SAA 08 287. Birth Omen (RMA 277) [terrestrial]

o 1o 1

BE iz-bu 08 GÌR-MEŠ-šú

(1) If an anomaly has 8 feet and 2 tails: the ruler will seize the kingship of the world.

o 22

02 KUN-MEŠ-šú

o 33

NUN šar-ru-ti

o 44

kiš-šú-ti i-ṣa-bat

o 55

.ma-ḫi-ṣu šú-ú

(5) That archer his name is Tamdanu says as follows: "When a sow of mine gave birth, (the young) had 8 feet and 2 tails. I pickled it in salt and put it into the house."

o 66

mtam-da-nu šum-šú

o 77

i-qab-ba-a um-ma .ŠÁḪ-a

o 88

ki-i tu-li-du

r 1r 1

08 GÌR-MEŠ u 02 KUN-MEŠ-šú

r 22

um-ma i-na MUN an-di-di-il-šú

r 33

ù i-na É al-ta-kan

r 44

šá mdU.GURKAR-ir

(r 4) From Nergal-eṭir.

Adapted from Hermann Hunger, Astrological Reports to Assyrian Kings (State Archives of Assyria, 8), 1992. Lemmatised by Mikko Luukko, 2016-17, as part of the research programme of the Alexander von Humboldt Chair in the Ancient History of the Near and Middle East at LMU Munich (Karen Radner, Humboldt Professorship 2015). The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as