SAA 06 031. Nabu-kabti-ahhešu, Scribe of Sargon, Buys Land (709-VIII-13) (TCL 9 58)

o 1o 1

[ku-um NA₄.KIŠIB-šú-nu ṣu-pur-šú]-⸢nu -ku⸣-nu

(1) [Instead of their seals] they impressed the[ir fingernails].

o 22

[ṣu-pur mx x x ṣu]-⸢pur* mke*-elam⸣-ši

(2) [Fingernail of NN, fingern]ail of Kê-lamši,

o 33

[ṣu-pur mx x x ṣu-pur] mman-nuluPAB-u-a

(3) [fingernail of NN, fingernail of] Mannu-lu-ahu'a,

o 44

[PAB 04 -MEŠ-e URU.bu-ru-qa]-a.a EN A.ŠÀ ta-da-ni

(4) [a total of 4 gentlemen] from [Buruqu], owners of the land being sold.

8 fingernail impressions

(fingernail impressions)

o 55

[É x] ANŠE* A*.ŠÀ* ša* [m]⸢x x ina *-at URU

(5) [An estate of 3] hectares of land belonging to [NN] in the neighbourhood of the town [of Kê-lamši], adjoining the field of Mannu-lu-ahu'a, the threshing-floor of Kurbanu as far as the wadi of Napihu, and the fields of Kurbanu and Kê-lamši;

o 66

[x] x x SUḪUR* A*.ŠÀ* ša* mman*-nu*lu*⸣—PAB-u-⸢a SUḪUR* ad*⸣-ri

o 77

ša [m]kur-ba-⸢ni a-di UGU* na-aḫ-li* URU*.na*⸣-pi-ḫi

o 88

SUḪUR* A*⸣.ŠÀ* ša* mkur*-ba-ni* SUḪUR A.⸢ŠÀ* ša* mke*-e*lam*⸣-ši

o 99

É* 01* ANŠE* 5(bán) ina * URU* ša* mke*-elam*-⸢ši* SUḪUR* KASKAL URU.kal-ḫi

(9) [an estate of] 1 hectare 5 decares in the neigbourhood of the town of Kê-lamši, adjoining the road to Calah, [I]glî, and Ilu-ereš, as far as [the wadi] of [Napihu];

o 1010

[SUḪUR m]⸢ig-li*⸣-i* SUḪUR mDINGIRAPIN- a*-di* UGU* [na-aḫ-li] ša* URU*⸣.[na-pi-ḫi]

o 1111

É [x ANŠE] ⸢5(bán)* ina URU ša mDINGIRAPIN- SUḪUR* KASKAL* URU*.kal*⸣-ḫi

(11) an estate of [1 hectare] 5 decares in the neigbourhood of the town of Ilu-ereš, adjoining the road to Calah, Bel-naṣir, servant of the deputy vizier, and Ululayu, as far as the wadi of Napihu;

o 1212


o 1313

a-di UGU na⸣-aḫ-li ša*-ḫi

o 1414

É 01 ANŠE qa-an-ni URU ša mke-e—⸢lam*⸣-ši* SUḪUR* KASKAL* URU*.kal*⸣-ḫi

(14) an estate of 1 hectare outside the town of Kê-lamši, adjoining the road to Calah, Ilu-ereš and Mannu-lu-ahu'a, as far as the [...] ploughs; in all, a property of 7 hectares of land outside the town.

o 1515


o 1616

PAB É 07 ANŠE A.ŠÀ qa-an-ni URU É ⸢02 ANŠE 2(bán)* A*.ŠÀ* ša [m]⸢ITI*.KIN*⸣-a*.a

(16) an estate of 2 hectares 2 decares of land belonging to Ululayu and Ilu-ereš, ... from the edge of the wadi [....], adjoining the field of Kê-lamši;

o 1717

ša mDINGIRAPIN- É? x TAv? ir?-ti? na?-aḫ?-lu? x e qu? [x]

o 1818

SUḪUR A.ŠÀ ša mke*lam*⸣-ši É ⸢02 ANŠE* 8(bán)? ša* mman-nulu—⸢PAB⸣-[u-a]

(18) an estate of 2 hectares 5 decares belonging to Mannu-lu-ah[u'a], from 'open' waste ground as far as the wadi of [Napihu], adjoining the field of Kê-lamši and Ahu'a-amur,

o 1919

TAv* ŠÀ* ki-šub*--⸢e* BAD*-ti a-di UGU* na*-aḫ*-li* [ḫi]

o 2020

SUḪUR A.ŠÀ ša m[ke]-e—⸢lam⸣-ši SUḪUR mPAB-u-aa-mur

o 2121

PAB É ⸢05 ANŠE [A].ŠÀ ina UGU na?⸣-[aḫ]-⸢li* URU.⸢na⸣-[pi-ḫi]

