SAA 15 085. Son of Karakku of Uriakku Imprisoned (ABL 0713)

o 1o 1

a-na LUGAL EN-a

(1) To the king, my lord: your servant Nabû-belu-ka''in. Good health to the king, my lord! The land [of] the king my lord is well. The Medes around us are peaceful.

o 22


o 33

lu šul-mu a-⸢na LUGAL EN-a

o 44

DI-mu a-na KUR [ša] LUGAL EN-a

o 55

v.mat-a.a ša bat-te-bat-te-e-ni : -e-ḫu

o 66

ša LUGAL EN -pur-an-ni ma-a DUMU mka-rak-ku

(6) Concerning what the king, my lord, wrote to me: "Arrest and imprison the son of Karakku of Uriakka, and appoint Rametî in his stead!" I had the son of Karakku arrested and imprisoned, as the king my lord wrote, and we sent Rametî in his stead; Aššur-ṣab[tanni] took him (there).

o 77

ša URU.ur-ia-ku ṣa-ab-ta kil-áš-šú

o 88

ma-a mra-me-ti-i ina ku-mu--šú pi-iq-da

o 99

ki-i ša LUGAL EN -pur-an-ni DUMU mka-rak-ku

o 1010

a-sa-par i-ṣab-tu ak*-tal*-áš-šú mra-me-ti-i

o 1111

ina ku-mu-šú nu-se-bi-il m-šur—⸢DIB⸣-[an-ni]

o 1212

i-tu-bíl-šú URU.ur-ia-ak-a.a la i-ma-[gu-ru]

(12) The Uriakkeans did not agree to be under him but said: "The son of Irtu[kkanu ......]

o 1313

[ina] šap*-la*⸣-nu--šú ma-a DUMU mir-⸢tuk⸣-[ka-nu]

o 1414

[x x x x]+⸢x ḫi x⸣+[x x x x x]

rest broken away


rbeginning broken away

r 1'1'

[x x] še-bi⸣-la x⸣+[x x x x x]

(r 1) [...] send [......]

r 2'2'

ki⸣-i ša LUGAL EN i-šá?⸣-[x x x x]

(r 2) [...] as the king, my lord, [...]

rest uninscribed

Adapted from Andreas Fuchs and Simo Parpola, The Correspondence of Sargon II, Part III: Letters from Babylonia and the Eastern Provinces (State Archives of Assyria, 15), 2001. Lemmatised by Mikko Luukko, 2009-11, as part of the AHRC-funded research project “Mechanisms of Communication in an Ancient Empire: The Correspondence between the King of Assyria and his Magnates in the 8th Century BC” (AH/F016581/1; University College London) directed by Karen Radner. The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as