A list of various glossaries available for the main corpus. Each subproject has functional glossaries and lists of proper nouns. Go to the plus symbol on the left side of each subproject to find them. This makes it easy to compare between the vocabulary and onomasticon of each site. As such, all proper nouns and nouns are standardized to (idealized) Standard Babylonian. This means that Urad-Šerūa is found in the onomasticon under (W) as Warad-Šerūa. Clicking on this name will give a list of attestation with different spellings and their Middle Assyrian realization (Urad-Šerūa) automatically rendered. Note that following general Oracc conventions, statives are listed as adjectives. However, statives that use a direct object are given with secondary meaning as being verbal. A good example of this is našû "lifted," which can be found with secondary meaning "bring (V)." Adjectives of secondary stems are listed separately (but finite verbs unfortunately not), e.g., šūšubu "settled."

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