(21) in all, a property of 5 hectares of land on the wadi of Napihu.

o 2222

É ⸢02⸣ ANŠE [x BÁN] ša mDINGIRAPIN- SUḪUR mDINGIRAPIN- SUḪUR mke?-e?⸣—[lam-ši]

(22) An estate of 2 hectares [x] decares belonging to Ilu-ereš, adjoining Ilu-ereš, Kê-[lamši], and Ul[ulayu];

o 2323

SUḪUR mITI.⸢KIN⸣-[a.a] É* 02 ANŠE* 5(bán) ša* mke-elam-ši [x x x]

(23) an estate of 2 hectares 5 decares belonging to Kê-lamši [...], adjoining Nabû-šumu-uṣur, Aplî, and [NN];

o 2424

SUḪUR mdPA—⸢MU?⸣—PAB SUḪUR mDUMU.-i SUḪUR m[x x x x]

o 2525

[É x] ANŠE 2(bán) ša* mman-nuluPAB-u-a É 01 ANŠE ⸢3(bán)⸣ [x x x x]

(25) [an estate of x hec]tares 2 decares belonging to Mannu-lu-ahu'a; an estate of 1 hectare 3 decares [......];

b.e. 26b.e. 26

[É] 02 ANŠE 7(bán) SUḪUR mkelam*⸣-ši SUḪUR mPAB-u*-[aa-mur]

(26) [an estate of] 2 [hect]ares 7 decares adjoining Kê-lamši, Ahu'a-amur, [and] the side road of the shepherds; [in all], a property of 6 hectares [... o]n the side road of the shepherd[s];

b.e. 2727

[SUḪUR] um*-mi ša v.SIPA-MEŠ [PAB?] É 06 ANŠE [x x]

b.e. 2828

[ina] UGU? um-mi ša x v.SIPA-[MEŠ]

b.e. 2929

[PAB-ma] 80 ANŠE A.ŠÀ.GA ina* ma⸣-az-ru-ti ina GIŠ⸣.[BÁN]

(29) in all 80 hectares of land in cultivation by the copper s[eah of] 9 'litres.'

b.e. 3030

[ša] 09* qa URUDU 26 KÙŠLUGAL GÍD⸣.DA 24 KÙŠ [DAGAL]

(30) 26 royal cubits (is) the length, 24 cubi[ts the width of] a vacant lot i[n ...];

b.e. 3131

[ša kaq]--ri pu-ṣe-e ša ina? [x]

r 1r 1

x KÙŠ GÍD 40 KÙŠ DAGAL ša ad-ri SUḪUR mDINGIRAPIN- mke*⸣—[lam-ši]

(r 1) [x] cubits (is) the length, 40 cubits the width of a threshing-floor adjoining Ilu-ereš and K[ê-lamši];

r 22


(r 2) 28 cubits (is) the length, 20 cubits the width of a garden adjoining Ilu-ereš and Kê-[lamši];

r 33

ki-qi-lu-tu ina IGI ša -MEŠ-e an-nu-ti ina URU.bu-ru-qi up-piš-ma

(r 3) a refuse dump in front of the gate, belonging to these gentlemen, in Buruqu

r 44


(r 4) Nabû-kabti-ahhešu, palace scribe of Sargon, king of Assyria, has contracted and bought (said property) from these gentlemen for six minas of silver. The money is paid completely. Any revocation or litigation is void.

r 55

TAv IGI -MEŠ-e an-nu-ti ina ŠÀ 06 MA.NA KUG.UD il-

r 66

kas-pu gam-mur ta-din tu-a-ru DUG₄.DUG₄ la-áš-šú ina ur-kiš ma-ti-ma

(r 6) In the future, at any time, whether these gentlemen, or their sons, grandsons, or brothers, or their prefect, or any relative of theirs, whoever lodges a complaint and seeks a lawsuit or litigation against Nabû-kabti-ahhešu and his brothers, shall place one mina of pure gold in the lap of Ištar of Nineveh.

