• Ninurta-kudurri-uṣur 07


  • Q006217
  • IM 124880
  • Ninurta-kudurri-uṣur 07



  • Neo-Babylonian
  • Written ca. early 8th century
  • Sur Jureh
  • Royal Inscription
  • Ninurta-kudurri-uṣur

Ninurta-kudurri-uṣur 07

o 1'1'

[...] x [...] x x

(o 1') [...] ... [(Although) they wou]nded [thirty-eight men from among my forces], not one [person among] them (my forces) fell [dead in the steppe]. I fell [upon] them (the enemy) like a [bla]zing fire and put one thousand six hundred [and sixteen of] their [men] to the sword. Moreover, I removed the arms (and) lower lips [of eighty of] their men and let them go free [to] (spread the news of my) glory. From [the well Ma]kiru as far as the well Gallabu and [the well Sur]ibu, I defeated (and) annihilated them. I b[ro]ke up [their] numerous [auxiliary troops] <and> [split up their military contingents (...)] ... [...]

o 2'2'

[... ú?-maḫ?]-⸢ḫi?-ṣu? a-a-⸢um?⸣-[ma? ina? lìb?-bi?]-šú-nu

o 3'3'

[.ÚŠ-šú ina EDIN] ul im-qut GIM dGIBIL₆ [mut]-⸢tan⸣-pi-ḫu

o 4'4'

[ana lìb]-⸢bi⸣-šú-nu an-qu-ut-ma 1 LIM 6 ME [16 ÉRIN].MEŠ

o 5'5'

[ina lìb]-⸢bi⸣-šú-nu a-na pi-i GÍR.AN.BAR áš-kun ù [šá 80] ÉRIN.MEŠ

o 6'6'

[ina lìb]-⸢bi⸣-šú-nu kap-pi-šú-nu sa-ap-sa-pi-šú-nu áš-ši-ma

o 7'7'

[ana] da⸣-li-li un-dáš-šìr-šú-nu-ti ul-tu muḫ-ḫi

o 8'8'

[.ma]-ki-ri a-di .gal-la-bu ù a-di muḫ-ḫi

o 9'9'

[.su]-⸢ri-bu BAD₅.BAD₅-šú-nu GAR-un ka-mar-šú-nu SÌG-aṣ

o 10'10'

[ILLAT-su-nu] ka⸣-bit-ti ap-ṭur⸣-<ma> ú⸣-[par-ri-ir]

o 11'11'

[...] x x [...]

r 1'1'

[...] x x [(x)]

(r 1') [The palace of Enamḫe-zēra-ibni, governor of the land of Sūḫu (and the land of Mari), (which is located in) the district of the city Raʾil, which is in the middle of the Euphrates River], had become [old and I abandoned it. I built another palace above it]: 64 cubits [is its length (and) 12 1/2 cubits is] its [wid]th. [I made it] 20 cubits [longer and 4 cubits wider than the palace of Enamḫe-zēra]-ibni. [I built (even) anoth]er palace [above it on top of an embankment; I made it] 45 cubits [long (and) 9 cubits wide. ...] ...

r 2'2'

[... la-ba]-⸢riš? DU [x] x

r 3'3'

[...] x x 64 ina 1.KÙŠ

r 4'4'

[... ru-pu]-⸢us⸣-su

r 5'5'

[... mé-nam-ḫé-NUMUN]-* 20 ina 1.KÙŠ*

r 6'6'

[... šá-ni]-tu₄ É.GAL

r 7'7'

[... e-pu-]-⸢ma? 45* ina 1.KÙŠ

r 8'8'

[...] x NA [(x)]


Based on Grant Frame, Rulers of Babylonia: From the Second Dynasty of Isin to the End of Assyrian Domination (1157-612 BC) (RIMB 2; Toronto, 1995). Digitized, lemmatized, and updated by Alexa Bartelmus, 2015-16, for the Munich Open-access Cuneiform Corpus Initiative (MOCCI), a corpus-building initiative funded by LMU Munich and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (through the establishment of the Alexander von Humboldt Chair for Ancient History of the Near and Middle East) and based at the Historisches Seminar - Abteilung Alte Geschichte of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as