SAA 06 017. Aššur-šallim-ahhe Buys a Threshing Floor (747-II-4) (ADD 0412)

o 1o 1

ṣu-pur mṣa-buSIG₅

(1) Fingernail of Ṣabu-damqu,

o 22

ṣu-pur mab-zi-i

(2) fingernail of Abzî,

o 33

ṣu-pur mSU-šur

(3) fingernail of Eriba-Aššur,

o 44

ṣu-pur mdUTUšal-lim

(4) fingernail of Šamaš-šallim,

o 55

ṣu-pur mpar-ši-du

(5) fingernail of Ipparšidu,

o 66

PAB 05 -MEŠ EN ad-ri

(6) a total of 5 men, owners of the threshing floor.

five fingernail impressions

(fingernail impressions)

o 77

É 09 qa ad-ru ina URU.du-ʾu-ú-a

(7) A property of 90 square metres, a threshing floor in Du'ua, adjoining (the estates of) Adad-remanni and the overseer of the household

o 88

SUḪUR mdIMrém-a-ni

o 99


o 1010

ú-piš-ma m-šur—⸢šal-lim⸣—PAB-MEŠ

(10) Aššur-šallim-ahhe has contracted and bought (said) threshing floor from these m[en] for [x minas of silver] by the mina of [Carchemish].

o 1111

ad-ru TAv* pa*-⸢an [-MEŠ-e]

o 1212

šu*-nu-ti ina ŠÀ [x MA.NA KUG.UD]

b.e. 13b.e. 13

ina 01 MA.NA ša URU⸣.[gar-ga-mis]

b.e. 1414

il-qi kas-pu [gam-mur]

b.e. 1515

ta-din ad-ru šu-⸢a⸣-[]

r 1r 1

za-ar-pat la-⸢qi⸣-[at]

r 22

tu-a-ru DUG₄.DUG₄ [la-áš-šú]

(r 2) The money is paid [completely]. That threshing floor is purchased and acqui[red]. Any revocation or litigation [is void].

r 33

man-nu ša ur-⸢kiš [ina ma-te-ma]

(r 3) Whoever in the future, [at any time], see[ks] a lawsuit or litigation against Aššur-šall[im-ahhe], shall pay one mina of silver.

r 44

ša TAv m-šur—⸢šal-lim⸣—[PAB-MEŠ]

r 55

de-nu DUG₄.DUG₄ ub-[ta-u-ni]

r 66


r 77

IGI m-šuršal-limPAB-MEŠ [v.ḫa-za-nu]

(r 7) Witness Aššur-šallim-ahhe, [mayor of] Du'[ua].

r 88

ša URU.du-ʾu-[ú-a]

r 99

IGI mšád[xa-ni]-ni

(r 9) Witness Ša-[Aššur-ani]ni.

r 1010

IGI mtàk-⸢laka⸣-naEN-ia

(r 10) Witness Taklak-ana-beliya, overseer of the household of Šumma-ila'i.

r 1111

.šaUGUÉ ša mšúm-maDINGIR-a.a

r 1212

IGI msu-ḫi-ru

(r 12) Witness Suhiru.

r 1313

IGI marba-ìl-a.a

(r 13) Witness Arbailayu.

r 1414

IGI mmu-⸢šal-lim⸣—dMAŠ

(r 14) Witness Mušallim-Inurta.

r.e. 15r.e. 15

IGI mša-ú-la-a-nu

(r.e. 15) Witness Šaulanu, scribe, keeper of the tablet.

r.e. 1616

v.A.BA ṣa-bit ṭup-pi

r.e. 1717


(r.e. 17) Month Iyyar (II), 4th day, eponym year of Sin-šallimanni, governor of Raṣappa.

e. 1e. 1

lim-mu md30—šal-<lim>-a-ni

e. 22

v.GAR.KUR KUR.ra-ṣa-pi

Adapted from Theodore Kwasman and Simo Parpola , Legal Transactions of the Royal Court of Nineveh, Part I: Tiglath-Pileser III through Esarhaddon (State Archives of Assyria, 6), 1991. Lemmatised by Melanie Groß, 2010–2011, as part of the FWF-funded research project "Royal Institutional Households in First Millennium BC Mesopotamia" (S 10802-G18) directed by Heather D. Baker at the University of Vienna. The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as