This volume provides a critical edition of the correspondence of Tiglathpileser III discovered in Calah/Nimrud and at the same time brings to completion the edition of the correspondence of Sargon II from the same city, parts of which were included in previous volumes of the SAA series (I, V and XV). The appearance of the volume is a milestone in Neo-Assyrian studies, and we are grateful to Mikko Luukko for undertaking the edition of these important but very difficult texts.

The basic manuscript of the volume was based on transliterations prepared for the database of the SAA Project. Details on the editing process are to be found in the Preface and the Introduction. The final manuscript was typeset on Ventura Publisher by Greta Van Buylaere with the assistance of Robert Whiting. Both of them are to be thanked heartily for their efforts. The SAA Project expresses its thanks to the Trustees of the British Museum and to the Musee du Louvre for permission to publish illustrative materials in their keeping , and to the whole staff of the Department of Middle East of the British Museum for their kind cooperation and help during the study of the originals.

Helsinki, December 2012 Simo Parpola

Mikko Luukko

Mikko Luukko, 'Foreword', The Correspondence of Tiglath-Pileser III and Sargon II from Calah/Nimrud, SAA 19. Original publication: Winona Laka, IN, Eisenbrauns, 2012; online contents: SAAo/SAA19 Project, a sub-project of MOCCI, 2021 []

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