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SAA 05, 221

SAA 05 221. News from Mannea (ABL 1416)

o 1o 1

a-na [LUGAL EN-ia]

(1) To [the king, my lord]: your servant [Adad-issiya]. Good he[alth to the king, my lord]!

o 22

ARAD-ka m[dIMKI-ia]

o 33

lu-u DI-⸢mu [a-na LUGAL EN-ia]

o 44

ša LUGAL EN [-pur-an-ni ma-a]

(4) As to what the king, [my] lo[rd, wrote me]: "Why have you [not sent me] an[y news] of the Mannean that you have h[eard]?"

o 55

a-ta-a -⸢i-nu [ši-ti-ni]

o 66

ša taš⸣-[me? la taš-pu-ra]

o 77

ina ta-ḫu--i-ni [it-tal-ka]

(7) [he has come] to our border, [made] his sacrifices, and returned (home); [the ... have gone] to greet him.

o 88

UDU.SISKUR-MEŠ-šú* [e-tap-šá]

o 99

i-su-ḫu-ru x⸣+[x x x x]

o 1010

ina UGU-ḫi-šú a-na DI-[me it-tal-ku]

o 1111

v.Ašip-ri-MEŠ ša? [x x x]

(11) The messengers o[f ... have come] from Bar[..., and presented him] the greetings of [...].

o 1212

TAv URU.MAŠ-⸢da?⸣-[x x x x x]

o 1313

DI-mu ša [x x x x x x]

rest (about 4 lines) broken away


rbeginning broken away

r 1'1'

x x x [x x x x x x]

r 2'2'

É i-ba-áš-[šu]-u-ni [x x x]

(r 2) [......] where they are [...].

r 3'3'

TAv UGU md[x x x x]

(r 3) As to [NN] about whom the king, [my] lo[rd, wrote me]: "Wh[y does he not ...] to m[y] presen[ce]?"

r 4'4'

ša LUGAL EN [-pur-an-ni]

r 5'5'

ma-a a-ta-[a x x x x]

r 6'6'

ina pa⸣-ni-⸢ia [x x x x]

r 7'7'

la i-ma⸣-[x x x x x x]

(r 7) He does not [...]

r 8'8'

la i⸣-ma-[x x x x x x]

(r 8) he does not [...]

r 9'9'

ša v.[x x x x x x]

(r 9) of the [......]

r 10'10'

iq-⸢qi⸣-[x x x x x x]

(r 10) ...[......]

r 11'11'

i-⸢ta*⸣-[x x x x x x]

(r 11) ...[......]

r 12'12'

mDI*-⸢mu*⸣—[EN x x x x x x]

(r 12) Šulm[u-Bel ......]

r 13'13'

iKASKAL-šú-nu [x x x x x]

(r 13) in their expedition [......]

r 14'14'

ina UGU [x x x x x x]

(r 14) to [......]

r.e. 15r.e. 15

i-[x x x x x x x x]

(Rest destroyed)

Adapted from Giovanni B. Lanfranchi and Simo Parpola, The Correspondence of Sargon II, Part II: Letters from the Northern and Northeastern Provinces (State Archives of Assyria, 5), 1990. Lemmatised by Mikko Luukko, 2009-11, as part of the AHRC-funded research project “Mechanisms of Communication in an Ancient Empire: The Correspondence between the King of Assyria and his Magnates in the 8th Century BC” (AH/F016581/1; University College London) directed by Karen Radner. The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as