r 77

lu -MEŠ an-nu-ti lu DUMU-MEŠ-šú-nu lu DUMUDUMU-MEŠ-šú-nu lu PAB-MEŠ-šú-nu

r 88

lu .GAR-nu-šú-nu lu mam-ma-nu-šú-nu ša i-za-qu-pan-ni de-e-nu

r 99

DUG₄.DUG₄ TA mdPAIDIMPAB-MEŠ-šú PAB-MEŠ-šú ub-ta-ʾu-u-ni 01 MA.NA KUG.GI

r 1010

sak-ru ina bur-ki d15 ša URU.NINA GAR-an ina de-ni-šú DUG₄.DUG₄-ma TI

(r 10) He shall contest in his lawsuit and not succeed. He shall return the money tenfold to its owners.

r 1111

kás-pu a-na 10-MEŠ-te a-na EN-MEŠ-šú GUR-ra

r 1212

IGI mkab-ti-i .A.BA ša .EN.NAM ša URU.kal-ḫi

(r 12) Witness Kabtî, scribe of the governor of Calah.

r 1313

IGI mti-ku-su .šáUGUURU mDUMUd15 .ḫa-za-nu ša URU.kal-ḫi

(r 13) Witness Tikusu, city overseer. (Witness) Mar-Issar, mayor of Calah.

r 1414

IGI m-šurre-ṣu-u-a .SAG .DUB.SAR ša É.GAL

(r 14) Witness Aššur-reṣuwa, eunuch, scribe of the queen.

r 1515


(r 15) Witness Nabû-duru-uṣur, eunuch, cook of the palace.

r 1616


(r 16) Witness Nabû-eṭir-napšati, scribe of the chief eunuch.

r 1717

IGI mku-ku-la-a-nu DUMU mARADdAG

(r 17) Witness Kukkullanu, son of Urda-Nabû.

r 1818

IGI mig-li-i .ARAD ša mkur-ba-ni

(r 18) Witness Iglî, servant of Kurbanu.

r 1919

IGI mna-ad-ba-nu .ARAD ša .SUKKAL 02-i

(r 19) Witness Nadbanu, servant of the deputy vizier.

r 2020

IGI mPABlaa-maš-ši .ARAD ša mkur-ba-ni

(r 20) Witness Ahu-la-amašši, servant of Kurbanu.

r 2121


(r 21) a total of 3 inhabitants of their town.

r 2222

[IGI m]GÌR.2—d15 .ARAD ša .EN.NAM ša URU.ḪAL.ṢU

(r 22) Witness Šep-Issar, servant of the governor of Birtu.

r 2323

[IGI m]⸢gíd*⸣-gi*-da-a-nu .ka-ṣir IGI msu-si-i .ka-ṣir

(r 23) Witness Gidgidanu, tailor. Witness Susî, tailor; a total of 2 servants of the deputy governor of Calah.

r 2424

PAB 02 ARAD-MEŠ ša .2-e ša .EN.NAM ša URU.kal-ḫi

r 2525

IGI mSUḪUŠ—15 .AŠGAB ARAD ša .EN.NAM ša URU.kal-ḫi

(r 25) Witness Ubru-Issar, tanner, servant of governor of Calah.

r 2626

IGI mqur-didIM .A.BA ša É.GALma-šar-te ša URU.kal-ḫi

(r 26) Witness Qurdi-Adad, scribe of the Review Palace of Calah, keeper of the contract.

r 2727

ṣa-bit dan-ni-ti ITI.APIN UD 13-KÁM li-mu

r 2828

mman-nuki-šurZU .GAR.KUR URU.til-e

(r 28) Month Marchesvan (VIII), 13th day, eponym year of Mannu-ki-Aššur-le'i, governor of Tillê; year 12 of Sargon (II), king of Assyria.

r 2929


r 3030

A-MEŠ ina TA URU-šú i-šat-ti il-ku TA URU-šú la il-lak

(r 30) He can draw water from the well with his town. He does not have to perform labour duty with his town.

r.e. 31r.e. 31

10 MA.NA URUDU-MEŠ ša ṣu-up-[ri-šú-nu]

(r.e. 31) 10 minas of copper for [their fin]gernails.

Adapted from Theodore Kwasman and Simo Parpola , Legal Transactions of the Royal Court of Nineveh, Part I: Tiglath-Pileser III through Esarhaddon (State Archives of Assyria, 6), 1991. Lemmatised by Melanie Groß, 2010–2011, as part of the FWF-funded research project "Royal Institutional Households in First Millennium BC Mesopotamia" (S 10802-G18) directed by Heather D. Baker at the University of Vienna. The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as