SAA 19 018. Wives for Aramean Troops (CTN 5 p. 92)

o 1o 1

a-na LUGAL EN-ia

(1) To the king, my lord: your servant Aššur-matka-tera. Good health to the king, my lord!

o 22

ARAD-ka m-šurKUR-kaGUR-ra

o 33

lu-u DI-mu a-na LUGAL EN-ia


o 44


(4) As to the Arameans about whom the king said: "They should be made to marry wives," [I] have seen women in great numbers (there) but the[ir fath]ers re[fuse] to g[ive them], saying: "(Not) until they give m[one]y to us."

o 55

ša LUGAL iq-bu-ú-ni

o 66

ma-a -MEŠ

o 77


o 88

⸣-MEŠ ma-a-da

o 99


o 1010

AD*⸣-MEŠ-ši-⸢na [o]

r 1r 1

la i-ma-[gu-ru]

r 22

la i-⸢du⸣-[nu-ši-na]

r 33

ma-a a-di kas-pu

r 44


r 55

kas-pu li-di-nu-ni-šú-nu

(r 5) Let money be given to them (the Arameans) so they can marry.

r 66

šu-nu-ma le-ḫu-zu

rest uninscribed

Adapted from Mikko Luukko, The Correspondence of Tiglath-Pileser III and Sargon II from Calah/Nimrud (State Archives of Assyria, 19), 2012. Lemmatised by Mikko Luukko, 2012, as part of the AHRC-funded research project “Mechanisms of Communication in an Ancient Empire: The Correspondence between the King of Assyria and his Magnates in the 8th Century BC” (AH/F016581/1; University College London) directed by Karen Radner. The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as