SAA 05 054. A Sanctuary for Fugitives (ABL 1176)

obeginning broken away

(Beginning destroyed)

o 1'1'

[x x x x x x x] LUGAL be-

(1) [...... The ki]ng, my lord, [should know this].

o 2'2'

[x x x x ša LUGAL be]- -pur-an-ni

(2) [As to what the king], my [lo]rd, wrote me: "[Where] is he?" They told me: "[After he had] been deported [..., he fl]ed [and went] to Šubria."

o 3'3'

[ma-a a.a-ka] šu⸣- iq-ṭí-bu-u-ni

o 4'4'

[ma-a TA mar šá]-ga-lu-u-ni

o 5'5'

[x x x x iḫ-ti]-liq a-na KUR.šub-ri-a

o 6'6'

[it-ta-lak isu]-⸢ri LUGAL be- i-qab-bi

(6) [Perha]ps the king, my lord, will say: "[Has he retu]rned [and come back] from Šubria?" [I have aske]d and investigated; [they say that since he fl]ed [and went] to Šubria, [...; he has not] yet [retur]ned and come back to the country.

o 7'7'

[ma-a i]-⸢suḫ*⸣-ra TAv KUR.šub-ri-a

o 8'8'

[it-ta-la-ka a-sa-ʾa]-⸢al ú-ta-ṣi-ṣi

o 9'9'

[ma-a TA É iḫ]-⸢li⸣-qu-u-ni a-na KUR.šub-ri-a

o 10'10'

[il-li-ku-u-ni] aḫ⸣—ḫur a-na KUR

o 11'11'

[la is-ḫu]-⸢ra la il-li-ka

o 12'12'

[x x x x x]-us ina UGU 01?

(12) [I sent ...]... to [...], saying: "You [......]; now, [......] is staying in your court!"

o 13'13'

[x x x x x x] nu-uk at-ta

o 14'14'

[x x x x x x]-ar nu-uk ú-ma-a

o 15'15'

[x x x x x x] ina IGI-ka kam-mu-su

o 16'16'

[x x x x x x]-MEŠ-ia la im-qu-ut

(16) [He replied: "He] has not fallen into my [hand]s, [nor ... have I heard] any report [about him]."

o 17'17'

[x x x x x x] ṭè⸣-e-mu-ma*

o 18'18'

[la áš-me x x x] aḫ an-ni-u

(18) [......] this man

o 19'19'

[x x x x x x x] ina KI.TA ŠU.2

(19) [......] secretly

b.e. 20'b.e. 20'

[x x x x x x x] KUR.šub-ri-[a]

(20) [......] Šubri[a]

b.e. 21'21'

[x x x x x x]-⸢ni* LUGAL be-

(21) [......] the king, my lord

b.e. 22'22'

[x x x x x x x] URU.bir-te*

(22) [......] the fort

b.e. 23'23'

[x x x x x x x x] ḫal-qu

(23) [......] have fled

r 1r 1

[x x x x x x] ⸢x ina pi-i DÙG.GA

(r 1) [...] with kind words [...].

r 22

[x x x x ina UGU x] ⸢x⸣-MEŠ ša LUGAL

(r 2) [As to the ...]s about whom the king, [my lord, wrote m]e: "I [......]; if they want [......]"

r 33

[be- -pur-an]-⸢ni ma-a ana-ku

r 44

[x x x x x] šum*⸣-mu lib-ba-šú-nu

r 55

[x x x x x x] ⸢x lib-ba-šú-nu

(r 5) they want [......]

r 66

[x x x x x x] É.KUR šu-

(r 6) [......] he is [in] the temple

r 77

[x x x x la i]-ṣab-bat la SUM-an

(r 7) [......] He does not seize and give [him]

r 88

[x x x x x x] 01-en :. URU DUG₄.GA

(r 8) [......] a town is said

r 99

[x x x x x x]-⸢mu* ma-ṣar*--šú

(r 9) [......] his guard

r 1010

[x x x x x x] É*⸣.KUR bir⸣-ti

(r 10) [......] the temple [be]tween

r 1111

[x x x x nu]-⸢uk ARAD-MEŠ ša LUGAL

(r 11) [... I said]: "[You are] the king's subjects [...]."

r 1212

[x x x x x x]-aḫ ARAD-MEŠ ša LUGAL

(r 12) [......] the king's subjects.

r 1313

[x x x x x LUGAL be]- i-qab-bi

(r 13) [Perhaps the king], my [lo]rd, will say: "[...]" [... who] leave the king's [......].

r 1414

[x x x x] LUGAL ú-ra-mu-ni

r 1515

[x x x x x ina] UGU v.da-a.a-li

(r 15) [A]s to the scout to whom his [......]

r 1616

[x x x x x x] ⸢x⸣-šú a-na šá-šú <$ni$>

r 1717

[x x x x x x]-ṣab-ba--ni

(r 17) [...] will take

r 1818

[x x x x x x x] isu-ri

(r 18) [......] perhaps

r 1919

[x x x x x x x]-⸢ti am-mu-te

(r 19) [......] those

r 2020

[x x x x x x x x x x x] ⸢x

rest broken away

(Rest destroyed)

Copyright Giovanni B. Lanfranchi and Simo Parpola and the Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project, 1990. Lemmatised by Mikko Luukko, 2009-11, as part of the AHRC-funded research project “Mechanisms of Communication in an Ancient Empire: The Correspondence between the King of Assyria and his Magnates in the 8th Century BC” (AH/F016581/1; University College London). The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0.